A girl with dreams! episode 4


Precap : all decided to go for outing..!

Our journey started, sid was driving i was sting behind him, the songs were playing and these ppl were singing like idiots, i was silent all the while but i was busy in my own world in my thoughts what ever my bhai was haunting me again and again is sid that bad.?my thoughts came to halt with sudden break.!

Me : what happened

Sid : traffic jam

Me : then y did u apply sudden break

Sid : excuse me.?

Me : u dont understand english

Meera : yaar y do u guys fight.? he applied sudden break because there was a small kid passing by if he had not applied sudden break she would be in pool of blood by now, nd y r u so lost.?
Me : oh nothing.!

i was tapping my feet nd seeing outside the window, i was getting mad mahn we were struck in traffic since past 10 mins and i cant see a car or a bus moving, nd i was like yaar is traffic police sleeping or that lights isn’t working.!

Me : where are we going .?

Sid : marine drive

Me : are u sure we will reach today only

*controlling my anger*
Amar : yes, what is this stupid question

Me : did you find it stupid, we are struck in traffic from past 10 mins, and can you see anywhere a car or a bus is moving.?

Sid : mumbai is also famous for its traffic jam babe

Me : I am not your girlfriend that you will call me babe, don’t you dare call me like that again..!

Meera : akansha are you okay.?
Me : umm.. i hate traffics so…..

Sid : but that does not mean

Meera : bhai, green light
he started the car but he seem little annoyed though, after 15 minutes we reached marine drive i got down from the car and the view from there was so good, i could feel cool breeze on my face, i left my hair open and it was flying with the wind, i stood on the slab and closed my eyes to feel the breeze refreshing some vizag memories..!!!

Sid : you three stay here we will go and park the car

Meera : ok 🙂

these both got busy taking selfies while i was busy watching the waves when the pulled me for a selfie, u see my friends are mad (hehehe) but i love them as they have the same mental disorder like me, after few selfies i became busy in watching the beach when some boys were teasing and meera and riddiz were standing quite this raised my blood, i went and slapped that guy who was teasing meera and riidhiz
the guy : how dare you to slap me.? you know who am i .?
Me : first of all i dont need any dare to slap u, and i don’t freaking need your identity because you are so cheap

the guy : what do u mean .?
Me : do u have a sister and a mother .?
The guy : yes ofcourse

Me : then if someone like you teases your sister or your mother, will u be quite no right, then how you thought that i will be quiet if you tease my friends now out or else i will bash you like anything

they left from there, i slapped meera in anger, when sid and amar came though sid scolded me but it was least effected as i was hell angry

Amar : why did u sl…
Me : dont u dare continue unless and until you knw the reason, i slapped her because she was standing like a statue when some jerks where teasing her, siddarth you roam like cool dude did you not teach you sister how to take her defense.? and you meera tmrw you are going to be a lawyer and being calm wont make any sense u have to be strong and independent, and i am really sorry actually i just over reacted

Meera : no no aku i am very sorry it is just that i was scared, if i say anything to me he willd do something which i will be regretting whole life

Sid : are u guys done with your emotinal drama

Meera/Me : bhai/ sid

Sid : okay baba sorry

we were walking again, meera,ariidhiz and amar in the front, me and sid behind them sid was thinking something very very deep, then i got a stupid idea you see i am known for my pranks in vizag, so why not i try it here 😉
Sid’s PoV:
Because of meera we had to go to college early, when we were passing by i saw a girl sleeping on the bench, i was starring at her when meera said it was akansha i don’t know she figured it out, she was sleeping like a child catching her phone tight, i was adoring her when meera tapped on her shoulder but she muttered something, again i tapped her shoulder she slowly opened her eyes and was starring at us,ignoring me i was a bit frustrated they both went up after 10-20 mins they came down, as the class was full i had to sit beside her, she was ignoring me completely did i do anything wrong after two hour lecture we all headed towards canteen with my new friend amar, she ordered a coffee that is it and again she was silent we made a plan for outing, we were all in my car and evryone was chatting but she was quiet she spoke only twice through out the journey, we finally reached marine drive, and the first i did was seeing akansha’s face she was relaxed now and let her hair fall free i loved it though, but then i had to park my car so i left with amar, after few minutes we reached back to them but then she slapped my sister, i scolded her but still it did not effect her, this girl is really crazy she apologized we were walking silently but wait a min when can i feel water on my face .? then i hear akansha laugh like a kid i was just happy seeing her
Akansha : you were so lost in your world that u did not notice when did i splash water on your face
she was just controling her laugh
Me : youuu
i started to chase her, dude she was super fast, but i was not less than her, i caught her by her waist and pulled her closer she was not stopping her laugh.!
Me : if u dont stop laughing i will leave u
I forgot to mention we were standing on the edge of the slab, if we slip we will go near god
Akansha : i knw you wont leave me
Me : how .?
Akansha : because i trust u
i was seeing in her eyes if she was speaking truth or not, for the first i was happy that i am trust worthy for a girl, i never knew the word trust has such a good feeling.!!

Precap : case study and groups divided

Guys i am really sorry i could not update, but my clg started so i was busy with my college work and i know today part is not that good but it got deleted twice and i dont have that patience to write so i am sorry again..! plz do tell ur views

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  1. Who is me in this story sorry asking because i am not getting it.

    1. Sindhu_Varma

      Me depends on the person PoV I am writing mostly it is akansha, as I started to include sid..!

  2. Nice dear

  3. Yepppi I was waiting for your episode do it’s just rocking

    1. Sindhu_Varma

      Thanks Neha ?

  4. Mahi13

    Amazing update di. How’s ur college going? I loved akansha n sid’s cute fights??? loving akansha’s charecter a loooot. Take care n update soon ???

    1. Sindhu_Varma

      Thanks Chotti, clg is fine ?
      U will get update late sry for that in advance

  5. Aww…the last part was soo cute..it was not at all stupid okkk….I was waiting for the update since looong….I thought u stopped writing…pls continue…waiting for more and more longer awesome updates…?

    1. Sindhu_Varma

      Thanks Anandi ?
      Will surely try to update soon

  6. hey dea,here z ua new fan.Jz luved ua story.keep rocking..

    1. Sindhu_Varma

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      Thanks for liking my story

  7. Finally u r back…n I must say it was a super fantastic episode…n they fight..they r so cute….the last part was best…..update soon..BT do not take stress…do update only when u get time….n at last u r back with a bang…lovely…..keep rocking sindhu?

    1. Sindhu_Varma

      Thanks Tashu
      I could only write this part because of you, I was literally disappointed with my part as it was deleted twice ?
      I will surely try to take out time for u ppl ?And post ur new story soon

      1. Awe☺️☺️☺️
        I m really busy now a days.. So i will upsate my story after some days only sorry!!

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    nice one

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