A girl with dreams! episode 3

Recap: akansha says sorry to sid

Sid’s PoV:

hello all this is Siddharth Singh Rajput.! the only hier of Rajput industries, i am not at only interested in business,i wanted to do music but my dad forced me to do business or law so i ended up taking law,meera was already happy with law so i joined her she is just year younger to me, as usual i was late for college, we were heading towards our college and Meera was scolding me for being late,i parked my car and went towards the auditorium as i knew that first day there wont be any classes and only interaction with seniors, we both entered together and we both sat on the last row , i was looking here and there when my eyes fell on girl, she was tall,fair,with long hair, she did not leave her long hair like other girls she made a braid,she did not notice me and sat beside me without paying any head,seniors came and i was listening to their interaction but the girl next to me was not at all listening and playing mini militia,which was boys game, i never saw meera playing these type of games,she loves temple run and candy crush such a boring game right, but this girl is not playing any of those games, my thoughts were disturbed when the girl next to me shouted on our seniors my mouth flang open, she made fun of our senior oh god, the bell rang and within a second she disappeared,as i missed my breakfast because of my sweet sister meera, i went to canteen and unknowingly i bumped into her, the moment she saw me she started to shout on me,first of all i am hungry on top of that she is shouting on me,why would i stay come, i also retorted back, i asked her to say “sorry” but she was like “AKANSHA VARMA NEVER SAYS SORRY TO ANYONE UNLESS SHE IS AT FAULT” i was about to shout at her but my sister came in between she said to stop but she called me arrogant and she thanked me for making her day worst, she left from there, i was so angry on her how can she say me arrogant but meera made me understand that i was also at fault, so to say here sorry i ordered a coffee for her and went in search for her, i found her,she was talking to someone on phone and when she saw me coming towards her she muttered something, i did not understand though, i asked her “where is she from” she smiled and said she was from “Vizag,Andhra Pradesh” by mistake i said her madrasi, her face exprssion changed from smiley face to annoyned one and said ” Not all South Indians are madrasi” my toungue was not at all in my control i again made her angry by saying “small town girl” within a second my face and my white shirt was drenched in coffee, she left from there stomping her foot hard on the ground, meera was seeing all this from far, she came near me and laugh out loud, we were going back home when meera saw akansha standing on road and talking to someone, i was thinking since how long will she talk to that person, my thinking process ended when meera said “maybe she is talking to her boyfriend” i immediately said “no” meera looked at me and made a weird face, she said that we shuld drop her, i stopped the car near her, meera asked her ti join us, but she refused and took a cab meera said ” that we should follow her as she is new to city and it is not safe for her ” i just nodded my head and we followed her, meera called someone to get the car, the driver brought another car and she left in it,i followed her,she got down and when she noodles stall her face lit up, she ordered noodles and ate, she went and sat on of the rocks she called someone again, she was happy and making faces, she is to cute,she ended up the calla nd sat there for few minutes, i was going near her to accompany but she got up,as the rock was slippery she was about to fall down,but i caught hold of her otherwise she would have been admitted in her hospital, her hair strands were blocking her face i slightly removed it, she has big eyes,sharp nose and small lips, she closed her eyes in fear of falling down, i think after a while she realized that she did not fall down, she slowly opened her eyes, i made her stand straight and i taunted her ” why do u bump into me evry now and then” she said ” sorry and thankyou” that was quite surprsing to me, i said i will drop her but she said “no” i asked her bit rudely she agreed,she quietly went and sat at the backseat of the car, i asked her ” do i look like your driver no,right then come and sit in front” she hesitantly came and sat in front, we were going towards her hostel when meera called me and asked that she told evrything that happened in college to mom without thinking anything i took a U-turn and she kept on asking me where i was taking her but i kept on ignoring her question, after 10-15 minutes ride we reached home,i got down but she did not come after 5 minutes she came and stood behind me, my mom opened the door and without welcoming me she poped with her question but she stopped when she saw she asked me ” is she my girlfriend or not.? ” she jumped from her place and said “no” i laughed a bit and their talking session continued i asked my mom if we can come in or not,she totally forgot that she is standing at door and talking, she welcomed akansha,meera came down and told something to mom, she told me change my shirt and come, i went to my room, i changed into normal clothes and came down and strong coffee smeel was coming i was so attractd to it that i sipped coffee whe my meera asked “bhai you dont drink coffee right.? ” then i realized ad told her that “just trying btw who made it” mom told it was akansha, i almost spitted out my coffee, i was shocked she made sucha wonderful coffee i loved, but i became sad when she said she wil be leaving i did not want her to go but.. mom said me to drop her till college i was like ” i am offical driver na ” she gave me death glare and i left with her towards college hostel, our drive was silent, i dropped her near the college gate before getting down she said ” sorry for evrything that happened” i was amused, she left from there and i went back home,without saying anything i drifted into sleep..!
End PoV

Akansha’s PoV
We both were speaking and speaking we did not realize that it was 9 o’clock,thankfully we did not have mess,it was only canteen,we went to our canteen and to my bad luckk there was no rice available so i ate only chapati,we headed to back to our room and slept,i was sleeping peacefully when my phone started to ring,without disturbing ridhima,i took my phone and headset left towards the garden area,as it was cold i wore my hoodie and sat on one of the benches,i answered the call it was my cousins,and we are all on skype group call,manik and niha on one side, nandini bhabhi,amit,shankar and swadnita,nimita bhabhi was not there as expected as she hates i don’t understand why she hates me,

Group call
Me: is this the time to call anyone, i was sleeping peacefully

amit : enti nuvu sleeping a? at this time what a joke (what you sleeping ?)
me : i am a human not a vampire
niha : oh really
nandini : akansha i think you forgot that when you were in vizag you used to sleep at 2

me: ok fine, today was a tiring day so getting sleep..!

manik : how was your day beautiful

i smiled

me: dont ask i never fell into such trouble

manik : what happened

i told them what happened evryone burst out into laugher including me
Me: shankar (akansha calls her last brother by name) i need to tell you something,your new partner Mr.Rajput is there his kids are my friends, and when i visited his house aunty (mrs.rajput) told me evrything abt how you guys were talking abt me,and how she was super impressed with me and all

shankar : oh, you stay away from siddarth singh rajput

Me : why.? he seems to be good

shankar told an incident that happened when he came to mumbai (it will be revealed later) we spoke for hours like that i did not even knew when i dozzed of on the bench only,i felt someone tapping on my shoulder

Me : vadhiniya nanu paduko nivandi ( bhabhi let me sleep)
and i heard someone calling me, i ignored it,but next moment i felt like something fell on me, i opened my eyes and saw two people standing in front of me and seeing me weirdly it took me few minuted to recongise them
Meera : akansha why are u sleeping here
Me: woh
Meera : u missing ur family.?
sid was starring at me,

Me: i will get ready and come

meera : i’ll also come to ur room
Me: okay

i left from there with meera ignoring sid.! i opened the door of my room and the next moment riddhima took me into bone crushing hug
Riddhi: where were u all night

Me: my cousins called me so i was speaking with them
riddhi & Meera: all night
i noded i took my clothed went to washroom had quick shower came out wearing white and red kurta, we three went down to our class, my bad luck that sid came and sat beside as whole class was filled,the classes were boring but had to lisyen to them after 2 hour lecture we had break we three with sid and another guy came to canteen we 5 sat on the table i ordered coffee,and the rest ordered sandwich,
Guy : hello i am amar.!

we three : hi
meera: akansha let’s go for outing afternoon there is one more lecture after that we will go

Riddhi : that is awesome
Sid : can we join
Riddhi : yes u can
amar : why are u silent .?

me : ok let’s go
after our break we went to our class which lasted for 1 hour but seemed like 1 day,after that we went for outing,we all were in sid’s car,

sid and amar in front, we three at the back..!

Precap : same as previous..!

A/N :

pheww done with the 3rd part it was a long one, anyways this part is dedicated my two idiots, Samy and Girija..! love u people to the core

I hope u like today’s update, if not do tell me.!!!!

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