A girl with dreams! episode 2


Recap : akansha comes to Mumbai, nd she bumps into a tall guy.!!

I bumped into a tall guy, my coffee fell down,I was frustrated nd top of that this idiot bumped into me only.!
Me: hey u can’t u see,
Guy : excuse me, u bumped into me nd without say sorry shouting on me, do u knw who I am ?
Me : why u don’t knw who u r ?
Guy : what the
Me : and u bumped into me nd because I missed my coffee nd u expecting me to say sorry, never nd akansha Varma never says sorry to anyone unless she is at fault, in this case I am not at fault so say sorry

Guy : do u have any idea who I am
Me : r u chief minster’s son ? That I shuld knw u nd give me ₹100
Guy : oh hello I am Siddharth Singh Rajput nd why shuld I give ₹100
Me : Coz my coffee costed ₹100
A girl with short dress comes between us nd
Girl : stop it
Me : tell him mr. Arrogant to stop

Sid : u r rude
Girl : bhai just shut up nd akansha I am sorry from his side
Sid : Meera y are you saying sorry to her ?
Me : Coz she has manners nd I have a doubt is she ur own sister ?
Sid : you are crossing if line miss
Me : akansha Varma, nd thanks for making my day worst
I left from there, while I was heading back to hostel my brother called me
On phone
Me : hello
Amit : is evrything fine, did u have a fight
Me : bhai I want coffee
Amit : u missed ur morning coffee?

Me : yes
Amit : why
I tell him the whole incident ?
Amit : tell him sorry
Me : I won’t
Amit : akansha listen , none of us are there to protect you, I know akansha Varma never says sorry unless she is at fault, but listen
Me : hang on, that idiot is coming towards me, nd u better stay on call
Sid : akansha here is ur coffee, so where are u from
Me : I am from Vizag, Andhra Pradesh
Sid : oh Madrasi
Me : not all South Indians are Madrasi u better understand
Sid : oh small town girl why u hyper
Amit ( he is still on call ) : he is dead for sure
I was fully frustrated nd top of that he called Vizag a small town ? i poured coffee on his head
Me : mr. Six feet arrogant Vizag is not a small town

I left from there,
Amit : akansha, don’t say that u smashed coffee
Me : I did nd how can he say that Vizag is a small town
Amit : breathe in nd out, go to some cafe nd have some hot coffee so that u can chill,anyways call ur Tauji once he is missing u badly, nd every minute he is calling u for his work nd then realising you are no more in Vizag ?
Me : I miss him, the problem is I don’t any best cafe, nd I am feeling hungry ?
Amit : just use google or got to beach u will find some stalls there, anyways I have got work to do bye take care
Me : um bye
I hanged up the call nd was crossing the street when a car halted infront of me
Meera : akansha u stay in hostel right? So where are u going now
Me : I want spend some alone time so just going out
Meera : but u are new here na

Me : it is ok I can manage ?
I crossed the street told the cab driver to drop me near beach, he dropped me near a beach I paid him off, I saw noodles stall nd ordered one plate egg noodles, I completed I sat on rocks and was seeing the passing waves, I took my phone nd called my dad, he knew me very well that he asked me y I was so tensed I told abt the drama I created he told me to say sorry as I was at fault first I did not agree to him then he made me realise, so I decided to say sorry tomorrow I ended up the call, I stood up from the rock balancing my self I was going again I bumped into a guy? I thought I fell down thank god I did not someone was holding me, I opened me eyes to see who he was nd I was like not again, he made me stand straight
Sid : do u have a habit of bumping into me every now and then?
Me : sorry nd thanks
I was going but he again stopped me
Sid : I will drop u back
Me : but

Sid : I said na
Me : ok fine
We both walked till his car he sat on the drivers seat nd I was sitting at the back
Sid : Oye do I look like ur driver ? No right so come nd sit in the front
I was scared of siting in the front, but I have to be polite, I quietly sat in the front, we were going but he got a call nd took a U turn
Me : where are we going ?
Sid : my home
Me : what? Drop me here i will go to hostel
Sid : can u just be quite
He was not letting me talk after 10 mins we reached his home, it was a big mansion, he stopped the car infront of the door, he got down, after fighting with my brain I got down nd hid behind him then I saw middle aged lady coming towards us
Lady : what happened to your white shirt ? U dropped coffee on it, don’t say u messed up into a fight again
Sid : mom chill nothing like that
I think she saw me
Sid’s mom : who is she Sid ur girlfriend?
I came forward nd said no I am not his girlfriend.!
I moved away from him
Lady : who r u then?
Me : Namastey aunty I am akansha
Lady : akansha ?

She was seeing me as if she saw a ghost ?
Lady : akansha Varma ? Shankar Varma’s last sister
How does she knw my brother
Me : yes
Lady : Sid’s dad signed a contract with ur company
Me : oh
Sid’s mom : actually we came to ur house to but u were not there I met all your family members they are sweet nd ur Tauji spoke abt u a lot, I thought u would come to party we organised but you did not come

Me : Rajput industries ? Sorry aunty I hate business parties they are quite boring so I did not attend I was in my friend’s house
Sid : mom can we come in
Sid’s mom : oh sorry come in
She showed the way to the living area
I sat down on the sofa when Meera came down
Meera : hi akansha, mom I said abt one girl right, she is her only
Sid’s mom : oh, Sid go and change ur shirt
Sid : ok mom
He went towards his room,
Me : aunty if u don’t mind can I use ur kitchen ?
Sid’s mom : oh sure but y ?
Me : I want coffee, so I thought to make a one for me
Sid’s mom : can we also get

Me : yes, I make four
I went into the kitchen made four coffees I brought a placed it on the table, Sid came down, I took my coffee and started to drink my coffee I was relaxed now
Meera : bhai ? U don’t drink coffee na
Sid : trying how it is, btw who made of it?
Sid’s mom : akansha
He spitted out the coffee
Sid : what ?
Me: aunty I will leave now,
Sid’s mom : stay here for sometime na ?
Me : no aunty I will leave, bye Meera
Sid’s mom : Sid will drop u, Sid go
Sid : ok mom, now I became official driver for evryone
Sid’s mom : Siddharth
Our drive towards the clg was quite, after 20 mins he left me at the clg gate
Me : I am sorry Siddharth for what ever happened today
I said nd got from the car came towards my room and started to unpack my luggage, when a girl entered and said
Girl : thank you !
Me : y?

Girl : u shouted on our seniors for me na
Me : oh yes it was u, I did not see u anyways are u my room mate ?
Girl : yes, I am Ridhima Singh from Punjab
Me : hi Ridhima ?
She helped me with the luggage, we were talking nd talking nd with in a short time she become my close friend ?
Intro of hero nd his family
Siddharth Singh Rajput : Rajput industries only hier, loves his mom and sister to the core, rude and arrogant towards others
Meera Singh Rajput : sister of Siddharth, loves her family, caring nd sweet
Mr.rajput : the owner of Rajput industries,love his family, rude towards his work nd wants evrything on time, never gets time to spend with his family always busy with work
Mrs.rajput : wife of mr.rajput, loves her kids, sweet and lovely , never been rude to anyone ?

Precap : Meera, Ridhima, akansha going for outing ?

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  1. Mahi13

    Superb……. Ur story is getting interesting ….. I’m too much excited for tonight…… According to india’s time it’ll be 7:30 n y sid called akansha madrasi? In yhm raman also calls ishita madrasi, y?

    1. Sindhu_Varma

      Thanks Chotti, I am also excited ?north India ppl call South Indians Madrasi.! My dad told me that so I added it, he says that if u go to north ppl will call u Madrasi Coz they think South Indians are Madrasi ?

  2. Superb update dear…….
    I just love it……

    Nd sare north Indians……sare south Indians ko madrasi nhi bolte yar…..

    Main bhi north India se hoo…..DELHI se……isliye janti hoo….

    1. Sindhu_Varma

      thanks kavya.!
      and i knw all North Indians dont call south ppl madarasi but there are some people who call us madarasi.!

  3. Amazing outstanding Di your story is amazing like akansha ‘s character so much pls update soonsoon keep going dear

    1. Sindhu_Varma

      thanks piya.! i will be updating the next part by evening

  4. Siddhi

    Awesome episode and I have writing my own imagination it’s name is Infinite Love pls read and comment and awesome episode

    1. Sindhu_Varma

      thanks siddhi..! i will read story if i get time.!

  5. Awsme one… ???

    1. Sindhu_Varma

      thanks sweety.!
      if u dont mind can you tell me your real name.?

      1. Bhavana

  6. Woww its amazing… Akanksha is soo nice … Hey am also from Andhra nice to here Telugu dialogs here… Totally its superb cont next one

    1. Sindhu_Varma

      Thanks mannu ?

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