A girl with dreams! episode 1

The story revolves around the girl of teens, just completed her 12th nd got a seat in Mumbai’s law college.! She lives in Vizag with her joint family, she loves them to the core, nd they pamper her a lot but she is not a spoilt brat…! 
Ok I will tell her name

Akansha Varma :  she is a complete tomboy, beautiful , with long hair, chocolate brown eyes, she is obsessed with her hair, loves her family to the core.! Nd biggest foodie
Ramnath Varma : Akanksha’s Tauji he loves Akanksha a lot, nd she only listens to him only nd he only pampered her a lot.! He was a former politician but retired
Kala Ramnath Varma : she is a house wife nd a wonderful cook, Aakansha loves her food nd hence turned into foodie ?
Ram Varma : Akanksha’s chote Tauji, he is in agricultural field,
Usha ram Varma : she is a Ayurvedic doctor, mostly experiments on food items
Raj Varma : he is the co owner of his sons company Varma industries.!
Vanshika raj Varma : house wife nd very devotional, but pampers all the three daughters
Shashank Varma : Akanksha’s dad, he is an successful advocate
Swati Shashank Varma : Akanksha’s mom, she is also an advocate.!
Now coming towards the cousins.!

Manik Varma : Ramanath nd kala’s eldest son, works in USA, he is married to Nandini nd they both have 2 daughters Vaishnavi and Amrita
Nandini Manik Varma : wife of Manik, lives in India will be leaving to USA loves akansha a lot nd treats her like her daughter.!
Amit Varma : second son of Ramanath nd kala, works in his own restaurant nd his married to Nimita Varma
Nimita Amit varma : wife of Amit, she is a house wife, hates akansha as evryone pampers her a lot
Shankar Varma : only son of ram nd Usha, owns a company.! But loves his sisters a lot, he is very possessive about them
Niha Varma : only daughter of raj nd Vanshika, lives in USA nd works in one of the finest fashion house lives with her brother
Swadinta varma : eldest daughter of Shashank nd Swati Varma, she is in last year of her engineering.!
Vaishnavi Manik Varma : eldest daughter of Manik nd Nandini, 5 year old, akansha pampers her a lot.!
Amrita Manik Varma : second daughter of Manik nd Nandini, 4 year old, prankster like akansha.!
All the 6 are like friends more than cousins they share evrything with each other.!
Part -1
It is night 12 nd girl came out of her house nd takes her scooty nd goes out, she stops near the beach nd sits on the slab nd sees the passing waves, the girl is akansha
Akansha’s PoV

It is the last day for me in Vizag tomorrow I will be leaving to Mumbai to continue my studies, Vizag the most beautiful place anyone have ever seen, I have been here for past 17 years nd leaving this city will be the most difficult thing though I only wanted to go but. ? Mumbai is a big city compared to Vizag, but the peace I find here, that peace I can’t find in Mumbai, it is known for the busy life, and Vizag is a calm city, the people here are sweet and sensible, I have to stay in Mumbai for next 5 years I hope I get adjusted to its atmosphere. Now I shuld leave before anyone gets to know that I am not a home.! Ice cream, it will be the last ice cream I eat here before leaving I ran towards the ice cream van, he saw me and was shocked to see me at this time ?
Ice cream vala : akansha Nuvvu ikkada ( akansha you here )
Me : Adhi repu nenu velupotuna ( I am leaving tomorrow so..)
Ice cream vala : Akkadiki veltunavu ( where are you going )
Me : Mumbai, ayina leave all that naku chocolate ice cream kavali ( Mumbai, leave all that and give me )
Ice cream : sare idhigo tisuko, Kani Nuvvu ( ok take this but you)
Me : thank you
I was eating my ice cream nd my phone started to ring and I am surely dead my bhabhi is calling me I think she came to my room to check on me nd my babies ? I answered the call
On phone
Nandini : akansha where are you ?

Me : vadhiniya Adhi ( bhabhi woh )
Nandini : you will be here in 5 minutes or else you know what I will do
Me : Han ok I am coming
I ended up the call I paid to that ice cream nd rushed towards my home I parked my scooty infront of my home and was sneaking into the my home but to my bad luck my bhabhi was siting in the hall
Nandini : akansha where did u go
Me : beach
Nandini : at this hour
Me : yes, tomorrow I will be leaving so went to see it ?
Nandini : go nd sleep before anyone gets to knw
Me : ok
I was going to my room when I saw Nimita bhabhi nd she was shocked to see me ?
Nimita: akansha where r u coming from ?
Me : from kitchen I was thirsty so…
Nimta : ok fine
I escaped from her nd went to my room, I jumped nd slept hugging my pumpkin.!
It was 9 in the morning when my bhabhi came nd woke me up after a lot of efforts I got up, after a while I went down, my dad gave me my coffee I was happy nd sad, Coz I would be missing it ? I sat beside my Tauji and was drinking my coffee but I almost spitted out my coffee when my Tauji asked me

Ramnath : akansha where were you last night
This was enough evryone were starring at me as if did a crime, ?
Me : umm.. Woh I…ok , yesterday night I went to beach for spending some alone time,
I said this in one and I closed my eyes ?
Shashank: what, how can u go alone
Shankar : akansha ur flight got post poned to tomorrow
Me : ok anyways I have to do packing also
Thank god i escaped from them
Swati : akansha u did not do ur packing till now ?
Me : mom
Ramnath : akansha
Me : oops sorry, Amma chill and u knw na I don’t knw how to do so plz do it for me na plz ?
Swati : for now I will do it but after u go there who will do it for u
Me : I will learn le

Whole I enjoyed with my family, I did not go out nd evryone took leave from their works nd spent time with me, it was Sunday nd for the first time there was a lot of hustle bustle going on evryone is doing some or the other work, then I got a call from my brother
I went into my room nd clicked face time, we spoke for few hours , it was 6 in the evening nd my flight was at 7 so we all were ready to leave to the airport, I took a tour of my house nd got settled down in the car, three others cars were coming behind us, obliviously all my family won’t fit in one car right ? I was seeing out side, with 30 minutes we reached airport my brothers room out my bags, i wore my back pack, I am scared of going alone so my brothers are accompanying me
Evryone were crying and I was consoling them, I was also on verge of crying but still I did not cry.! After we heard the announcement we boarded into the flight, after 5 long hours we landed in Mumbai, my brother booked a cab for three of us we headed towards the my college hostel, it 1 hour journey, I checked my room number and bid bye to my brothers and went inside my room I saw a girl sleeping, without disturbing I slept on the other bed.!
Next day morning

Someone’s alarm was continuously ringing, I put a pillow on my head and tired to sleep but my efforts went in vain , I got up nd saw the clock it was still 7:30 in the morning, I went to the girl’s bed nd switched of the alarm, she was sleeping like kumbkran, I called my dad to say that I woke nd I was missing his hand made coffee after speaking with evryone for another hour I saw the time it was already 8:30 nd I have class at 9 so I rushed to the washroom nd I got ready within 10 minutes I went down and got to that all the Freshers will have no class nd seniors will interact with them, I went to the auditorium it was quite big.! I went and sat on the last bench a girl was siting beside me I did not pay attention to her, some seniors came nd they started their interaction nd I was busy playing games on my phone when I heard someone calling the girl beside my bhenji, I did not like it so I stood up nd shouted
Me : Oye whom you ppl are calling bhenji is this the way you ppl welcome Freshers
Senior : excuse me, did u see her dressing style she looks like a bhenji
Me : did u see ur dressing style u look like a bhenji what is the dress , nd with that dress u wearing heels ? Nd ur hair style, it is too funny,before u judge anyone first look at urself
Senior : hey you

She was abt to say, bell rang nd I came out of the class nd went into canteen I was checking the menu when I saw my favourite coffee is available here so I ordered one hot chocolate coffee, I took that coffee nd was heading to a place to sit nd tall guy bumped into nd my coffee fell down ? I can bear anything but if i miss my morning coffee I will be more frustrated ?

Precap : hero’s entry

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  1. Siddhi

    Very nice episode loved it and I am going to start my own imagination ff rebirth love story pls read and comment when posted

    1. Sindhu_Varma

      Ok sure siddhi.!
      Thanks for reading ?

  2. Mindblowing Di amazing story line keep going Di thanks for coming up with new story

    1. Sindhu_Varma

      Thanks piya for reading ?

  3. Mahi13

    It’s amazing superb. The intro was awsome. I think akansha is ur replica 😉 I felt that she’s similar to u. Update next part soon. 😀

    1. Sindhu_Varma

      Thanks Chotti nd yes akansha is my replica but how u got to knw ??

      1. Mahi13

        Di u forgot we’re sisters from our previous birth so how can I not know 😛 hehehe. Well bcoz of our chatting for hours I came to know so much about u. 🙂

      2. Sindhu_Varma

        Chotti Han yes u r my sister from previous birth ?? u knw abt me very well ?

  4. Tash

    Hahah…I feel the same as mahi..akansha is ur replica…really??n the start was superbbbbbbbbbb…..keep going dear and the cover page also was very beautiful….

    1. Sindhu_Varma

      Thanks Tashu, Han yes akansha is my replica only but how did u find out ? ?

      1. Tash

        U see..once u described ur self..n then this akansha…she is totally u as her way of talking..she say chill ams..same as u say..n then she is tomboy same as u r so we related ???
        U n akansha are same personality with different names..????????

      2. Sindhu_Varma

        Hehe yes Tashu aur Han will be resemble me only Coz I am writing her character na ?? but u knw me so well without evn meeting me for once ??

      3. Tash

        I wish I could meet u..I want to meet such type of girls like u..totally chilled out and happy as always….n u seemed to be a really funny n Masti wala person!!

      4. Sindhu_Varma

        Oh sure, u come to Vizag we will have super fun here ? Nd y to take worries, I believe in the quote life is short, enjoy the moment,? Nd when ever u come to Vizag do meet me

  5. Sunitha.k

    Telugu it’s lovely to hear Telugu

    1. Sindhu_Varma

      Telugu na mother tongue so use cheyali kada ! Thanks Akka for commenting ?

  6. It’s amazing nd interesting start dear….
    Plz continue…..

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  7. Hoo wow ua frm vizag..dats good 2 hear.. N ua ff chala chala ante chala bagundhi…???…… Next part kosam eagerly..waiting..Al s very best …??..prematho..sweety??

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      Thanks sweety, Na best friend Peru kuda sweety ae ? Permatho me Sindhu ??

  8. Manan_0206

    Awesome start di… Update ASAP

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  9. Sindhu akansha is the main lead or manan? But nice starting

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      Akansha is the main lead ?
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