Part 1

Sanskar : They all said to stay away. Because you’re no good. You’ll change me. You’ll destroy me. You’ll cause my heart to stop beating. But damn, what they said is not what they meant at all. They meant I should just hold your hand. They meant you’re perfect. You’d renew me for better. You’d actually make me feel alive. . . But maybe you do stop my heartbeat. And maybe we are soul mates by force. But I can’t help. . .falling in love with you. Please wake up jaan. Yes, I love you. Sorry for not telling this before. I always have and I always will. Forever and Always. . .

**Eight years before**

Location : Royal High School play ground.

Swara : (squeaky voice) I love you.

Sanskar and his friends stared at her in awe. Sanskar particularly glanced at her with a smirk plastered on his face.

Sanskar : You? Love me? I never knew. And if you ever think that I would ever love you back, then you are the dumbest girl in this world. Swara, I never even liked you! You were always so stuck-up, and so loud and acted like you own the world but you don’t!

Swara sobbed as her heart started to flinch at those rude words of his.

Sanskar : We’re two totally different people Swara. You actually thought that I, Sanskar Kapoor, the most popular guy of this school would actually fall for a geek like you! You’re a waste of time, you know that? You’re absolutely nothing in this world. So it would be better if you just go and get lost! Can’t you see that no guy would ever fall for a girl like you?

Laksh : Hey douchebag! Get off her, right now!

Laksh Maheshwari, Swara’s best friend entered the ground. The veins if his keck popped up in anger as he glared at Sanskar giving the most horrifying angry young man look.

Sanskar : Or what? I dare you to make me!

Laksh : You’d be dead now! Let me tell you something. You don’t have to be in jock mode on her just because she confessed something, alright? Second, you should be lucky that she loves you, cause she will be the only girl who would ever truly love you! Have you ever seen the way the other girls look at you? The only piece of shit here are you and your friends. We’ll just be going! And I’ll leave you to burn in hell!

Saying so, he left protectively holding Swara’s hand.

Now eight years have passed since the rejection and heartbreak. But Swara couldn’t heal those deep scars. Laksh still was there for him and will always be. Because he loved her too much, as a ‘best friend’.


“Kabir weds Riya” the wedding card read. Swara had to go for the wedding of her best friend Riya. She was excited for it. But her fate had planned something else.

Swara (to Riya) : Aww baby! Don’t worry. Nothing bad would happen trust me. You won’t fall off the stage and your dress wont be messed up, yaar! Chill kar.

A voice : Am I interrupting?

Swara turned around to see who’s it and was facing the guy who topped her hate list. . . Yes. . . Sanskar.

Swasan (in unison) : You!

Swara : What the hell are you doing here?

Sanskar : I could ask you the same!

Swara : (trembled) I . . .asked. . . you. . . first. . .

Riya : Enough guys! What’s going on? Do you both know. . .

And before she could ask Swara cuts her off.

Swara : Ummm nothing. Riya go and talk to your mom. She wanted to talk to you.

Riya : But Swa —

Swara : I said GO NOW!

Riya : Okay sorry. We’ll talk about thus later. See you around guys.

Riya leaves.

Swara : Now tell me what are you doing here?

Sanskar : This is my best friends wedding and I’m the Best Man.

Swara : No this cant happen! So you are SK?

Sanskar : Yeah. Now, what are you doing here?

Swara : I. . .umm. . .

Sanskar : Answer me now!

Swara : I am Riya’s best friend. Maid of honour. Which means I have to dance with you. Get out now. (Sanskar glares at her.) I mean please. . . go out since I have to change.

Sanskar : Why do you hate me so much?

Swara : You got to be kidding me Sanskar. Why do I hate you so much? Let me think. Yeah got the answer. Here it goes. You’re the reason I had no social life. You’re the reason I hated myself. You’re the reason people hated me. You’re the reason I was so self conscious. You’re probably the reason behind all the negative things that happened in my life. You made my high school living hell, you made me hate myself. And then you don’t expect me to hate you? Then what do you expect me to do? Love you? Remember Sanskar, you were mt high school bully. I hated you, still hate you and probably always hate you!

Sanskar’s P.O.V.

She hated me. Why wouldn’t she? I had not given her any reason to like me. She was my high school crush but I crushed her heart ruthlessly. But she still looked beautiful like before. But I had messed up badly this time!


To be continued. . .

So how was the first part? I wont reveal my name till the last part. Want to keep it a secret. Anyways, of you read this, don’t forget to comment.

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