GIFTED-shivika OS


hola! n this is all what i have to say before starting…
i hope u like it btw..n this is first os in which i have put so much efforts on writing
n this is some sort of extra cheesy thing type of os

i was standing leaning on the railing of the balcony and talking to mishra about the current deal….he dosent leave a scope of not keeping the call without irritating..n i would have actually fired him up till now if he wasnt the the manager of the company n I hadnt called him ‘cute’ the day n he haven’t told this to my wife..
aah i remember how he phailaoed this raita ,n then she didnt leave a single chance to tease me regarding it…n how one fine day,she came with me carrying that tattu n told me,
“shivaay! u had been very cruel with this ‘cute’ married fellow by not giving him holidays n making him do excess amount of work even on sundays…so i want you to promote him or give him atleast a moth holiday”
n i told her “u dont know how clumsy he is,n stop calling him ‘cute’ else i’ll fire him”(made a frown face) to which my beloved wife,with no hesitation replied,
“i willl,cause u did call him n my dharm is to say n do what u say(pouting n showing her tounge)…n dont forget he too acted a kind of a cupid in our love story..” seeing her pouting face ,i couldnt think anything else but how cute she is,not even of me n my family but she also cares of my employees,specially that tattu yet ‘cute’ mishraji…n once she said “please” showing her starry eyes.. n thats it, mishra was promoted as i had to fulfill her every wish n demand…
maybe i was a that..that…joru ka gulaam,as rudra says,but i just cant help it……….
Soon a cup of expresso lands on my hand n i come back to the terrace,where i work ,because she dosent want me to work at night n get insomnia n i dont want her to get disturbed…this saira baano is so tasty…WAIT?! how did this kaali coffee end up in my hands?

“BILLUJI!!” she screamed, n i returned from my half lost mind…. “WHY R U SHOUTING ANNIKA?”
“look what have u done” n she points to the file kept on table in balcony… i look down n soon my peace filled face turned to a horrified one.. n she continues “chauk gaye?” aap bhi naa billuji,why have u started being so careless ? kardiya naa satyanaash..ab poori raat baithkar firse banaenge ..aur ho gayi naa fir neend kharaab?” n she continued lecturing for next 2 mins that how every night i dont sleep n how much workoholic i am…but i couldnt help but smile n look aat her beautiful face as she completed ranting by asking “now how should i sleep instead of u , so that u dont have any health problem n u dont lack sleep n the benefits of my sleeping get transferred to u? how do i do this shivaay,tell me?” n i continued to stare n atlast gave a wide smile to her…
“ohh , shivaay! not again..ohk! u do this work again but tommorow u will sleep on time again”(shivaay had unknowingly scribbled on some important papers required for deal tommorow)..then annika thought to herself .why shivaay ,why?why do u have to stare me with those beautiful ocean-like eyes n that wide smile, for which forgiving u n leaving my anger is just a small thing,i could die for it,literally..everytime i scold u for ur good u do this n save urself,such a clever husband u r..who knows how to get me shut..

“ohk, u drink your expresso n these biscuits,good night”annika toold me as she turned to go inside the room..but i held her hand n told her ” but darling u forgot something”..n the same instance she blushed,like always, n like always i wonder n ask myself,aren’t 6 months of marriage n 183 days of doing the same task enough to get rid off the blush?..n she read my thoughts again n replied..”calculator singh oberoi,even if it will be lifetime,it will always remain fresh” .n not wasting a single moment i pulled her closer to myself n caught her by her waist…she kept her hands on my shoulders,stood on her knees n gave me the regular cheek kiss will i pecked her forehead.. “good night” i said as she headed straight n possibly at the fastest speed to her room…. ohk, i know i should say our room,but it could never be ours,before her it was mine and after her its only her’s …since her very weird yet unique antics n her being my wife,gave her full rights n she named every dam object of my room,without my consultation or permission…according to her we sleep on chela as i dont have any particular time to sleep n chela being a chela has to entertain me at odd times,i sit on chakor,i talk handless with cockroach, n my pillow is chomu bcuz my face is in direct contact with it,so according to her i kiss it eachnight,thus she calls it chomu, n my favourite bedsheet as chaddar even when a several times i have told her tht this is not a good language ..n hey! not to forget she calls my files, money n mobile chhumeshwari,bcuz according to her they r the closest to me n i spent nights with this…
i remember how she accused me of having an illegal extra maritial affair,shocking every1 including me,n disclosed the identity of chummeshwari, making everyone laugh hurting their stomachs.. huh!
n i finshed my work…n i went to sleep……

as i woke up, for the first time from the mornings after our wedding, i realised , she was no where near me….i could have acted lazy like i always did but no! i quickly escaped the bed n went to bathroom n later went down for breakfast…when my annika radar didnt sense her there as well,my anxiety level rose n i asked
“where is annika?” to which dumbell oberoi replied “oho bhaiya! ek subah bhi bhabhs ke bina bardaash nahi hoti”..then i got a bit embarasse n looked own n continued to eat..but i caouldnt wait n asked again , “has she gone out?”, this time the sensible oberoi replied “she had gone out for her new consinement” …i got a bit doubtful as she never went so early i.e. at 8 for any work n i doubted on the fact that had she really gone,but before i could put down this fact my detective oberoi repliied again “but annika bhabhi dosent go out so early”..n this hit my mind…n i remebered the date, it is 06-12 ,the death anniversary of her parents, n i quickly took my care keys n went to the old age home,where she went every year on this day….i reached there n saw her enjoying with those elderly people whose children left them alone,forgetting the fact that they had put down their lives for the success of them..n i was proud again to be the husband of her..cause she is strong n matter what life shows her she gives it back on life with double interest..
“mr.shivaay singh oberoi” a person suddenly called me…he was the head of this old age home partially owned by annika…
he continued ,”sir,wont u come n accompany your wife inside?” n he gestured me to move inside n i did…
they were all playing…..n then annika asked me to join but i denied as i was comfortable she n the other dads-moms started laughing on me n called me the ‘real buddha’ n told me i wont be able to play n thats it!how could shivaay singh oberoi not do a thing?n my ego hurted n i said “bang on” n we played kabbadi n damsharas …accompaniedwith a session of teasing b/w girls n boys….we left after a few hrs,when the adults were tired n they had to sleep..n we headed to the next station.the mandir in front of which om met ishaana,ishaana u know naa? annika’s sister…so after old age home due to mercyless death of her parents she goes to this shiv-parvati temple to thank god to atleast return her long lost sister,her chutki….
n this i when mrs.annika shivaay singh oberoi needs her husband to do maha aarti along with her,infront of the idol of shiv-parvati, n so we do n later she n i distributed food n clothes to poor n orphans…n this is the ‘high budget’ thing which she does,but why shouldn’t she when she can do it now, n tht too whats wrong if it is for good cause..

it was 8 pm now,we went to OM n thats when i finally heard a “thanku” from her after this tiring n peeth todh day as i fell down while playing…
i must say since we r married she too has started growing the oberoi ego of mine of hardly saying a thanku or a sorry..n me on other side have started to say it much more easily….
we went inside only to get a big hug by ishkara,rumya n priveer…wait! did i forgot to mention? priiyanka singh oberoi or i better known as prinku has married to acp randhawa..n i being a good brother didnt deny as i knew the value of love by then as by then i was an ishqbaaz,as daadi says but i didnt leave a chance to show my ‘fake’ dissapointment..ofocurse,how could i be left with that special treatment which i got s everyone was concentrated on making me agree to marriage..n not to forget tht acp too did efforts..n i luved it..i still laugh thinking to it…

we had dinner then n we slept, yes ‘we’ slept..i didnt work n decided to sleep thus getting annikas reaction as “billuji?aapki tabiyat toh theek hai ? fever toh nahi hai?” i asked her why n told her no as welll to which she said “then pakka sun has risen from west..nahi toh aap aur apni chummeshwari ko chhod kr mere saath so jaae..not possible”.. i told her “why cant i?i will show u that i can spend my night leaving my gfs,with my wife” n we cuddled up n slept…

n as i saw moon light falling on her face n she getting irritated n her founding shade just beside my chest..i thanked god for this gifted piece of madness,crazyness,weirdness yet bful n more thn bful,strong,independent,caring,sensible n realist companion..i wont ever leave u n would always fulfill your every wish..”thanku annika thankuso much, i luv u alot” i whispered to the ghode bechkar soti hui annika n gave ker a kiss on forehead..n hear a ” i luv u too shivvay” from the sleepy head as she clutched me tighter indirectly telling me to never leave her,or maybe i think too much..
next morning, i was the one to wake up early, n i considered it as my long pending job to got to omru room n disturb them, like they always did on sunday when they woke up earlier…i went to om’s room but found no one..i was surprised..i next went to rudra’s room but he too wasnt there…n my head signalled me of something being fishy…but let me not forget i m too smart, as annika says smart singh oberoi,n specially if its my brothers,then i cant deny but i m too much intelligence, i knew where they were n thus i headed to our party room..
as i reached the door the overcrowdy room suddenly turned into a quite people less area…n i went inside only to find no1..but as they saw me, they had a ‘bach gaye’moment..n rudra couldnt stop but say ‘aree yeh toh shivaay bhaiya hai’ n i caught all of them n enquired whats going on? they made a few lame excuses n my phone ringed n i was busy atttending soon as i turned i saw them in a group whispering n it took me no time to enter…n thus after alot of insisting n drama i was told that they were discussing about annika’s bday surprise on wednesday n were planning something extra ordinary..which was not yet decided…when nothing could come out n we heard annika’s voice we quickly scattered n i planned something to be gifted…


i kept a pillow below the head which was using me as a pillow a few seconds before…n went to the kitchen where everyone were signalling each other to be ready…i made her breakfast n went to our room again..she was still sleeping..i kept aalu-poori n chai for her on the table n left a note which said i hve to go on an urgent meeting in kolkate,will return tommorow only..sorry!.. n then was heading outside room but i saw her getting disturbed by sunlight so i closed the window n pulled the curtain..soon she relaxed n a small curve appeared on her lips..n i couldnt help but stare..then i ,or i should say my dhokebaaz heart walked towards her n kissed her forehead…though this wasnt part of the plan..n as expected yet unexpected she said.. “shivaay u woke” n she hugged me, “good morning” i said n she saw me in already ready so she asked “r u going out?” n i conveyed her…she frowned but agreed..n while i was leaving she asked me tht r u forgetting which i cruely replied “nothing” n i went…then she was ready n she went down..there as planned, no one wished her n everybodyleft with some or the other excuse..no1 wished,she felt bad…n i could understand…the day passed with some of unwanted chits written by me,just to keep her mood lighten..n as the clock struck 6 ,she recieved a bouqet “–from unknown yet secret admirer ” it read..n this process of recieving something or other continued after every 15 mins…n she was a bit scared,tht who is the person,cuz i made sure those messages dont look like they r sent by me… but as no1 was there n car arrived,she decided to accept the proposal of reaching at 8…thus she wore the black saree gifted by me with the other accesories n sat in the car to reach destination..
here we all waited impatiently…it was 8:30 n still no sign of her…but every wait has to end, thus she came… it suddenly turned dark,though it had to be dark for the surprise,but since annika is afraid of dark there were some fairy lights,so it was not the dark that was meant to be,but much more dark….n thus i panned to run n save her but omru stopped me… she was my annika,brave enough….so she kept aside her fear n went a little more towards us..until she tripped due to an unidentified object n hurted her thumb a little..n she couldnt be more strong especially after being hurt…so she collapsed…do u think that is possible for great wall of annika like om says her..
she just shoutd who is there?n aked about lights? n then some fool made a sound-probably tht mishra n she got more scared..n i felt her being ‘that’ afraid again n i ran to soon as i whispered her name she just said “shivaay?” n then reflexively hugged me tight,n i involuntarily reciprocated n calmed her down..after 2 mins,light came back..n everyone screamed “happybirthday annika!!”..n i gave her a side kiss n wished her,s;he being still in my arms…the list included family,old age mom-dad,her gali waale..n how can i forget sahil..she was extremely happy…n as she cut the cake n welcomed her new life again she whispered to me , thanku for the gift!
‘i couldnt understand at first…thus at night when i gave her the family collage phto frame she finally had some of her crocodile tears..i couldnt understand..was she not happy?

annika’s pov:
i was so touched by his gesture,he is the best husband any1 can ever get,best frnd,best lover n most importantly best family man..thus i finally opened him n said “uts not that i m gifted to u shivaay, bt it is jusst that i m gifted by u shivaay..thanku for loving me n giving me the family i always wanted..u r the best gift to me” i said this as i cried n he wiped my tears…silence prevailed because we both understood each other n we slept
telling each other by eyes tht how lucky v r to be together n how we will never leave each other ever apart…

i continued, “n today it is our 5th marriage anniversary n lavanya is 4 n i still fell i m gifted anniikaa,n i will always feel cuz u will never stop getting better n i will never stop falling for u ” i said as i replied to mishra who asked me to narrate one of the lovable incidence in first yr…then i opened my arms..n annika who was narrating the other half of incident quickly fitted in them n told me ” so do i” …n we hugged,not caring of the world infront of us…n ended saying some beautiful lines about love,which we would never belive to have said before falling in luv n ended
n as the people continued to congratulate om for his book “GIFTED” n appreciated him for publishing ‘our’ story so well….n asked him to publish of him n ishana…i n annika crept out to the terrace n retired there,enjoying our time,looking at stars n moons n drinking expresso,which was turning to be sweet as she has started to enjoy it…
i teased her again of being mota n she got then she told me the biggest news of us being gifted of a new child,other then the gift we already possessed….. n tears of happiness escaped my eyes n her as well… happy anniversary mrs.annika shivaay singh oberoi ,i said , n she replied happy anniversary to u too mr.shivaay annika singh oberoi…
n just then our little angel came spoiling the romantic moment by chirping “mama papa i want to eat ice cream ” n me asking annika to let her eat while she refusing…n the battle b/w mother-n daddy’s lil angel contd…
n i thought to myself , is it really u shivaay? n thinking how has life changed n my thinking n feelings too…
but my thought process too was disturbed as our family came up…n daadi said “my teeno grand children have become ishqbaaz n now my three grand children’s children will also be”… n we all parents be like no,not so early daadi…n there was a big discussion interrupted by rudra who made a frown face,but said a very logical thing,which is only expected often by him after his marriage, n that special thing which made the night more special was “WE LOVE OBEROIS!” N WE ALL GROUP HUGGED

guys it is written as if shivaay describes the situation n annika’s part is said by annika..this was based on a memory told by shivaay n annika on the sucess party of om’s n ishaana’s published book “gifted” which is luv story of shivika…n then it continues to the event night when shivika leave the party n later on whole oberoi family leaves party to spent tie together n thus it ends..–IK this intro should have been b4 but then i though if there r some mistakes in b/ww which comfuse u…

at the end i would say i hope u like was some random stuff not on a prper storyline..
i request,please do comment! thanku
i hope u like it!
fingers crossed
see u again next time with a new OS

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  5. Kashi

    hey all the pretty people,reading this..
    i seriously hope u like it..
    n this is the first time i m reading my work n there r a few gramatical errors..please do ignore them..n one more thing in the very first para of the shot,it is not on KNEES but on TOES..
    :p i was imagining other OS’s story n i mixed knees n toes..i hope u all didnt mind..

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    1. I havent seen this movie….i might be very small at that time..
      I didnt do any sort of plagiarism in it honstly,neither i hve borrowed any idea…all my thinking :p but i ll surely search of this movie….t
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