SANSKAR’s gift is PRECIOUS to swara.

During pooja,sanskar gifted a diamond bangle to swara.When swara helped simar in saving the chandramani They were waylaid by some goons but the goons sees the bangle in swara gets attracted and ask her give the bangles.Swara unwillingly give the bangle to them in order to save chandramani.That bangles saves swara’s life that day.

During Swasan suhagraat sanskar again gifted a pair diamond to swara to start fresh life.
When rajat kidnaps swara, she throwed this bangles outside the window of car to give hint to sanskar where rajat is taking her. That bangles helps to find out where is swara.

After swara’s memory loss drama,When swasan reunited sanskar give the same bangles to her.Now swara sold the bangle to save DP from heart attack.

sanskar’ small gifts is useful in many issues. In many stituation a thing should be helpful or useful that is called precious gifts. Swasan rocks***


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  1. Jnana

    Awesome….. So true….. Maybe he gifts her after thinking wat will be the situations they need to face….. Maybe again he will gift and there will be one more storm…..

    1. Nive

      His gift has very meaning and useful.thanku dear

  2. Mica

    i love this analysis Nive…. love it a lot..

  3. u r so rit dear… ?? i totally agree with u…

  4. ya dats ryt
    swasan rox

  5. Samaira

    Ha i agree with u navi.


    what a observation dear. the bangles also have a imp. role more than some characters???.

  7. Alia

    Totally agree with u…for the first time got to know a bangle can be so useful..

  8. Wow superb analysis

  9. Sumeeta

    yaa san give gift to swara with so much emotion nd it was used in various condition

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