A gift from love- Ishveer OS

Ranveer got up from his bed,but today he couldn’t find his beloved sunny.”How could she not wish me first for my birthday?” he thought.He took a look at the place he would usually find her…and found a note there,with great excitment he grabbed it from the bed.It read as follow ‘My dear hubby sorry for not waking you today with our morning kiss…and yeah if you want to see me go to maa’s room’.

He rushed to amba’s room, but was disappointed because his wifey was not there.As soon as amba saw him she wished him happy birthday along with kailash and gave him a set of dress..a simple one.He got their blessing and went to his room.After freshing up himself,drying his hair with a towel looked at the dress.. it was a light blue shirt and white pant..which would obviously add to his charm..he knew that his wifey would have helped amba to select his dress,he had a smile at the thought of her.

When he took the dress a small paper fell from it,the words in it were ‘Sorry for disappointing you dear,for my first gift go to maasi’s room. He dressed and went there
, both lakshmi and parul was waiting for him…they gave him his favourite blackforest cake..and a small gift box. He thanked them and unwrapped it.It contained the childhood photo of him and his sunny….ranveer was holding her hair up in that photo and it too had a note in it ‘Loads and loads of kisses to my love..now meet baa’.

Baa presented him a red coat and a box…in the box he found his favourite braclet which harshad has presented him, the one which he thought to be lost so he read the note ‘Shocked rite ok now leave it and go to the next room’….there chitali and her husband wished him and presented a watch along with another box…it had the first friendship band of him which he got from his best friend now his wife..he smiled at it and read the note ‘Sorry for giving you these suprise shocks..and now you know where to go rite…love you always darling’.
He went to sharman’s room and all the sibling where there..they presented him his wedding photo, the wedding that took place during milan’s entry. The note which they gave had the words ‘Now you got everyone’s wishes, blessing and gifts…now come and meet me in our favourite place..waiting eagerly for you.

Now after ten minutes ranveer was in the park, in which they played the most…he spotted his wifey standing near a tree facing her back to him,yes it is his ishaani..ishaani ranveer vaghela.
It seems that she felt his presence,she turned around and walked towards him so did he.When they were near,she wished him “Many more happy returns of the day..Happy birthday hubby”.She made him wear a chain which has the letter I between RV.
He gave her his charming smile which make her fall for him again and again.She slowly gave a deepest kiss in his cheek.

Then she said him “You might be thinking ranveer how i got your lost braclet and band.. but actually to say i took it away from you” ranveer was shocked..confused ..yet she continued ” Yes i took those..when were children…i used to fear what to do if you go away from me,so at times i would take your favourite things and keep them with me as your memories…and on my every birthday i would look at those..they really make me happy…i now doubt if that was really friendship..or even..i….i was in love with you from my childhood…even i asked you many times that we are tooo close than friends..but all those times you would say we are that much best friends..and you better know that i belive you blindly..so i accepted..but now when i look at these..i can remember how i used to fume when any other girl talks to you and how i used to search for your shoulders to rest when i feel sad..it all say me that i too loved you from my small age…but how stupid and immature am i not to understand it”

Ranveer din’t allow her to utter any more word…and hugged her ….that hug showed the love,care and possessiveness of ranveer over ishaani..he said” You gave me the world’s best gift to me ishaani..i love you”and she kissed his lips passionately.

I’m a silent reader…this is my first ever story n i’m very bad at narrating my thoughts…so sorry if it was bad…plz do let me know how i did..

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  1. Just continue it plz

    1. Radhika Arora

      Thanx shona..but sry dr its an os n i cant continue it…sry

  2. Fantastic story dear!! I loved it! It was cute and it made me superrrr happy to read! I think you did an amazing job! Pls write more!!

    1. Radhika Arora

      Hi reena di im a silent reader of ur ff i like it a lot..i m so happy by ur cmt…n i ll try to gve sme os..btr than tis

      1. Thank you so much dear! I am happy to know that you like my ff! I really like to know that you will be writing more! Love you dear!

  3. Am also is a silent reader…bt your ff is so beautiful..juz continue dr. 🙂

    1. Radhika Arora

      Thanx arya for leaving a reply…n yep i cant continue it..coz i m nt gud at narrating..n also an ff will hve sad moments…wich i hate..so ly i gave an os…hope u understand dr

  4. Di are u Radhika di our Radhika di????
    I’m hell shocked dii… Our ishu dii??

    1. Radhika Arora

      Oh radika…really sry for confusing you..i thought to write on the name radhika arora..but spelled it mistakenly,unknowingly…u can now remember me as roha..n thanx for the cmt

  5. But nice epi dii


    Hey dearie its really an fantastic os !!!!! Keep it up…….why don’t you start to write any ff ?????

    1. Radhika Arora

      Dhurva di…soooo happy to read ur cmnt..thanx a lot…i just love ur ff…wen u stopped it i really felt bad..bt now u r continuing rite..tats so grt..i dont know to rite negatively..and so i cant rite an ff

      1. Dhruva { A DIE HARD FAN OF SHADHIKA }

        Thanks yaar !!!! But now I’ll be seriously waiting for your comment I’ve posted my ff sissy…..just read and comment it I’ll the happiest person !!!!! And I happy that you liked my ff !!!!! Thanks to you a lot !!

  7. Ur story is marvelous sis……but why end so soon??? Pls try to update more……by the way how r u???

    1. Radhika Arora

      Im fine bro…how r u doing..hope ur injuries are btr…thanx for ur cmnt…u know my parents donoo i watch this serial..n read d ffs ao i wont cmnt..bt i really wished to b apart of tis family..n i like ur concern towards others very much..hope u consider me as ur sissy..n u can call me as roha..bt tats not my name

      1. Thanks a lot sis……we r indeed a great family…..

  8. sana-always loves my Ranvi♥♥♥

    U did a good job dear.I like it.

    1. Radhika Arora

      Thanx sana dr

  9. Fantastic story my dear you have expressed all the feelings in such a small story you should write your own ff or pls continue it ? again it was really really awesome

    1. Radhika Arora

      Hi neelam ..thanx fr cmnting…hope ur read my replies..n understand that i cant rite ffs or continue it…bt i ll try to give my os on ishveer..n my schools r starting by next week…so pls unserstand dr

  10. A big sorry for for late comment but the story was soooo cuteeeeee really I loved it and who said u r not good in narration u r awesome

    1. Radhika Arora

      Ooo tanvee dr…how is ur health..hope u r doing fine…i m so happy that u said i hve narrated in a good manner..thanx da

  11. Awsomeeee..just loved reading ur ff! ×O× Have a great day!

    1. Radhika Arora

      Thank you so much Ankita..for ur cmnts

  12. No words 2 explain darling……just ummmmaaaaa 2 my dr……..really really awesome

    1. Thank u my frnd

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