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Aaba house
After pooja completed, aradhya ask aaba to permit her to go temple.aaba says ok.aradhya leaves.
Aryan thinks that devil is going to temple.something we must find it.
Aryan follows aradhya.aradhya goes some where.aradhya feels someone follws her.she turns back but there in no she continues walks. Aryan hides and thinks that devil is not a normal lady. He says she must hide something from everyone.

Aradhya goes somewhere. Someone closes her eyes with his hands. That man says happy birthday aradhya. Aradhya sees him and says thanks yuvaraj. Yes that man is yuvaraj. He hugs aradhya and says I love you. Aradhya says me too.
Aryan sees this from long distance. So he can’t hear anything. But Aryan was confused and thinks who is he?. After yuvaraj leaves aradhya turns and saw Aryan behind her. She thinks did he hear anything.
Aryan ask who is he. Aradhya thinks thanks god, he didn’t hear anything. She says that he is my friend yuvaraj.we are studying same college. Aryan says friend and laughs. He says “ohh..!!!! I feel pity on him. How he is being friend of a devil..?” And he started move behind. Aradhya see a truck comes on the way. She calls Aryan name and says come forward there is a truck behind you fool . Aryan sees the truck and become stunned . Aradhya push Aryan away from the truck .

Aryan’s leg get struck in a small hole. He trys to remove leg from that hole ,but he can’t. Aradhya watches this and laughs loudly .she says that “you know Aryan seeing you in a trouble makes me more happy    . Aryan shouts at her and ask her to help him out . Aradhya says ok I’ll help you ,but there is one condition .
Aryan ask oh shit.! What ?? . Aradhya ask him to tell like “ please aradhya help me . Am sorry . Aryan refuses . she says ,ok fine. See you in the evening . Aryan says in his mind .. oh no.. if this devil went from this place ,who is going to save me ? and says ok Am sorry . please save me aradhya with smile but anger in his heart. Aradhya gives her hand and pull him towards her side . they both fall down . they both laughs hard as possible .and then leaves.

Kumudini welcomes yuvaraj . yuvaraj touches her feet and gets her blessing. Kumudini asks “why are you so late Beta ? “ . yuvaraj replies with a smile that “ I went to met Aradhaya to wishes her a b’day ,to work out your revenge towards Aaba’s family.
Episode end with their smile on each other.

Precap :
Tulsi (yuvaraj’s mother) meets Aradhya and says yuvaraj is cheater.Don’t believe him . Aradhya get confused.!!!
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Credit to: PRIYA

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