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The episode starts
Next morning: Aaba house
Aradhya was sleeping.pavithra comes to her room and ask her to get up. she told that aaba sahib ask about you.
Aradhya : oh shit i am again late ok aunty tell him. I will be there in 15 mins ok
Pavithra :ok beti.btw Aryan is coming today.
Pavithra leaves.
Aradhya :oh no that monkey is coming. She hurriedly goes inside the bathroom and after sometime she goes down.
Aradhya does aarti. aradhya touches aaba feet. aaba blesses her. Aaba ask shaswat about the arrangements. Aaba says that Aryan also coming so do the all arrangements perfectely.
Aradhya thinks I am sure that monkey is coming for irritate me. suddenly aaba calls aradhya .she goes to aaba. Aaba ask her to see the all arrangements. Aradhya nods yes. aaba goes out.
Aradhya see the arrangements and Aryan enter the house. At the time one servent taking flowers on basket for arrangements. Aradhya strikes with the servent.aradhya slips and about to fall but Aryan holds her by his arms. The flowers falls on them. Baahon ke darmiyaan song plays in background and their share an eye look. they realized and moves ahead.
Aryan teases her like are you practicing gymnastic. Aradhya says shut up and are you doing same heroism in college also. They continue their fighting.
Pavithra sees them and calls Aryan name. pavitra comes to Aryan and hug him. Aryan touches her feet and hug her.Pavitra says “Why you both fights always..? “ They started blame each other . Pavitra said enough .!!!!! “Aryan go and see your grandpa “. Pavitra ask aradhya come with me. Aradhya goes with pavitra and angrily look at Aryan. Aryan also look at aradhya angrily and leaves.
In aaba sugarcane factory,
Aaba talks to his servants at the time Aryan comes. Aaba see him and hug him. Aryan takes aaba blessings. Aaba says to Aryan that he arranged pooja for aradhya so you must attend the pooja.
Aryan thinks wow pooja for devil. Aaba ask Aryan where you lost. Aryan nods no and says nothing.
Aaba takes Aryan with him in home. After some times pooja starts aradhya and Aryan angrily look at each other. After the pooja completed,Aryan and aradhya takes aaba sahab blessings.
The episode end on aradhya and Aryan smiling face.

Precap : yuvaraj comes to see aradhya and hugs her. Aryan looks confused and thinks who is he?

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  1. lovely ff dear………..m waiting for next part

  2. nice one… hey i am also writing a ff I can’t take my eyes off you so plzzzz read it and plzz comment

  3. Waiting for yuvaraj entry.. I wonder yuvaraj character is positive or negative

  4. Awesome episode, aara fights r cuteeeee, yuvraj entry will be interesting. ..keep it up. eagerly waiting for the next episode, love you loads. .

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