The episode starts,
Mid night 12:00 pm
Aaba house , It is beautifully decorated by flowers, curtains, candles & different kinds of lightings. A beautiful girl enters in the place with a bright smile on her face.. She is looking like an angel… She is wearing a chudidar with the combination of red & white colour. She is slowly stepping inside the venue Meanwhile someone closed her eyes with his hands. The man says that “happy birthday aradhya”. .. yes that girl is our aardhya.. She turns towards him & hugs him..she says thank you aaba..He is aradhya’s grand father Pradyumna Vidyadhar Rao. only Aryan and aradhya call him as aaba.
Aradhya : Thank you so much aaba.
Aaba :This is my no need thanks and he hugs her.
Aradhya happily cries. Shaswat and pavitra also come says happy birthday to aradhya. Aradhya cut the cake and first give to aaba. Aaba eat it and also make aradhya eat the cake.
Aaba says that today I am very happy ,because today my granddaughter birthday. Aaba happily gives many gift to peoples. Aaba ask where is Aryan. Shaswat says that Aryan won’t come .He informed that Aryan come tomorrow. Aaba says that tomorrow he arranged pooja for aradhya. He says Aryan must participate in pooja.
Aradhya (in mind): I am realy happy because that monkey is not attend my birthday party.if that monkey attend my b’day,he irritates me. I think now that monkey is irritating someone.

One boy is running behind the another boy. The boy catch the another boy. The another boy says sorry,pls forgive me Aryan.yes that boy is aradhya’s monkey our Aryan.
Aryan says that don’t say sorry to me. If you want me to forgive you ,then says sorry to that girl.
The boys says sorry to that girl for misbehaving. The girl says thanks Aryan. Aryan smiles and says no need thanks.

Shaswat ask aradhya what she is thinking. Aradhya nods no. suddenly she’s phone rings, she saw it and shocked. it’s Aryan no but she saved as monkey.she attended the phone . Aryan says that happy birthday devil(Aryan saved aradhya no as devil). She gets irritated and says that I am not devil you are the monkey.
Aradhya ask why are you calling me.
Aryan : I am not interested in calling you but today your b’day .so i called you.if I am not called you, then you will complain to aaba.
Aradhya :stop acting.i am not interested in your acting. Anyway thankyou.
Aryan :what a miracle devil said thank you
Aradhya :I am not devil .you are the monkey.
Aryan :you are the devil.
Both are fighting. The episode end on Aryan and Aradhya smiling face
Aryan and aradhya meeting and their fights.

Credit to: PRIYA

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  1. wow…….so so so much interesting n osm story…….I love this

  2. It is different. Thank God Aryan is not calling aradhaya do foot ki dinosaur… u have made changes

  3. the episode was good.. so aryan and aradhya is cousin and aba is good and loving.. nice change

  4. I can’t just understand.Plz tell me wat is this fan fiction.wat track of story is is this.abba accept aaro. Plz plz plz tell me wat is going on

  5. In my fiction,aradhya is a family member of aaba and aryan cousin.

  6. it is your creation ?right

  7. Very very cute, love you loads

  8. Hmm not bad. Such change in aba.. I didn’t expect it. Anyway, nice

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