Ghulaam: the two dimensional love (Episode 3)

(The scene switches to Maawer where Vaidehi is limping due to her ankle getting twisted..)
Tanushree: Vidu are you okay..I feel so guilty now..we had to go to a relative’s place for lunch after the wedding..But I am upset that you didn’t tell me about Dharam and Bhola trying to kill you..
Vaidehi: Don’t worry bhabhi, its a minor injury.. you are exaggerating as would have got scared needlessly. .the police officer must have shot them by now..
Suddenly Prithvi enters looking anxious and his brow sweating. Vaidehi feels his worry and gently taps on his shoulder while gesturing Tanushree to bring him water.
Vaidehi: What happened bhai?
Prithvi: Savitri chachi has come, wailing and is crying at the doorstep to mother..
Vaidehi:(angrily) but why is she doing this..aayi(mother) said that she had forsaken bonds with us for more than nineteen years..why has she come back now…
Prithvi: It is about Shivani..
Vaidehi moves backwards as an overwhelming memory of Shivani comes to was at her birth that her real mother Devyaani died and her aunt Savitri decided to look after her because Vaidehi’s mother Gayatri had three children already while Savitri and her husband had not bore a child yet. Rani Gayatri who was at that time not a widow or a fierce ruler but a dutiful wife smiled at the infant and handed her over to Vaidehi who for the first time held a baby in her hand, looked at the baby with curiosity. It was an odd sight for Vaidehi could not properly hold the baby but held it with some support from her mother. The infant’s eyes opened and it’s mouth crinkled at the sides as it smiled and Vaidehi felt a surge of compassion flowing through. She was only four at that time yet the memory was fresh because it was a memory of true and an uncorrupted feeling.

Gaining all her strength she made her way to the main entrance and looked at the worn out figure of her aunt pleading on the doorstep before the tall silhouette of Rani Gayatri. She looked at her mother for a moment and in reaction her mother’s turned her face too. Their eyes met and they said a lot to each other in that duration. Vaidehi went closer towards the wailing Savitri and lifted her fragile body. Prithvi enters too searching for Vaidehi and gently lets out a smile when he sees his sister letting Savitri lean on her.
As the wind lets out a calm breeze brushing the layers of grass on the ground Vaidehi solemnly announces in her thick, emotionless yet aggressive tone…
” I will bring back Shivani, my sister even if it brings misery and obstacles in my path.”
No one spoke but the wind which let out a blossoming melody at the amazing turns of fate….

When Shivani woke up she had no idea where she was. The land was barren around her and a thick coil of smoke seemed to choke her relentlessly. Her clothes were satin made cordially with beautiful patterns like the ones that Rajasthani brides would wear but the thought further agonized her. When her vision further became clearer she saw that she was in a mandap( wedding stage) and she shivered. Yet there was no bridegroom or a priest, she was there alone and she screamed. Frantically she tried to remember what happened to her before and how she reached here when a dark figure appeared before her and after that another figure which were both obscure. Squinting her eyes, she recognised the second figure as the man she had met in the dark street who was looking at the ground with his hands folded obediently behind his back. The taller and muscular figure seemed to be looking at her greedily and her body turned cold and rigid. His expression creeped her out and as he tried to go nearer she slowly carried her body away from his grasp.
“Rangeela, what have you brought me? She is so young. She would at least be six years younger to me….does she even know what a “suhaag raat” is?” Veer spoke his eyes wandering on Shivani like a lion hunting his prey.
Rangeela: Maalik, she seemed like the type you wanted so I brought her..pretty, innocent, uneducated.. isn’t that what you wanted maalik?
Veer: she is all what I wanted but the age..but anyways she is very gorgeous..I can’t tell you how hungry I have been..
He takes the pallu of Shivani’s saari and pulls it. Shivani edges close to him and her body further tightens. He grabs her wrist and twists it and enjoys the agony on her face.
Veer: You are so pretty I swear to god..I think I will call you baby doll……..
Shivani: Who are you? Why are you doing this to me?
Veer: I am Veer Pratap Chaudhry, the prince of Berehempur and very soon I am going to be your husband tomorrow afternoon because right now you need beauty sleep..
He presses Shivani’s body tightly and she falls unconscious in his arms.
Vaidehi touches her mother’s feet and says goodbye in her ears as she slowly leaves. Simran and Tanushree hug her tightly and Simran says that Vaidehi needs to be present in her marriage with Ajay. She once again promises to bring back Shivani and looks at Savitri’s husband and gently nods.
Stepping up beside Prithvi, they both get into their car and wave to her family as she swears that may whatever come, Shivani will safely reach Maawer.

Precap: Shivani is planning to escape as Vaidehi and Prithvi enter Berehempur anf are spotted by Rangeela

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