Ghulaam: the two dimensional love (Episode 2)

Vaidehi is sleeping peacefully when she feels a pat on her shoulder..Her eyes gently open, the morning rays coloring them a pale brown..she looks around and sees her bhabhi sitting next to her on the bed and rubs her eyes.

Vaidehi: What happened Tanu bhabhi? Where are you going, wearing expensive
Tanushree: For a wedding. .we’ll be back before noon..
Vaidehi: Wait..did you just say “we”? What
about me? Did you forget that I existed?
Tanushree: (sighs) You are such a melodrama queen..look at your ankle..its swollen due to the fight with Yuvraaj. .
Vaidehi: How did you know?
Tanushree: Jahanvi told me..who else?
(Vaidehi makes a mental note to sue
Vaidehi: Bhabhi jaan I’m all right see..
(gently rotates her ankle and howls)
Tanushree: (angrily) so you are saying that you are fine?
Vaidehi: Sorry. .I’ll stay at home..
Tanushree: That’s better..I’ll make some bittergourd juice for take rest..
(Vaidehi is disappointed about facing
boredom for the rest of the day..)
( Change of scene to Berehempur where a
wrestling match is going on. Veer, the handsome yet ruthless prince of Berehempur is tormenting a poor farmer to wrestle with him.)

Veer: God Rangeela! Which donkey have you brought me to fight with..he won’t even last a second with me in the feild!
(Rangeela looks down, embarrassed. )
Rangeela: Maalik, but you told me to bring
anyone who didn’t give money to open your new beer shop should have to wrestle with you…

Veer: So this impertinent fool had the guts to go against me..(holds the old man by his collar and in a second holds him up in both
his hands and thrashes his fragile body on the ground. The man dies. His family wails nearby…)
Veer goes near the dead farmer’s daughter and kisses her forcibly and throws her away. The girl faints on the ground with torn lips and her mother lies cursing Veer..
Veer gestures his guards to take them away and turns to Rangeela and throws him a stash of money and Rangeela gratefully bows.
Veer: Rangeela, I’m tired of this raping girls..I need to have a wife..go find me one..who is scared and dependent and who listens ..will you do that for me?
Rangeela: Definitely maalik..
(Rangeela leaves with Veer’s permission looking for an innocent one for sacrifice)
Vaidehi smiles as she talks to Dharam, her boyfriend on phone and curls her long her between her fingers..She giggles once in a while at his lame jokes as she lies on her bed.
Vaidehi: So tell me what else?
Dharam: Can I please come there? I feel so uncomfortable about you being alone at hone with a twisted ankle..
Vaidehi: Shut always keep on thinking that I’m weak..I am an adult..I can take care of myself. .
(She suddenly pauses and sees a shadow)
Dharam: Hello? Vaidehi? Are you there?
(Vaidehi silently walks towards her cupboard and takes a revolver out..)
Turns out to be Bhola, the servant.
Vaidehi sighs and tells him to go. She turns away to talk to Dharam when a rope tightens around her neck. She struggles as Bhola takes the gun from her hand and tries to strangle her further…
In a flash Vaidehi twists his hand and punches him in a flurry. She kicks him onto a chair and ties him up with the same rope he used to strangle her.
Vaidehi: Who gave you money to kill me?
A voice from behind shouts ” Me”
Vaidehi looks back to see Dharam and is shocked. Dharam laughs and looks at her.
” I’m Yuvraaj’s elder brother and was trying to get rid of you with pyaar ka natak . Time’s up baby. ”
He points gun at her when police inspector comes and nabs him from behind. Other officers come and nab Bhola and take them away.
Inspector: Vaidehi how did you know that Dharam was related to Yuvraaj?
Vaidehi:When my friend met Yuvraaj I knew something was wrong with him and so I spied on him snd got to know everything about him. I was faking love to him too. Now gundaraaj ends in Maawer..
(Inspector bows respectfully and goes..)
A girl walks crying. She got lost looking for her mama and mami. Rangeela is nearby smoking when he spots her and lets out the trapped smoke from his mouth.
Rangeela: why are you crying…
Girl: I lost track of my mama and mami..
Rangeela is stunned at how dependent she is and how childish. .
Rangeela: Why don’t you go home..
Girl: I’m scared of the dark..
Rangeela: What? You are so old and behaving like a baby? Then call your parents..
Girl: I don’t have parents..I’m an orphan..
Rangeela: (Thinks for a second) What’s your name?
Girl: My name is Shivani. ..
Rangeela: (points somewhere behind her) are those your relatives?
The girl or Shivani turns behind as Rangeela gently knocks her and she falls unconscious. Rangeela picks her up and sits in his bike ties her to his waist.
Rangeela: Maalik I got you your wife..just the way you want it…………
( the setting becomes dark as Rangeela starts his bike and he races off along with the gorgeous Shivani behind him..)

Precap: a middle aged woman begs Rani Gayatri to free Shivani and Shivani and Rangeela are captured by tribals …

Author’s note: guys pls tell me how you find my ff coz I wanna know wheter you all like it or not..this concentrates on both veer and Rangeela falling in deep love……♥♥♥♥

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  2. Thanks so much Rd…yeah my ff is set in two places..pls continue reading as I need encouragement…I promise that it will get interesting♥

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