Ghulaam: the two dimensional love (Episode 1)

Maawer, a village famous for its female ruler, Rani Gayatri Maheshwar , is having durga pooja at home. There are beautiful decorations and a lot of noise is going on. The eldest child, Prithvi is standing near the idol of the goddess Durga and beside him is his wife Tanushree. Next to the couple and a bit far away from the idol is the younger child Simran and the pooja is almost ready to start. The pundit looks at Rani and asks permission to start the pooja. But she isn’t listening and her eyes are searching the crowd. Only one thought is in her head.
” Where is Vaidehi?”

( in a dry land with cracks. A young lady is tied to a chair and a man in an expensive suit is walking around her in circles. )
Man: When will you admit your love for me, Jahanvi? ”

Lady/ jahanvi: Never. Even corpses haye your face you scum….

Man slaps her face. She writhes in pain.
Man: I’ll give you time and if you dont agree to marry me, I’ll shoot you dead like a public display.
Jahanvi: its better than spending rest of my life being a slave.
Man: so you are ready to die?

Jahanvi: Yes. I’ll die with honour.
Man: I’ll count till five. Any last wishes?
Jahanvi: please tell Vaidehi to forgive me for not trusting her and to have made friends with you and considered you one.
Man: I’ll do that. Now get ready to die.
( Starts to count)

( he never reaches the last count and Jahanvi looks in awe as Vaidehi snatches his gun and points it at him.)
Vaidehi: Game up Yuvraaj!
She looks into his eyes and whispers “may god forgive you for being a monster” and shoots him without mercy. She unties Jahanvi and helps her to walk.
Vaidehi: Slowly walk Jahanvi…

Jahanvi: u are the best friend ever… my life saver Vidu( pet name). I think u r a true superhero and brave heart. …
Vaidehi:( Blushing with pleasure) lets get you home…….
(Back at the Maheshwar haveli)

The crowd is getting exhausted since its been half an hour since they arrived. Prithvi is instructing the goons to spread out and search for Vaidehi while Simran is trying to call her sister. Tanushree brings a glass for Rani but she refuses. There is tension in the air but soon diffuses as a silhouette of a person walking can be seen. The crowd separates and Vaidehi appears with dust in her brown, wavy hair and color in her cheeks. She touches Rani’s feet and hugs other members of the family. The crowd finally hushes as the trio: Prithvi, Simran and Vaidehi take the thaali and do the pooja, while the pundit narrates the mantra.

PRECAP: Vaidehi is alone at haveli with an injured toe due to the fight and there are shadows entering from the back door of the haveli.

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