Ghulaam – He Is Not (Episode 7)

Hey guys know tht I am too late but cant help this study pressure but I have come back. Hope u all will like it.

Rangeela’s house:
Rangeela walks in with Shivani is his arms. His mother comes running to him and sees them together and smiles.
Amma: looking so beautiful together…. But y is she sleeping in ur arms go and make her lie on the bed…
Rangeela’s eyes well up with tears as he sees his amma enjoying his closeness with Shivani who is dead.
Rama comes to the courtyard with a rope bed and keeps it on the floor. Amma looks on.
Amma: wht is this???
Rangeela: no she will b in her room…
He walks past amma and Rama and goes to their bedroom and makes Shivani lie on the bed.

He looks up and sees the room empty and silent. Rangeela walks round the room and opens the cupboard and takes out Shivani’s bridal dress. He hugs it and sits on the floor and starts crying as he remembers his Shivani’s lively pictures(hamari adhuri kahani… plays in the background).
There is a knock at the door and Rangeela composes himself and turns and sees Rama’s sister standing there.
Rama’s sister: will I make her ready…???
Rangeela: no I will do it with my own hands for a last time…
Rama’s sister nods and turns and leaves.
Rangeela goes and locks the door. He then turns and sees Shivani lying motionless on the bed. He walk up to her and sits beside her and touches her forehead.
Rangeela: y??? y??? u had no right to go anywhere without my permission then how cud u even think of leaving this world without my permission… leaving me alone… wht will I do now…??? Say me…. Talk to me… see amma is waiting for u outside… this room is waiting for u… these windows r waiting for u to touch them and make them alive.
He runs to the dressing table and takes out the jewelleries and runs back to her…: see these earings these necllaces they all r waiting for u and u…. how cud u??? u didn’t think wht will happen to me if u will go??? Shivani answer me…
He pulls her up on his arms and hugs her and cries his heart out…(hamari adhuri kahani…. plays). He then remembers Veer saying tht Shivani is his wife and then Shivani’s death news. He puts her down and kisses her forehead.
Rangeela: I promise u tht I will avenge for ur death… Veer and Sarkar and his family have to pay for this… I promise u…
He slowly starts changing Shivani’s clothes.(jag soona soona lage… plays).

All the people inside the haveli r sitting still. Sarkar is moving to and fro the room thining abt wht had happened. Other side Veer is punching his punching bad thinking Shivani’s dead body hanging and Rangeela’s threat…
Veer: wht did I do…???
He throws the tables and chairs in the room.
Veer: I was a fool to think tht Rangeela is my ghulaam… I never thought tht he is a human being and tht he has feelings… I did so wrong with him…
Gulguli comes running to him and his the room all in a mess.
Gulguli: wht more do u want???
Veer: forgiveness….
Gulguli: wht???
Veer: I will ask Rangeela for forgiveness…
Gulguli: have u gone mad?? He has lost his wife and he considers us as the murders he will destroy us…
Veer sits on the bed holding his head.
Gulguli: we were wrong to just think Rangeela as a ghulaam… we never thought tht he has a heart tht beats only for Shivani and his amma… we r finished now…

Rangeela’s house:
Rangeela opens the door and carries Shivani out of the room. The entire neighborhood has gathered there. Amma looks on shocked.
Amma: she is still sleeping…
Rangeela makes Shivan lie on the rope bed and goes to amma…
Rangeela: she will never get up amma…
Amma: y…??? has she become Kumbhkaran…
Rangeela: no she has left us forever…
Amma looks on shocked. Rangeela and his friends pick up the bed and set off for the last rites.
Burial ground:
The pandit give the fire wood to Rangeela and he makes a few rounds circling Shivani’s body and at last sets the pyre on fire. As he sees his life burning Rangeela sees a log having fire falling from the pyre. Rangeela sees Shivani slowly turning into ash. He picks up the log and goes away.
Rama: where is he going now???
There is slence everywhere in the house suddenly some women come running and screaming. Gulguli gets concerned and goes to check.
Gulguli: wht happened???
Women: tht Rangeela has gone he has set the store room on fire.
Veer comes there running. Rangeela comes with the lighten log in his hand and his eyes red. Sarkar gets shocked seeing Rangeela like this…
Rangeela: just like my wife s burning out there… I will burn this house and the entire Behrahampu.
He walks out leaving everyone dumstruck.

PRECAP: A new entry. Who is this???

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  1. Realy amazing nd unique.precap is suspenceful.egrly waiting for next ff.i was thought aapne ff likhna band m soooo much hapy n lov to read this ff realy intersting nd unique now suspensful too.

  2. Very emotional update

  3. raji-tamil magal

    veer feeling guilty now… very soon he realised his mistakes… rangeela’s rage was really interesting.. waiting for nxt epi and tat new entry…

  4. RANdomfANCreationz

    OMG a Malik seeking forgiveness from its Ghulaam and Ghulaam seeking revenge the death of his Wife damn interesting! Go for it!

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