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Ghulaam 9th May 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on

Rangeela’s amma warns Bhisma Chaudry dare not to harm her bahu Shivangi. Rashmi thinks even amma must be been tortured by Bhisma and his family. Shivani and Rashmi take amma in. Rangeela cleans Bhisma’s wound and apologizes him on amma’s behalf. Bhisma orders him to lock amma in a room or send her away. Rangeela says he cannot do that, but will assure amma will not harm anyone. Bhisma leaves with his family.

Shivani gives ice cream to amma. Amma says she will throw stone to Chaudhry if he comes in front of her again. Shivani says she is a god woman and should not throw stones at anyone. Amma nods okay. Shivani says Rangeela is getting married today. Amma dorns veil on Shivani and says she will become her bahu. Shivani says another will marry Rangeela. Amma shouts she will throw stones

if someone else marries Rangeela. Rangeela comes and amma says he cannot marry anyone except Shivani. Rangeela asks to bring 200 Rs if she wants Shivani as bahu. Amma leaves. Rangeela scolds Shivani not to brainwash amma. Shivani says why will she and says he is just a puppet and does not have his own thinking, else he would not have let his maalik keep a woman hostage and force her for marriage, he should find out why amma threw stone on sarkar.

Maldawali informs Gulguli that Rangeela’s amma thew stone on Sarkar and he did not utter anything. She continues brainwashing. Gulguli walks into Sarkar’s room and asks why did Rangeela’s amma threw stone on him. Sarkar nervously says she is mad. Gulguli says she will punish amma. Sarkar says forget it, it is a marriage house. Rangeela enters. Gulguli asks how dare his is to throw stones on Sarkar, what punishment he will give to her. Rangeela says he will find out why amma threw stone on Sarkar. Gulguli leaves. Sarkar nervously stammers he took away him from amma in childhood when she became mad, so she threw stone on him. Rangeela says if he is telling truth. Bhisma slaps him and shouts how dare he is to question his maalik. Veer watches everything on CCTV and fumes how dare Rangeela is to question sarkar. Shivani enters and praises rangeela that he questioned for the first time. Maldawali tells Veer that Shivani forced Rangeela to question.

Rangeela’s mehandi ritual starts. Veer comes and tries to touch him asking not to forget him. Rangeela holds his hand and says he will not marry Radhika and says he did a mistake by forcing Shivani into this house and will not force any other woman. He promised Radhika to drop her home safely and will do so. Sarkar shouts and Rangeela answer him he will not stop today. Gulguli tries to slap him, and he holds her hand and warns to stay away. Veer shouts how dare he is to hold amma’s hand. Rangeela says he will again if anyone stops him and walks holding Radhika’s hand.

Precap: Veer warns Rangeela to stop, else he will kill everyone. Rangeela says he will not. Veer shoots Radhika, Shivani and others. Rangeela shouts maalik. Veer shoots at him.

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  1. Hi guys this epi becomes turning point of. rangeela,’s life ….now rangeela takes pistol….becomes anti hero that means real hero very good,,,,,,,

  2. Maybe the story will take a twist now

  3. Just hating shivani’s cry….I don’t why I just started hating this show bcos of her… the story I’d totally changed n became boring…

    1. Shivani did not cry in this episode and today’s too…Anyone in her place would cry..but gradually it is decreasing..
      She is the lead and cumulative cause of rangeelas the story will move with her only

  4. Things are moving so fast, and changes taking place so fast. STILL U guys don’t like it? Shame on you.

    1. True things are actually moving now..interesting to see Rangeela’s inner fights for good..and how he takes a stand

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