Ghulaam 8th February 2017 Written Episode Update

Ghulaam 8th February 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on

Gulguli scolds Shivani for touching eunuch and yells at eunuchs that they are considering themselves equal to her. She orders servants to kick them out without giving any money. Eunuchs start dancing around her to cheer her up. Shivani with Rashmi takes eunuch’s head to her room and gives her jewelry and says her mama taught her not to send eunuchs without reward and says she cannot give her silver ghungroo. Eunuch says she is thankful for her respect and can bless her anything. Shivani asks to take Rashmi out. Eunuch says nobody can escape from Berahampur, but she will help her. Rashmi writes and gives a note that they both will go, else she will not. Shivani agrees. Eunuch asks her to wear saris, her friends will come and pick them and take out among them.

Rangeela takes mamaji to

Berahampur. Mamaji insists to buy fruits and sweets as he is going to Shvani’s sasural for the first time. After buyring fruits and sweets, Rangeela takes him to haveli. Shivani sees mamji getting out of car and asks Rashmi to go, she will go with her mamaji. Mamaji thinks Shivani’s house is a big haveli. Bhisma asks Rangeela whom he brought. Rangeela says Shivani’s mamaji and tells mamaji that he is Chaudry Bheesmaprataph singh. Veer says he is Shivani’s husband Veer and Rangeela is his servant. He praises Rangeela that he kidnapped Shivani for him in just 2 days and asks him to leave. Rangeela leaves. Mamaji is shocked to see all this.

Bhisma asks Veer to give Berahapur’s gift to his sasur/FIL. Servant brings langot/indian underwear. Bhisma asks mamaji to fight with Veer in dangal/wresting ground. Mamaji is shocked. Ver drags him to dangal. Mamaji resists. Veer forcefully removes mamji’s shirt. Bhisma says he is already broken, Veer should throw him slowly. Shivani runs and pleasd Veer and Bhisma to spare her. Bhisma orders her to get in. Veer also shouts. Bhisma then orders Shivani to sit on cot and makes cot lift in air and says now she can see fight from air. Mamaji comes out in langot with Veer. Veer starts throwing mamaji repeatedly.

Balam asks Rangeela to save innocent mamaji, else he will be in guilt whole life. Bhabhi sys if he does not, their relationship is finished. Balam and other also say same.

Precap: Shivani pleads Veer to kill her, but spare her mamaji. Veer continues throwing mamaji. Veer warns she will jump. Veer asks if she dare to jump.

Update Credit to: MA

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  1. Antara

    this is so cruel this veer is psycho poor mamaji wat kind of werid traditions R they following ridiculous rangeela ji come fast & help shivani & mamaji only u can stop this stupid veer wat happnd Rashmi where is she? she succeeded in running from this hell or not?

  2. SidMin

    Is Veer insane …. I mean all the rituals and all this place is hell Hope Rangeela does something to save Mamaji in the next episode…

  3. I really hate rangeela.. ???

  4. Esther

    Ohhhh God…….I tooo hate Rangeela for this….he brought Mamaji to that mad Veer………..

  5. RANdomfANCreationz

    This Rangeela ? I don’t know what’s going on his mind? What was the need of bringing Shivani’s Uncle in this Behrampur? There were other ways too. If he can bring Shivani here why not her Uncle. Today’s episode I hated Rangeela more than Veer ???. I just hope very soon Rangeela realises his mistake. And Shivani have to be strong now, poor girl. Shivani and Rashmi got an golden opportunity to elope but Rangeela had to bring Mamaji today ?. I hope Rangeela’s Friend and his bhabi makes him realise his mistake and Rangeela does some smart move to stop veer from torturing Shivani and her Mamaji, like he did by bringing the doctor so that Shivani didnt need to walk on hot coals.

    1. RANdomfANCreationz

      And ya love Rangeela’s Bhabi and his friends’ character at least they have this much sense what is right what is wrong.

  6. Hi.mamaji condition is very poor. If rangeel already knows this traditionthen why did he bring mamaji to prempur. Babhi and bro family is really too good. Rangeela ls responsible for shivani and mamaji rangeela hurry up angry young man.

  7. Only Rangeela is having courage to save shivani and mammaji from toucher of veer

  8. There’s a spoiler that Shivani will actually jump and Rangeela will save her by catching her…I hope he saves mamaji too…hate this veer

  9. Angelk1

    OMG his health is not good , rangeela should have let him stay at his place. And somehow bring shivani.

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