Ghulaam 7th July 2017 Written Episode Update

Ghulaam 7th July 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on

Berahampur women get afraid seeing Veer and his goons. Rangeela points gun at Veer. Veer says he did not come here to fight, but to show Rangeela’s true face. He warns women to kick Rangeela and his team out, else they will face dire consequences. Shivani encourages women that they need not worry and should confront Veer. Veer orders again to kick Rangeela and team out, else face dire consequences. Women beat Shivani and her team and kicks them out. Veer then laughs on Rangeela.

Manmeet sees Rashmi awake till late night to protect him from anyone forcefully giving him drugs and asks to sleep. She says she is habituated to stay awake during her college exams and knows even he used to be awake during his rockstars day in college. Manmeet anxiously stammers and asks what rockstar. She brings

his guitar and she found it in store room. His name Macky/Manmeet is written on it. She encourages him to revive his rock star career.

Shivani applies hot water on Manju’s feet and asks if she got sprain. Manju says no, it is just twisted and Rangeela’s shoes saved her feet. Rangeela suggests them to enter haveli somehow and break ultrasonography machine somehow and encourage women not to get examined. They hear Pannnawali and Banaraswali pleading that they did not do anything and walk out. Shera and driver point gun at their wives Pannawali and Manaraswali. Rangeela asks what is happening. Shera says they are kicking their wives out or disobeying them and they have kicked them out of house. Shivani says they will stay with her. Veer comes and asks Rangeela how can he keep stranger women in his house. Rangeela says as a humanity. Veer says women can stay only with women and asks villagers’ opinion. They all shout yes. Gujranwali enters limping and says they will stay in her house. Veer broke her leg and threw her on road in ileu of giving false justice, she built a house for her and her friends will stay with her. Pannawali says good Shera left her, she did not want to stay with her daughter’s murderer.

Gulguli fumes at home that she cannot let Rangeela take over them. Now there are 3 women behind Rangeela and soon whole village will follow, he will not let that happen. Maldawali brings village women. Gulguli gives them 2 lakhs each and orders them not let their bahus follow Rangeela.

Precap: Shera brings ultrasonography machine and asks Veer if he should open it. Veer says no, let me see how Rangeela will enter haveli and break it. Rangeela tells Shivani that 5 women will enter haveli and break machine. Shivani asks how. He says wait and watch.

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