Ghulaam 7th February 2017 Written Episode Update

Ghulaam 7th February 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on

Gulguli asks Veer to take Shivani to shivji’s cave temple. Veer gets Shivani and Maldawali in car and asks what is the secret of cave temple. Maldawali tells its significance and Gulguli wants him and Shivani to pray for a baby boy soon. Veer gets minister’s call and assures minister that he will send Rangeela to Delhi by evening. Maldawali tells Shivani that cave temple is very dark and if Veer does not accompany her, she has to get in alone, there may be snakes there. Veer orders driver to take Shivani and Maldawali to temple.

In temple, Rangeela is busy praying Shivani. Shivangi reaches and due to darkness does not notice Rangeela. She prays god to get her out of this hell. Shivji’s flag falls on Rangeela and Shivani. A sadhu watches that. Maldawali in car yells why Veer is taking

so much time, couples have to pray together in shiv temple. Shivani leaves. Rangeela opens eyes after prayers and sees flag on his head. Sadhu says it is shivji’s gift and a girl who was standing next to him has also right on it. Rangeela finds Shivani’s anklet on floor and thinks he should find out who the girl is.

In haveli, Veer angrily informs Bhisma that minister is getting Berahampur’s news and someone is betraying them. Rangeela comes from temple. Veer scolds him where was he. Rangeela says he went for his mother’s work. Veer says boss’s work first and asks him to go to Delhi and find out who is betraying.

Rangeela reaches Delhi and goes to police station. Shivani’s mamaji goes for a doc checkup. Doc checks and says he is recovering well and does not need surgery. Mamaji gets very happy informs mamiji. While returning towards Sambhar, he is shocked Rangeela getting out of police statin. He reminisces police informing him that Rangeela and Shivani died in an accident. He stops Rangeela and asks where is Shivani. Rangeela thinks he should not let mamaji enter police station and take him to Berahampur. He tells mamaji that Shivani is fine. Mamaji says he wants to meet her. Rangeela says he will take her and takes him in car. Mamaji says they got news of his and shivani’s car accident. Rangeela likes that they escaped accident and got stuck in a series of incidents, got free 2-3 days ago and wanted to come and meet them in Sambhar, apologizes. Mamaji says it is okay.

In haveli, Bhisma gathers his team and says someone has betrayed them and whoever will catch betrayer will be rewarded 10 lakhs. Eunuchs enter to meet Shivani and bless her. Bhisma sends them in. They meet Gulguli and challenge her for competition with her bahus. Gugluli asks Maldawali to bring Shivani and Rashmi. Rashmi in room dances with notes all around her room. Shivani enters and picks note and sees miss you. Maldawali comes and picks notes and sees Raghav’s name. She warns to forget Raghav and informs ammaji is calling them. She takes them out. Gulguli asks Rashmi to compete with eunuch. Maldawali ties ghungroo… Rashmi and eunuch dance on dola re…song…and eunuch falls. Shivani picks her. Gulguli scolds her not to touch eunuch.

Precap: Rangeela takes mamaji to Berahampur. Bishma asks where did he find mamaji. Rangeela says in Delhi. Veer gives him langot/indian underwar and asks to fight with him. Shivani cries watching from window.

Update Credit to: MA

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  1. RANdomfANCreationz

    So the girl Rangeela is finding is none other than Shivani? I wonder what will be Rangeela’s reaction when he finds out that the anklet is of his so called malik who is actually his Wife. Hope Rangeela will realise his mistake that time. And this veer ? But I don’t understand why Rangeela brought Mamaji to Behrampur what’s his fault? What is even Shivani’s fault actually? I feel so bad for Shivani, Rashmi and Mamaji.

    1. Mona146

      Rashmi husband is drinker too. She deserves better.

      1. RANdomfANCreationz

        Yeah Mona I agree and poor Rashmi she doesn’t even know Raghav is being killed and she is tolerating all these torture so that Raghav can be safe ?

  2. Deepti Kushwaha

    I have started seening this serial from just before two days . I like the content of the serial. Ihave already seen Param periods series serial and it good to see him in again in different role of angry young man

  3. Antara

    precap is horrible this veer & his so called rules disgusting poor shivani she is also helpless how will she save mamaji? why did rangeela bring mamaji 2 this hell? Oh God wat is happening here ?

  4. reshma begum

    Awesome serial .fatarajo i also eager to know the reactions of rangeela.. rangeela and shivani are beautiful pare.. keep it up guys

  5. Nivu99

    gulguli wants only a baby boy….. she is leaving no ways to torture poor shivani…

  6. Good morning guys. Nothing special..ystry special. Shiviji ashivath to rangeela and shivani. Arrival of mamaji.

  7. Good morning guys. Nothing special..ystry special. Shiviji ashivath to rangeela and shivani. Arrival of mamaji.

  8. Angelk1

    I missed two eps an I finally caught up. But I knew rangeela lied about shivani uncle an aunty. But I feel so sad for shivani mamaji, his bought to be torcherd. By veer. I hope he doesn’t get killed. Also rashmi is enduring so much .

    She will die once she finds out Raghav is dead. But on the plus side, everyone acted so well.

  9. Esther

    What !!! Why the hell he brought Shivani’s uncle there…..he could have lied to him……now they will use mama to blackmail Shivani

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