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Jageer tells Gulguli that Veer killed Sarkar to take his place. Veer shouts to shut his mouth. Jageer says he is telling truth, so Veer is shouting. Veer shouts again. Jageer continues and asks him to take amma’s promise and tell he did not kidnap sarkar. Gulguli shouts to stop fighting and search their father. Jageer insists Veer to take amma’s oath. Veer takes Gulguli’s oath and and says he did not kidnap sarkar. Jageer says he is lying. Veer holds his neck. Gulguli stops him and asks Jageer to use his brain and find sarkar.

Banaraswali gathers Berahampur women. Rangeela says their duty is not just to clean their husband’s dirty clothes and feed them hot rotis. Women laugh if he does not want them to that. Banaraswali scolds them to listen to Veer silently.

Jageer fumes

that Veer took amma’s false oath and lied that he did not kidnap Sarkar. Maldawali suggests to take Rangeela’s help in finding sarkar as Sarkar is even is father , only he can confront Veer. Jageer likes her idea and says once Sarkar returns, he will tell who had kidnapped him.

Rangeela tries to explain women that they have to stand up for their rights. Shivani describes how Shera tortured Banaraswali and she and Banaraswali hit Shera badly. She says if they unite, they can even beat Veer and his men. Rangeela goes out and Shivani continues her moral gyaan. Gujranwali enters limping, picks a child and pampers him. Banaraswali thinks she is a thief and shouts. All women beat her. Shivani rescues woman. Rangeela also rushes in and stops them and asks Gujranwali to tell her story. Gujranwali says she was topper in her state and got 84% in 12th exam. Chaudhry’s men kidnapped her when she was 18 and got her married. She gave birth to 4 girls and all were killed. Her in-law beat her up so much that she cannot bear child now. She saw a child near her house and pampered him. Villagers caught her and Veer’s panchs pronounced her thief and broke her leg. She cries that she is not a thief. Shivani consoles her and Veer says women should stand up for their self-respect and if they don’t support who will then.

Veer scolds Shera that he made him his commander, but he cannot even do simple pushup and situps, who hit him so badly. Shera says Shivani and tells Veer whole story. Veer angrily walks to Banaraswali’s house with guards. Rangeela points gun at him.

Precap: Shivani encourages women to beat Veer and his men and kick them out. Veer orders women to kick Shivani and team out. Women stand silently and apologize Veer.

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