Ghulaam 6th February 2017 Written Episode Update

Ghulaam 6th February 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on

Rangeela blocks Veer’s room windows to stop Shivani from eloping. Maldawali brings Shivani and praises Rangeela that he is multitalented. She gives him tips. He reminisces her touching him sensuously and asks to keep it on table, he will take it later. She starts talking in Bengali and warns him not to touch Shivani again, else Shivani will have to give virginity exam again. He leaves without picking tip money. Maldawali picks back money and says Shivani she should accept whatever happening as her fate and leaves closing door. Shivani cries and picks gun from cupboard to shoot herself. Veer inebriated enters room and seeing her holding gun on herself snatches and tries to slap her. She reminds him of the promise he made to Gulguli and says his house needs her and he cannot even kill her.

She picks bedsheet and says she will sleep on floor, sleeps on floor. Veer stands fuming.

Rangeela does not get sleep and reminisces Veer ordering him to choose between god and him. Balam comes with food and says he has to fast tomorrow for Shivji. Rangeela says he promised boss that he will consider boss as god. Balam reminds him that he had taken oath to fast for his mother and should not break this ritual.

In the morning, Rangeela exercises and asks his parrot to mimic him if he can like he does. Parrot says jijaji. Rangeela says he will fly him. Parrot says he will fly to Shivani. His bhabhi comes and asks why he is having arti item at home. He says it is for malkin/shivani. Bhabhi scolds him not to call his wife as malkin and breaks arthi pot. He shouts. She warns he is doing wrong and leaves. Balam comes and asks why bhabhi and devar are fighting. Rangeela says women are unpredictable, he is fasting and wanted to go to temple soon, but bhabi spoilt his mood.

Shivani wakes up. Maldawali comes and takes her out. Gulguli greets her and says she is glowing now. She does her nazar with money and gives it to servant and congratulates. Shivani asks why she is congratulating her. Gulguli asks to explain her. Maldawali tells Veer walked out of room happily singing his usual my heart is beating. Gulguli drops water from pot on Shivani and says she ordered 21 water pots from temple spring and each one has rose petals, milk, etc., now his jethanis will pour rest of pots on her. Maldawali drops water from half pots on Shivani and tells Rashmi it is her turn now. Rashmi stands crying. Gulguli orders her to hurry up, shivani has to go to temple also. Rashmi pours water from one pot and breaks other pot from empty pot. Gulguli says she does not even have strength and asks Gulguli if they should send Shivani to bring water. Gululi says 11 water pots are enough, now Shivani will go to temple and tell panditji that consummation has finished, says now she needs a grandson who can wear on Berahampur’s throne.

Veer prays shivji that he will not pray him from hereon.

Precap: Shivani’s Mamaji finds Rangeela outside police station and asks where is Shivani, if she is alive.

Update Credit to: MA

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  1. Epi was gud..

  2. Antara

    NICE EPISODE I THINK MAMAJI IS a nice person mamiji is fraud

  3. Nivu99

    nice epi… wish love blossoms between rangeela nd shivani ASAP

  4. SidMin

    Rangeela is a bit wrong this time he is so loyal to Veer that he isn’t concerned about things …
    Bechare Shivani …
    Veer .. hate him

  5. Richu

    A quest to all!!!
    In which show Param made Hus first debut???what was his role?
    Let’s see who answers fast and the most accurate!!
    No cheating…no help of net!!

    Tell me fast…open for everyone reading this!!

    1. In parvarish season 1….as rockys frnd yudi…

  6. RANdomfANCreationz

    Rangeela maybe highly influenced by his Malik but he still have some sense to know what he is doing is wrong. He knows he can’t do anything about it. But at the same time he knows how to tackle some of the situations like the way he worshipped today just for the sake of his Mom. I hope soon Rangeela will help Shivani, Rangeela understand what he did with Shivani was wrong but he doesn’t admit it just for the sake of his Malik. And I think veer have some respect for woman as he loves his Mother a lot and doesn’t want to break her promise. And also he could have done worse with shivani but he didn’t. But the way he was brought up and taught he became like this. But I still hate him. And these people just took Shivani for granted. And finally Shivani began to speak up. But she have to do more and take advantage of the fact of the superstition that veer’s life is in her hands.
    I have a feeling this show is gonna be interesting but they shouldn’t drag this show. One major reason why I watch this show is for the cast. And all three, Rangeela , Shivani and Veer have done good shows I liked all their shows. Though I didn’t watch them much, I saw some glimpse of those shows and also heard good about it. And i also know Rangeela and Shivani is very popular due to youth shows. So there must be a reason why these three actors. decided to act in this show despite a rustic storyline. This is why I have high expectations from Ghulaam. Hope they don’t ruin this show too. And i have some question is Rangeela’s Mom alive if yes then where is she? And how did Rangeela brought that parrot along with him

  7. Good morning guys. Joy I love to read ur comments to day u have done fantastic job.

  8. Richu and sakhi I am eagerly waiting for ur elaborate comments

  9. Reading comments is more interesting.bahbho not only broke the pot.but she. also point out malik opinion

  10. Rashmi eyes r speaking. Rangeela is helping shivani indirectly every time aand every where. After so many episodes shivani stoop cruing andstarted to speak up. Rsangeela is realizing his mistake but blind bond with mmalik veer. Veer has done his job very well.

  11. I am traveling so I could not able to type properly soany spelling mistakes. Sorry guy

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