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Ghulaam 5th July 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on

Shera informs Veer that he tortured Banaraswali nicely today. Veer asks him to call Rangeela and challenge him to dare enter haveli and touch him. Rangeela on the other side gets ready with guns. Shivani insists to accompany him. Shera calls Rangeela and says he hit another woman today, he can dare enter haveli and touch him. Veer orders Shera to send inform guards not to stop Rangeela when he comes. Jageer calls Rangeela and informs not to enter haveli as Veer has kept Shera as prey to trap him. Rangeela asks why is he favoring him today. Jageer laughs and says he wants Rangeela to destroy Veer’s dynasty and he will build his fate. Maldawali smirks and thinks she will use Jageer and get Rangeela.

Shera serves liquor to Veer and asks why he wants Rangeela to come in to haveli. Veer says

he will get Rangeela bitten by honeybees if he comes here. Shera laughs. Inebriated Shera then reaches home and scolds his wife Pannaawali for open door late. He then sees doll and shouts why did she get it. Banaraswali comes from behind and says she brought it and will bring more. Shera laughs if her torture is not enough that she came here. Shivani comes out and says they will beat him to pulp today. Shera holds gun on Banaraswali. Rangeela enters with gun and warns him to keep gun down, else he will empty bullets in his chest. Shera gives gun and stands tensed. Rangeela says he must be thinking why he came here and not haveli. He knows Veer’s plan. Shivani and Banaraswali come out and beat Shera with wooden rods. Shera shouts for help. Rangeela stops them and says let him go and tell his boss Veer that he got hit by women. He runs away. Banaraswali tells Rangeela that he fulfilled his promise, so she will stand with him against Veer. Shivani says they are 3 now in 3 days. Pannawali says even she will support them as there is nothing left for her after she lost her child.

Manmeet wakes up and sees lots of food in front of him. Rashmi says he was asleep for 2 days and this is the food he did not eat. He asks who gave him drugs. She shows pic and says Shera gave him. She reminds him that he is a black belt and should punish Shera so that nobody else can dare to give him drugs again.

Shera returns to work next morning. Veer orders his men to exercise today instead of wrestling and asks Shera to join them. Sher limps. Veer then gets invitation for India’s #1 wrestling competition and says he will win even this time. He goes and informs Gulguli. Gulgulli says without his father’s presence, this happiness is nothing and requests him to find out where his father is. Veer says he did already and father must have died. Gulguli says he has not and says he has forgotten his father.

Precap: Jageer tells Gulguli that Veer has kidnapped sarkar and asks her to tell him to take her oath and tell he did not. Rangeela addresses Berahampur women and says their duty is not just to clean their husband’s clothes and feed them. Women ask if he wants them to let their husbands wear dirty clothes and starve.

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