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Ghulaam 5th April 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on

Rangeela tells Veer that he will explain Shivani to run, it is a question of their family’s pride. Veer fumes and shouts that Ghulam is worried about his malkin, orders to continue riding bike.

Bhisma tells Jageer that he can do anything in Berahampur, but not outside. Jageer says only wrestling and blood bath happens in Berahampur. Gulguli requests him to agree to his father. Jageer agrees.

Rangeela drives bike and Shivani gets dragged and gets injured. Rashmi rushes to get Manmeet. She sees him playing game on tab. She signals him bike driving, etc. He says he knows to drive bike and walks out with her. He stops Rangeela and insists that he will drive bike. Veer orders him to go and puff drugs. Manmeet insists. Jageer comes and pushes Veer. Rangeela gets very angry and starts trashing Jageer. Bhisma and Gulguli come and order to stop. Rangeela says he will not spare whoever tries to harm his maalik. Jageer lies that Rangela attacked him wrongly and should be punished. Veer says Jageer is lying and pushed him. Jageer says Bhisma if he does not punish Rangeela, then he may attack him soon. Veer says again he is lying. Jageer says you can ask Manmeet. Gulguli shouts to stop and asks everyone to disperse now. Everyone move. Rangeela dorns his jacket on Shivani and leaves. Shivani thinks he cares for her, but respects his duty for Veer more.

Gulguli slaps Rangeela repeatedly and Rangeela says he will hit whoever tries to harm his maalik. Gulguli continues and Jageer smirks. Veer calls Rangeela and gifts him gun and shares his choc. He says his only duty now is to increase Shivani’s weight. Shivani standing near door hears their conversation and thinks she will increase her weight and follow her patni dharm.

Shivani munches food in kitchen and Rashmi serves her. Rangeela enters and asks his jacket. Rashmi taunts if he is worried for Shivani. He says no, he just follows his maalik’s and does not care for anyone, she should go and see what Manmeet is doing. He asks Shivani to return his jacket, else he will complain maalik.

Precap: Bhisma orders to weigh Shivani and if her weight has not increased, he will shoot Rangeela. Shivani is weighed and everyone look in a shock.

Update Credit to: MA

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  1. Hello br mam,hi richu n anamika.When’ll this chapter close(about shivani’s weight ).nice bonding between rangeela n veer.

  2. Hello everyone. This is Zaira. Can I join you all? I have became a huge fan of RanShi as I have started watching it recently. Can anyone please explain the whole story uptill now? Please, it’s a request.

    1. I m sure u will definitely find in Wikipedia

      1. Thank you so much Alina di. Can we become friends? And can you please tell that what do you do or what are you studying. I am in grade 10, so I have to name you all accordingly. This is the reason. Please do tell if possible.

  3. The episode telecast is @ 9pm only rite,??then hw come written update for today’s episode so soon,??is dis a fan fiction,??

    1. The episode is telecast at 8:30

      1. But the written update was updated b4 8pm,??

  4. Sorry but what did Shivani say after the jacket conversation??? And once again you didnt write the whole conversation ? Listen i tell you same again if you dont like this show why you write the updates? Did you ever read the updates of ishqbaaz and dil bole oberoi shows? Ok maybe its to mutch what ‘Amena’ writes in her updates but your updates are very uncomplete and thats not okay.

    1. I agree with u Nora ..MA always updates with too many cuts..not only AMENA but also RIMJIM(Qubool hai) she updates with secnes & location also..POOJA (Chakravartin Ashoka Samrat) ..H Hasan (Peshwa Bajirao).. everyone updates too much batter thn MA …

      N sry MA if i hurt u

    2. Hi guys, I agree with you 🙁 and watching this show with the help of WU… i would like to know all conversation especially Shira scene, but always using word “nok jhok”…. even i felt bad 🙁

  5. I love manmeet and rashmi Jodi lot and also rangeelaand shivani

  6. nice epi!!! thanks for written update!! hi br mam!! where r u??

  7. Karina

    Hello guys h r u all ? Im reading the update after a long time…i was really busy so couldnt follow the show, but now im back…

    I see a lot of new ppl here and im glad that there are new fans commenting…welcome all…

    Richu im here dear ? Where are u ? And where is Saku ?

    Manmeet and Rashmi are making a really nice couple…cant wait to see their love story…

    1. Richu

      Hii karu actually saku u were not commemting so I tooo rarely comment here…but howz u?
      Sry for late reply

      1. Karina

        Im fine dear…glad to see you…sorry for not commenting but i was busy…

  8. Hello karina how r dear after long time hunn! Br mam,richu,anamika,renu mam i think gys u r getting bore with this trabk m right.alina u r right dear i like amena di she is best writter of this site n she writes my faaaaaav.serial udaan.n i started watching udan jst because of common director.i left many epi.s of this show bcz i lov udan.wht in this show i lov charcters like gulguli ji ,veer n rangeela.moreover i like set designing of the serial.

    1. Karina

      Hey dear…im fine…after a long time i was able to comment…

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