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Veer asks Rangeela if he will obey Sarkar or his maalik. Gulguli asks Rangeela to start his marriage arrangements, she will go and convince sarkar. Radhika breaks things angrily. Shivani tries to calm her down. Rashmi tries to speak. Radhika shouts if she also wants to say something. Shivani says even Rashmi tried to resist and they burnt her tongue. Radhika is shocked and asks if she will not escape forever. Shivani says women are disrespected here.

Gulguli enters room and sees Sarkar angrily pulling out his guns from cupboards. Sarkar fumes and asks her to inform Veer that he will not let him force Rangeela to marry. Gulguli says it is not a big issue that he took out guns. Sarkar says he is Veer’s father and Veer cannot disobey him. Gulguli says when father’s shoe gets small in son’s

feet, it is time to befriend them. Sarkar continues fuming. Gulguli asks why he is so fond of Rangeela. Sarkar says because he is Rangeela’s father, mean like his father. Rangeela was bought up by him and used to walk holding his fingers. Gulguli stands in a shock. Sarkar asks what happened. Gulguli says Rangeela is coming between them now. Sarkar says nobody will come between them, whatever she says will happen, let Veer do whateer he wants. She holds his hand and smiles and leaves. Sarkar looks helpless.

Gulguli enters Shivani’s room and asks Shivani and Rashmi to go out, until Rangeela and Radhika’s marriage happens, they cannot escape and she will lock door. She forcefully gives dhol to Radhika’s relative and says is a marriage house and they should celebrate. She orders Shivani to keep an eye on everyone and she is bride’s elder sister now and will perform wedding ritual, she should go and bring good clothes and jewelry and get them ready. Radhika pleads she does not want t marry. Gulguli laughs women cannot speak in Berahampur and leaves.

Rangeela does exercise in the morning. Balam asks if he will marry Radhika. Rangeela says he did not sleep whole night and thought why should he marry forcefully. Balam says he was worried that he would obey his maalik, he should go and tell what is in his heart.

Sarkar meets village heads and chats. Rangeela enters and greets them. Sarkar says Rangeela is marrying. They congratulate him. Rangeela says he does not want to marry. Sarkar emotionally hugs him and says he proved that he is like his son, he does not have to sacrifice now as Gulguli pleaded and he agreed. Rangeela tries to speak. Sarkar says there is no need to think much and he should concentrate on wedding arrangements. Veer calls Rangeela. Rangeela goes to him and thinks he should convince Veer at least. Very makes him sit and says he is becoming groom soon. Rangeela says he does not want to marry. Veer thinks Rangeela loves Shivangi and does not want to marry, asks if he did not like girl. Rangeela says he had decided he will marry a girl of his choice and not the kidnapped one. Veer laughs and says this is Berahampur, he should stop giving excuses. When being a maalik, when he can marry kidnapped girl, why can’t he. He gives wedding card and orders him to give first card to Shivani. Rangeela leaves. Veer murmurs. Love is not that easy.

Precap: Rangeela says Shivani that maalik wants him to marry. Shivani cries that about their marriage. Veer says Maldawali he will get Shivani away from Rangeela and see how Rangeela reacts.

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