Ghulaam 4th July 2017 Written Episode Update

Ghulaam 4th July 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on

Veer fumes that Rangeela and Jageer are troubling him a lot. Maldawali enters and asks if he called her. He asks her to tell Jageer to stop wearing women’s clothes. Maldawali asks why don’t he himself inform Jageer, she is stuck between 2 of them. She says Jageer is asking hhim to wear bangles instead and has sent bangles. Veer angrily throws bangles and walks to beat Jageer, but Maldawali stops him and says if he has to punish someone, it should be Shivani as he lost against Shivani very badly. Veer angrily leaves. Maldawali smirks.

Shivani and Shanti amma prepare dry fruit ladoo for Manju. Rangeela tries to eat one, but they stop him. Manju feeds him one. Rangeela hears door knock and asks if Balam had gone out. They say yes. He opens door. Veer with his armed guards walk in and

points guns at everyone. Veer sees ladooo and tries to ea. Shanti amma stops him and holds Veer’s hand and bites it. He pushes her down. Rangeela shouts he has enemity wit him and not amma, to come out and fight with him. Veer then goes to Manju and frightens her that she was trying to run as she has baby girl in her. Rangeela warns again to fight with him and not trouble woman. Veer takes belt from guard and beats Rangeela. Amma pleads not to beat her son. Veer then asks Rangeela to spit near his feet and lick it if he wants women to be spared. Rangeela kneels down. Amma pleads again. Veer asks amma to feed him ladoos then. She does. Rangeela silently takes out chill powder from his pocket and throws it on Veer and his guards. He rushes family into a room and runs back to fight wit them, but Shera with guards takes out Veer and locks door from outside.

Jageer writhes in headache and searches medicine. Maldawali says there are other ways to reduce headache and massages his head. She asks if he is wearing women’s clothes for himself or to insult Veer and Gulguli. Jageer says to insult them. She suggests to befriend Rangeela as only he can defeat Veer and humiliate him. Jageer starts thinking. Maldawali smirks that her husband is a fool and easily gets into a trap.

Rangeela prepares tracking devices in lockets and makes family members wear it. He says whenever they are in trouble, they should press it and he will reach to save them. He also shows arrangements made a home and says if they pull rope, net will fall on Veer and his goons and then black cloth, then they can beat them to pulp. Banaraswali comes crying and says Shera misbehaved with her and challenges Rangeela if he teaches Shera a lesson, she will stand with him against Veer’s wrongdoings, else she will not let any other women also to stand with him.

Precap: Shera points gun at Shivani and Banaraswali. Rangeela tells he will be beaten up to pulp today. Shivani and Banarawali beat Shera with sticks. Rangeela thinks a woman can make a baby strong with and even beat him to pulp.

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