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Ghulaam 3rd May 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on

Rangeela serves food to Radhika and her family women and says he could not serve them proper food as his amma and Balam’s wife are not at home. Radhika praises that he fights and even cooks food, he is multitalented. Someone knocks door. Rangeela asks them to continue eating and holding gun opens door. He sees Jageer and asks what is he doing here. Jageer says if he has to take his appointment to come here and forcefully enters in. He sees women and comments. He says Veer has called Rangeela with all these women.

Manmeet orders Rashmi to have chillies. She thinks what happened to him, he was hugging her yesterday and today wants to torture. He orders that he is her husband and she should obey him. She bites chilli and runs to drink water. He snatches water glass and asks to count till 5

first. She loudly says 1 and realizes he wants her to speak. He hugs her and says whenever she will cry, he will hug her and console her. He then says he will also eat a chilli with her and eats one, shouts for water and rolls on floor. She drinks water and laughs. She shouts she has gone mad.

Rangeela takes Radhika and her family to haveli. Jageer tells sarkar that Rangeela did a big sin by keeping loot item at his house. Rangeela says they are not things, they are good family women and were in trouble, so he took them home and promised them to drop them home tomorrow morning. Gulguli yells who is he to take them home instead of bringing here. Veer walks towards Radhika and says she is well educated and Rangeela will marry her. Rangeela is shocked. Veer says it is his final decision. Sarkar scolds Veer how can he take decision without his consent. Veer says his decision is final and nobody can change it. Radhika shouts Rangeela ditched them by bringing them here, she will get them all arrested. Veer angrily points gun on her. She shouts. Shivani tries to console Radhika, but she shouts at Shivani. Veer pushes Radhika and orders Shivani to take her in. All 4 women walk in with Shivani.

Jageer congratulates sarkar for Rangeela marriage and gives him sweet. Sarkar throws sweet box angrily. Veer says Rangeela is not a kid and it is good he himself brought this girl. Sarkar says he will decide when and where Rangeela will marry. Veer says he has promised. Sarkar says even he has promised and will see how he will disobey him. Gulguli yells at Rangeela that he is a dirt and dirt hit her house. Jageer provokes Veer that he faced sarkar’s wrath for the first time, he is bearing it since childhood and it is Veer’s turn. Veer should not back off from his decision. Veer asks Rangeela if he will obey sarkar or his maalik. Rangeela stands tensed.

Precap: Veer says Rangeela that he is becoming groom. Rangeela says he will not marry kidnapped girl. Veer says look at him, he married a kidnapped girl and asks Rangeela to give first invitation card to Shivani.

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  1. RANdomfANCreationz

    The only thing I love about this show right now Rashmi-Manmeet pair RashMeet ??? I am so loving them these days I want more rashmeet scenes ? In this 24 min show 5-6 min rashmeet scenes that we get to watch according to me is the best ?
    With actors like Param, Niti and Vikkas , Rashmeet ka Jodi is shining Sarika Dhillon and Dulha Pradeep are doing a gr8 job too.
    I love Rashmeet’s chemistry and story more than that of ShiRa’s ?
    And yes looks like Ghulaam makers read all the ffs that’s why they also brought Radhika for Rangeela in the actual show too ???

  2. Rangeela respects ache ghar ghar ki ladki (a graduate),and wows to save her, but obeys his maalik relentlessly to kidnap poor daughter of mazdoor. Clearly. we see his biased thinking and hypocrisy. He respects aurat but lives in behrampur where women are kidnapped. If he really resects aurat why not he destroy this sarkar regime. And he is capable. Or he can help other women to……graduate.

  3. True Hypocrits..what bad did other women is related to aurat samman?

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