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Veer punishes ultrasound machine repair technician and orders him to repair machine in 2 days. Technician says he needs 2 days min for traveling and has to send machine to head office. Veer orders Shera to lock technician in a room and inform his company to send a new machine and take technician back. Shera drags technician away. Panchs enter. Veer scolds his haveli is not a garden that they come here whenever they like. Panchs say he should stop his brother Jageer from roaming wearing women’s clothes. Veer asks why should he bother. They say they are forcing people to kill their daughters and if Jageer walks as woman, it is a bad signal for people. Another panch asks him to control Rangeela as news is spreading like fire that Rangeela entered haveli and destroyed ultrasound machine.


over phone shouts he cannot stop and asks Balam to load ammunition in vehicle, he will drop Manju to Delhi safely. Shivani says he will meet Pannawali and console her. Manju says even she will come along and show Pannawali that she is not alone. Rangeela takes them to Pannawali’s house. Pannawali is seeing crying and seeing them tells Rangeela that she hoped he would come early, but came late and her baby girl was buried alive. Rangeela apologizes her for coming late and goes out. Pannawali hugs Shivani and cries that only she stood with her. A woman enters holding doll and says her name is Banaraswali and even she lost 3 daughters. She does not cry for her fate and goes to houses and prepares doll like they wish they want their daughter to be. She plays chandaniya chupjana and starts preparing doll. She asks Pannawali what color dress she wanted for her daughter. Pannawali says red. Banaraswali then asks name. Pannawali says Laxmi. Banaraswali writes Laxmi on doll’s hand and continues making doll as per Pannawali’s instructions. Pannaawali emotionally says she will kee this doll as her daughter.

Manmeet get severe craving for drugs and says he will not take drugs. He panics. Rashmi tries to console him. He says Veer and his men force him to take drugs, but he will not, asks Rashmi to hug him. Rashmi hugs and he calms down. She says he is right, hug can cure anything.

Rangeela gets ready to drop Manju to Delhi and asks Balam if all ammunition is kept in vehicle, this time he will not take a chance and drop Manju to Delhi safely. Manju says seeing Pannawali and Banaraswali, she feels her she did not see any pain at all and wants to stay here and support them and other villages. Shivani says Manju is right. She can give birth to her child in Delhi and that does not make any difference, but if she stays here and gives birth to her child, it makes a lot of difference and women’s lives will change for good here. Rangeela says he will support them in this idea. They gather villagers. Rangeela addresses old ladies that they should encourage their bahus not to get ultrasonography and support Veers torture. Banaraswali says if Veer and her husband will torture her, will he support her. Rangeela says his usual dialogue and says once he promises, he never backs off. He will support them all. Katta hears their conversation and informs Veer over phone everything. Veer calls Shera and orders him to kidnap Banaraswali.

Precap: Rangeela opens door hearing door knock. Veer enters with his men pointing gun. He yells at Manju that she is trying to escape as she is bearing a baby girl. Rangeela pleads to spare Manju. Veer asks him to spit near his feet and lick it back.

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