Ghulaam 3rd April 2017 Written Episode Update

Ghulaam 3rd April 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on

Bhisma taunts Jageer that he did not even once step into wresting ground in life, he is worst than defeated player, he should go and rest now. Jageer laughs and leaves. Rangeela washes Shivangi’s feet and applies medicine on her injuries. She writhes in pain and he gets concerned. He himself does not care about his injuries. Shivangi gets concerned and asks him to go doc from here. Maldawali says she will nurse Rangeela’s wounds, he should ot shy away from removing his shirt. Rangeela says he is brought up between blood baths, these injuries are common for him and he knows how to take care of them. He asks to go and attend her husband first as he came after so many days. She fume he does not have to tell what she has to do.

Rangeela passes by Veer’s room. Veer calls him in and asks

like Shivani considers him husband, if he ever thought of considering her wife. Rangeela says never. Veer says when he slapped Shivani before, he thought he does not, but seeing recent incidents, he thought he does. Rangeela thinks if maalik saw malkin hugging him and says no, he does not. Veer asks him to go.

Maldawal again taunts Rangeela to drop Shivangi to her room. Rangeela says she herself can go. She taunts if Veer saw him hugging Shivani and reminds him that he has to forceed Shivani and increase her weight. He says he remembers ad leaves.

Maldawali gives food to Shivangi and gives kheer, smirking that with the powder she mixed Shivangi will not even eat a spoon of it. Shivangi say it is very tasty and eats full. Rashmi thinks she had changed Maldawali’s kheer and asks Maldwali if something happened. Maldawali nervously says no.

Rangeela returns to Shivangi and asks if she finished food. She says he cares for her as he considers her as wife. He says he is just a servant of this house. Their nok jhok starts. He twists her hands and says again he is just a servant. He asks her to come to wrestling ground after sometime as she will run and even he will accompany her.

Veer calls Rangeela and asks if he will make Shivangi run. Rangeela says yes. Veer asks him to fold palms and drops water. Rangeela drinks it and Veer drops water on Rangeela’s wounds. Rangeela writhes in pain. Veer asks if his bandage is wet, then he should change it first.

Precap: Shivangi tells Rangeela that time will change and he will stand for her. Rangeela says it is her dream. Shivangi says it is not a dream, one day will come when he will fight against world for her.

Update Credit to: MA

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  1. HiMA. Super fast gulam express reached telly update correct time..MA the engine driver is. appreciated by all….

  2. Hi guys…maldawali plz,go and u r hub after a long time he has returned..very good rangeela…but u mind and heart comes round round shivani only…..r

  3. Veer playing with Rangeelas mind and heart..infact pushing Rangeela to believe wht he doesnt know..

  4. I didn’t find anything in original episode.At the end shivani cries on seeing rangila’s wound she dances on rangeela’s back n rangeela writhes in pain as he’s injured badly in his stomach..

  5. Rangeela is such a honest man.wht about promo realy it’ll hapen or its a dream sequence.

  6. Hi br mam n all my dear friends!! nice epi….thanks for written update!!

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