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Ghulaam 2nd February 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on

Rangeela tells Shivani that her aunt betrayed and sold her and reminiscing showing bag full of money and asking her to take money and send Shivani happily with him. Aunt accepts money bag saying she can do anything to save her husband’s life. Out of flashback, Shivani continues crying. Rangeela says all doors are closed for her except haveli. He drags her out of his house, but she resists. He makes her sit on a cot, ties her hands, and lifts cot. She requests to get her down. He says he knows her from Delhi, she will not. Her tears fall on his face.

Veer angrily shoots bullets in air angrily. Bhisma asks him to calm down, he will get 100s of girls for him. He says it is not about girls, it is about courage, today Shivani eloped and Kinner/Maldawali bhabhi may run next time. Gulguli

says if she runs, she will shoot her. Rangeela brings Shivani on cot. He and Jageer untie her hands. Gulguli angrily pulls Shivani’s hair. Bhisma says now situation has gone out of physical torture, her punishment is death sentence. Rangeela leaves. Jageer taunts Veer that he could not control his wife and boasts about himself. Veer warns to leave, else he will shoot. Gulguli controls Jageera and sends him in with Kinner. Veer asks her to take even Shivani from there.

Gulguli takes Shivani to Veer’s room. Shivani pleads not to force her. Gulguli pulls her hair again. Kinner comes and gives Shivani water to drink. Shivani drinks it and collapses. Gulguli asks if she gave poison. Kinner says Veer is very angry, so she gave sleeping pill to Shivani, she will not wake up till morning.

Veer gulps glasses of liquor in bar and Rangeela fills glass. Veer says whatever he wanted, he got in life, but the girl Rangeela brought is troubling her. He says someone is helping her. Rangeela asks who. Veer points at Rangeela. Rangeela gets tensed. Veer says he means god, god is helping her, else transformer would not have burst yesterday night. He walks back to room, picks gunpowder box and draw lines from it gunpowder around bed and burns it, yelling Shivani should die.

Gulguli in her room thanks god for making her Berahampur’s queen from a poor Rajasthani village girl. She says her son’s fate is at stake and if something happens to her son, she will sacrifice her life. Rashmi comes and beats water glasses to signal her. She shouts what happened to her. Rashmi burns match stick and signals something is burning. Gulgul runs with her towards Veer’s room.

Precap: Shivani pleads Veer to save her from fire. Gulguli asks Veer to save her, else she will die. Veer says he has already passed Shivani’s death order and nobody can change it.

Update Credit to: MA

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  1. Hi MA thanks for fast update . faster than sadapthi train. within a few second . objective type transalation .

  2. Hi gulguli anything may happened others nothing could happened to u r son . What a selfish lady. rashmi informed gulguli . Lastly gulguli will asked rangeela to save shivani from fire

  3. This time I think rangeela. Will realise his mistake. He started to love shiva unknowingly. His friends will help him

  4. Jagger only kind heart ed and a good. person in his family . Others are? Kinner is guni. Gulguli is saguniand sargar is thuriyodhan his son veer is durithanan rangeela is karnan loyal to his master

    1. RANdomfANCreationz

      Yes mam jagir is the only kind hearted person in the family , and his Wife is very greedy but he loves his Wife unlike veer. Gulguli is at least better than the mother Veer only knows how to sing that too one song. And i also think only Rangeela will save Shivani, and may go against his so called malik. And then Rangeela-Shivani love track starts as they both join hands to stop bad things in the village maybe can’t wait for that moment . And show’s pace is consistent. Sad thing is veer is educated but he still do those stuffs

  5. SidMin

    Oh god Shivani ????
    Feeling sad for her ….
    Veer ????? hate him ….
    Hope Rangeela saves her ….

  6. Nivu99

    Ghulaam is full of torturing poor shivani…. rangeela is blinded by his loyality towards his master…. but he needs to know the other side of veer nd gulguli…,,
    gunpowder is being used more than rangoli in this serial….lol

    1. Angelk1

      I agree, rangeela needs to release himself from veer clutches an save his wife.

  7. Antara

    Rangeela’s heart is melting thats a +ve sign only that part was nice this veer is irritating precap is so dangerous who will help shivani ? can’t see this tortures poor shivani rangeela ji save her from these devil

  8. Is maldawali a kinner?? please inform someone. I’m really confused after reading today’s update. plz tell me what is the fact!!

  9. Richu

    Hiii RANGEELA’S!!how r u all??

    Nishuuu karu saku Esther kushu sidmin nivuhimanshi BR Antara kavitha…
    Was a lil busy so could not comment

    1. Finally u commented…
      Hws u??…stop giving guest appearance…b regular…
      Actually I m also irregular in commenting..??????…but plzz do comment….

  10. Hi good morning.i richu joy antara. Niharika sid how are u? I think kinner is jageer’s wife . Veer cultured idiot. Gulguli is something will happened to veer according to astrology. So she to to god so burning woman is sin if he does definitely. He will be affected so thatsaguni wil help shivani. With rangeela. If heroine does mo story double roll nothing.

  11. Fatarjo . Joy common daily . If u have time think u r going to college how is u r carrier going on ? How r u r cousins .

    1. RANdomfANCreationz

      Haha I will try to come daily yes I m having classes now and after 2 weeks it’s my exam that’s why busy due to which m following only one show which is this one and then end of my first year and then i have 2 months semester break that time i m completely free and my cousins r fine :), one of them even got married recently

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