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Veer calls Shamsher and asks if he called Rangeela there. Shamsher says yes, now Veer can trouble Rangeela’s amma. Veer says he will trouble her so much that everyone will laugh on her. Jageer brings Shanti amma to dining table and says they all have food here. He smirks at Gulguli Amma panics seeing Veer and reminisces him torturing her. Gulguli asks why is she staring at them, they will not eat her. Sarkar asks where is Rangeela. Jageer says he went to meet Shivani. Rangeela enters. Jageer, Gulguli, and Veer get tensed. Jageer asks why did he return when told he will take care of amma. Rangeela says he cannot leave amma alone. Maldawali serves food to amma. Amma says food has poison and she will not have it. Gulguli tells Sarkar Shanti’s drama started. Maldawali says Rangeela that she

prepared food. Rangeela asks why she is feeling that. Jageer signals Amma about their promise. Amma says she will not have poisoned food. Sarkar bites food and says there is no poison in it. Jageer says she is afraid that someone is trying to kill her. Rangeela says he will have food first, nobody dares to harm Raneela’s amma and if they try, he will poison their life. Amma shouts she does not want to hae poisoned food and throws daal on Maldawali. Sarkar asks what is she doing. Gulguli comments. Amma warns to keep quiet, else she will throw hot bowl on her. Sarkar tries to snatch bowl and it falls down. Amma pulls out gun on Gulguli. Jageer asks Rangeela to control his amma. Amma says she will shoot whoever calls her mad. Sarkar says nobody will call her mad and asks to give gun. Jageer reminisces giving medicine mixed ice cream to amma and thinks she will get hyper now. Amma points gun at Gulguli and says she called her mad. Rangeela says he will get gun, but everyone should not react. Veer says gun is with amma and she will shoot. Rangeela says she will not. Rashmi says Shanti that she is a good woman and goons hold gun. Rangeela throws coins in air and tries to snatch gun. She resists and shoots bullets in air. Rangeela snatches gun finally. Amma says she will not spare Gulguli. Gulguli says Rangeela that his amma is dangerous for haveli, she may even throw bomb. Rangeela takes amma away.

Maldwali suggests Gulguli to feed 101 beggars for escaping death. Gulguli cries that Shanti will kill her by burning, throwing hot water, or something else. Jageer says amma is right, everyone’s life is risky if Shanti stays here. Gulguli tells sarkar that he has to take a decision now. Sarkar leaves.

Amma tells Rangeela that she did not do anything. Rangeela asks her to relax. She says she wants to stay in haveli and not go away from her husband. Rangeela says nobody will send her out of haveli and asks who gave her gun. Amma reminisces Jageer taking promise not to tell anyone. Rangeela says someone is frightening her. Sarkar comes and asks how to stop this issue. Rangeela says he is sure someone is provoking amma and trying to prove that Amma’s stay is risky here. Sarkar says why will Gulguli give gun and try to suicide standing in front of Shanti. Rangeela asks him to give 2 days to prove who is conspiring against Amma.

Veer with Jageer laughs and tells Gulguli that nobody can prove now who is right and who is wrong. Gulguli repeats her plan. Jageer says they all 3 proved Rangeela’s amma is dangerous and made sarkar believe it. Veer says she acted well. Jageer says she should act in films. Gulguli says she can do anything to kick her sautan out. She suggests both brothers to be united to tackle Rangeela. Jageer reminds of her promise. He checks rubber bullets and says only 5 are there and 1 is missing. Maldawali comes and says Shivani has come to meet Rangeela. Veer shouts he will not let her in.

Rangeela searches amma’s room and finds psychotic medicine strip and thinks someone gave her this medicine and gave gun to amma.

Precap: Veer tells Gulguli that if she wants sarkar to hug him, he will today. He calls someone and orders to execute plan. Rangeela checks Rashmi’s hands and says they are smelling gunpowder. She says she was kneading dough. He says that means gunpowder is mixed in dough.

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