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Ghulaam 27th July 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on

Veer frightens Shanti amma. She closes her eyes in fear. He warns her to open her eyes, else he will burn her hands with lighter. She opens eyes. He tears her kite and warns to stay away from his amma, else he will tear her and Rangeela like kite. He orders her to inform Rangeela to be in limits. Amma runs calling Rangeela.

Rangeela is busy chatting with Shivani. Shivani says there are 3 days left for marriage and how will she stay away from her. He says they can speak over phone. Shamsher speaks with Veer over phone and says he will handle Rangeela’s fiance here and Veer can handle Rangeela there. Amma comes running and tells Rangeela what Veer did. Rangeela angrily walks to Veer and tells Sarkar that Veer is dog’s tail and will not change at all, he warns Veer to stay away from amma,

else he will break him like this kite. Gulguli comes holding eyes and says Shanti hit her and jumped clapping, when she confronted, she poke kite into her eye. Rangeela says she is lying. Gulguli says she cannot keep mad woman in her house. Veer insist to send her to mental asylum. Argument ensues. Sarkar sends Veer and Rangeela apart and asks Gulguli if she is lying. She tries to take his oath. He stops her. She says she just wants her family safe and cannot keep insane woman in her house.

Maldawali looks herself in mirror and praises her beauty, she thinks why Rangeela is not falling for her. Jageer enters and says Rangeela is wedding is in 3 days and she should get new clothes to attend his wedding. He also tells about jal abhishek by Rangeela. He says during function, he will shoot Veer and take his revenge. She thinks she will kill Shivani and get Rangeela for her.

Veer goes to Gulguli and asks why she played drama. She says she wants him to rule and not Rangeela. Jageer enters and says she will let Veer do jal abhishek, what about him. Veer takes Gulguli’s oath and promises Jageer will do jal abhishek. Jageer gets happy and agrees to help Gulguli and Veer in their plan.

Rangeela calms Shanti amma. Shanti says she does not like Gulguli and Veer. Shamsher calls Veer and invites him for lunch. Jageer walks in and asks him to go, he will take care of amma till then. Rangeela tells amma that he will meet Shivani and return soon. Once he leaves, Jageer brainwashes amma.

Precap: Shanti amma throws hot dal on Maldawali and points gun at Gulguli.

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