Ghulaam 27th February 2017 Written Episode Update

Ghulaam 27th February 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on

Rangeela keeps his hands under grass cutter and rotates wheel to cut his hand when his mother/amma comes and drags hand away and says she will play this game first. He warns not to touch as it has current in it. Amma gets afraid and says she will not touch it. She sees him sad and asks reason. He says he made a mistake. She laughs and asks what mistake he did. Veer calls Rangeela and asks what happened to his plan to take Shivani’s mamaji home. He says he will today.

Gulguli prepares special dishes in kitchen and asks Maldawali where is Delhi wali. Maldawali says Manmeet is not leaving her. They both laugh. Shivani enters and Gulguli says she is preparing sweets and dishes to celebrate her lashing. In Berahampur, they celebrate when bahu is lashed for the first time. She reminisces

her sasur beating her by pulling her hair and says after that he organized a big celebration and she danced a lot, even Shivani will dance. Shivani says she does not know to dance. Gulguli says she has to dance.

Rangeela takes Mamaji home and introduces him to Babul and Manju. They touch mamaji’s feet and say it is their good fate to serve mamaji. Mamaji says he wants to sleep and leans on cot. Rangeela gets Veer’s call and leaves asking Babul and Manju to take care of Mamaji.

Bhisma calls Veer and tells him that he should not have ordered a Ghulam/Rangeela to beat Chaudhri family bahu, only family has this right. Veer says he is right, he should have hit Shivani. Rangeela comes. Bhisma scolds him that he should not be absent and Chaudhri family should be his priority. Rangeela reminisces shivani giving him toffee and then him falling asleep, thinks shivani gave him sleeping pill mixed toffee.

Gulguli asks Shivani to pray god to give her strength to bear her husband’s beating. Shivani repeats. Gulguli feeds her sweets. Bhisma comes withVeer and Rangeela. Gulguli asks him to have sweets as his bahu got hit for the first time. He laughs and congratulates Shivangi. He asks Rangeela to have sweet as he hit Shivani today. Shivani shows him sweet thali. Maldawali says as per rule, Shivani should feed sweet to Rangeela. Gulguli ssays she is right and orders Shivani to do so. Shivani feeds sweet to Rangeela weeping. Ek Ghulam hai. Title song plays in the background.

Precap: After dancing, Gulguli says Shivani and Maldawli that she needs a grandson and the one born first will rule over Berahampur.

Update Credit to: MA

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  1. They are actually making us loose interest in shivani’s and rangeel’s chemistry.

  2. Nivu99

    hai all lovely frnds of ghulaam,
    The epi was okay. I really dnt understand this ritual of preparing sweet and dancing when bahu gets beaten for 1st time. poor shivani….. the last part where shivani feeds sweet to rangeela weeping was soo emotional.
    well waiting 4 the precap….!!

    1. Hiii dear…

    2. Karina

      Hey Nivu…i totally agree with you…i cant belive someone would celebrate when a woman is beatten…its just messed up…

  3. Hello everyone…
    Br,richu di ,karu di,nivu,antara,esther di,nd all….

    Episode was gud….poor Shivani.. this behrahumpur rituals r crazy…
    Nd dat aartI was very funny?????…..
    Haddiya salamat

    1. Antara

      hai sakshi dear

    2. Karina

      Hey Saku…h r u sweety ?

  4. Loved it…….. Especially the weeping part….. When are they going to show some romance Between rangeela and Shivani is the moment I am waiting for

  5. Hi frds richu ,sakshi, nivu,and,others to epi is so funny. Lastly shivani feeds sweet to rangeela only fools veer and sargar family. But maldawali is so cunning. She indirectly takes. revenge bhisma and gulguli…what a shameful. Celebration.. now veer and rangeela r ready for dance function. Iam eagerly waiting for tomorrow epi

    1. Antara

      HAI BR how r u ? yes ur right maldawali is behind rangeela she is clever than all others r stupid

  6. Antara

    Hai FRNDZ epi was boring jab dekho full of werid rituals can’t tolerate this actually rangeela is suffering more than that of anyone in that haveli put some interesting track rangeela misunderstands shivani that she deliberately give that toffees maldawali is behind this

    1. Karina

      Hey Antara…you are right Rangeela has to bear a lot in that house and he is in this situation since he was a young boy…

  7. Karina

    No no no….how can you celebrate and dance and eat sweets when a woman is beatten ???? Its just not right…

    Hello guys…how are you all ? This epi was kind of depressing to watch…

  8. SidMin

    Hi friends …
    The episode was weird I mean all the rituals and all….. this place is weird …
    Don’t know what will happen to Shivani and Rangeela’s love story … hope it starts soon …

    1. Karina

      Hey Sidmin…you are right today s epi was a bit weird and i actually found it a bit scary and depressing…esspecially the part where they started celebrating that shivani was hit…

  9. omg…
    when this ghulam become our shivani’s ghulam(means husband) ???
    niti is so cute and so innocent…
    i’m eagerly waiting for the moment of revolution of rangeela on this stupid psychos…

  10. RANdomfANCreationz

    Today’s epi was quite sad for shivani though and this gulguli is crazy she is proudly saying that how celebrations were made when she was beaten , poor shivani and mu between shira -_- i hope rangeela gets this clear that it was maldawali who drugged his tea as she wanted shivani to fall asleep.

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