Ghulaam 26th July 2017 Written Episode Update

Ghulaam 26th July 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on

Maldawali comes to Rangeela’s house and hides under bed when she hears Jageer coming. Jageer walks in and tells Rangeela that he is happy to see him back in haveli. Anurag says amma is sleeping, so let us go out and talk. Jageer walks away with him. Maldawali relaxes and escapes out silently. Rangeela thinks she will not dare to enter his room again.

In the morning, Anurag brings Shamsher to haveli and says sarkar that he brought his friend. Sarkar is surprised to see him and asks why did he return when he promised not to enter Berahampur again. Shamsher says he has changed a lot, so he came. Sarkar says even he has changed and hugs him. Rangeela says Shamsher saved 4 women. Sarkar gets happy. Rangeela says Shivani is worried about women’s safety. Shamsher says they can stay at his

house, nobody will dare to enter police officer’s house. Rangeela says he will ask Shivani and inform him. Shamsher agrees and leaves. Veer calls Rangeela. Rangeela taunts he is worried about him so much. Veer says the brought officer home, but even officer cannot do anything. Their argument continues.

Servant informs sarkar that Gulguli’s condition is worsening. Sarkar and Rangeela ener Gulguli’s room and sees her very weak and not eating. Gulguli says she will eat only if Sarkar brings back Veer home. Sarkar says he will never. Rangeela convinces him to agree for Gulguli’s life’s sake. Sarkar agrees.

Rangeela informs Shivani about shamsher agreeing to keep women at his house. Shivani agrees and reaches Shamsher’s house with women. Rangeela also reaches. Shivani says Shamsher and his wife are good people. Balam brings wedding cards and asks to select one for Rangeela and Shivani’s wedding. Rangeela taunts Shivani that soon they will be married, etc.

At haveli, Veer returns and goes to Gulguli. Gulguli gets up from bed seeing him. He asks her to rest. After sometime, he feeds her food. She says she does not like anything after sarkar forced mad Shanti in her life, she wants her and Rangeela out, else soon Rangeela will snatch Veer’s sarpanchi. Veer says that will not happen as he has planned well. He speaks to Shamsher who says Rangeela’s would be wife is in his house and Rangeela in haveli, both will die soon.

Precap: Rangeela over phone tells Shivani that he is bringing baraat soon. Shamsher fumes that Shivani will die. Maldawali thinks she will not let Shivani marry Rangeela and will die before that.

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