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Ghulaam 24th May 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on

Sarkar Bhisma returns home. Jageer says Gulguli sarkar came and asks Sarkar that people are telling he told in front of Berahampur that Rangeela is his son, if it is true, then they have to include his name in ration card. Bhisma shouts yes Rangeela is his younger son. Manmeeet asks why did he keep his son as a Ghulam whole life and did not give him any right. Jageer comments that Sarkar gave every right to his younger son, whatever they wore and ate, even Rangeela wore and ate. Bhisma says nobody can dare to question him and walks in. Jageer thinks sarkar has to answer. Maldawali gets happy that Rangeela is son of this house and soon he will be hers.

Gulguli continues crying. Bhisma scolds to shut her mouth as she knows he had many other women in life, Rangeela’s amma will not come and rule

over her. She continues crying and says he has to choose between Rangeela and Veer.

Rangeela says Shivani that sarkar spoilt is amma’s life 25 years ago, now he has to accept amma as his wife and give her all rights.

Bhisma asks Gulguli what she wants. She says Rangeela and his amma’s death. Like 2 swords cannot be in single case, 2 people cannot rule Berahampur. She mixes poison in water and asks Bhisma to feed her or kick Rangeela and his amma out of Berahampur. At night, Rangeela calls Bhisma and says he wants to meet him right now. Bhisma says he will in the morning. Rangeela says he has many questions in his mind and is waiting for him in arms godown. Gulguli hears Bhisma’s conversation and thinks why Raneela called him at night. She picks gun and bullet from cupboard.

Bhisma meets Rangeela in godown and asks why did he call him here. Rangeela asks why did he betray his mother and left her as mad for 25 years, what is her name. Bhisma says Shanti. Rangeela says he made Shanti a mad woman and asks where is her family. Bhisma says she is Hind Kesri Shivpal Singh’s sister. Rangeela asks how did he find her. Bhisma says in jungle and elaborates that he defeated Shivpal by trick. He stole winning money and panchayat asked Shivpal to repay winning money or pawn something, so he pawned Shanti. Rangeela angrily points gun on Bhism and says he betrayed a woman. He continues that woman is life and they are all because of women. His amma is insane, but understands when he is sad. He continues praising woman. Gulguli hears everything hiding holding gun. Bhisma says Rangeela is his son. Rangeela asks not to touch him until he marries his amma and gives her wife’s right. He knows him well and how much he loves his amma. He has to marry his amma tomorrow, else one will die.

Precap: Bhisma finds himself in mental asylum among mad people and shouts who brought him here. Rangeela enters and says he, he wants him to feel the pain which his amma went through. Bhisma pleads to get him out.

Update Credit to: MA

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  1. Angry Young Woman!

    Hey everyone!
    Why so less comments here? Please do comment. BR maam, why dont you comment now? Please ignore people who talk nonsense. You are a teacher, right? I am very younger then you, only of 15 years, then to I came here to explain you. You are a teacher and whenever their is a problem with us or if your students are being demotivated, you teachers motivate us, you ask us to ignore wrong people cause they only make us strong, then why did you quit? No, you have to comback. There is no Ghulaam page without you, please comment here. We are here with you, no one can shut those stupid words but we can ignore them, right? I know, being elder in a group means what, but its okay. Ignore those words and I REQUEST EVERYONE HERE TO NOT TO REPLY THOSE f**kING COMMENTS (SORRY FOR USING BAD LANGUAGE BUT I HAVE TO), DON’T REPLY TO THEM. TILL WHEN AND TO WHAT EXTENT WILL THEY COMMENT? ONE OR THE OTHER DAY, THEY’LL STOP. And BR Maam consider it as my order or consider it as my shamelessness or whatever you feel like but you have to reply to my comment and you have to comeback. I really don’t care about what will people think about my comment or think ’bout me, but you have to return and comment as before.

  2. I don’t agree with Rangeela wanting Sarkar to marry his mother. Sarkar should pay for what he did to her, she shouldn’t be further tortured by marrying him. It’s so sad he didn’t even know his own mom’s name.

  3. Hi guys good morning….especially angry young girl….not a woman…don’t be angry. with me…..yes I Will comment.
    Day before yesterday anu wrote 1sentence I think all r having vacation….Rd. anu. Joy. Aanya. Antra. Renu. Karina. Karan,now the track is going on right way , I think it will end soon….
    Yes knows his father …he wants justice to his mom …manmeet is only kind hearted man..jageer asked correct question to sarkar …what kind of a man sarkar is!…

  4. Maldawali…ava kavalai avalukku….poor servant. Not a ghulam life long servant .. jageer ….no work..allakai. …no respect. Always hinting point s to gulguli sarkarand others. Yesterday I saw tears in his eyes ….1%of humanity he is having

  5. you r right angry young woman
    i support br mam

  6. Hi young guy …last week I met my student who is working in statebank officer.2another one aeronautic engineer from Australia.just like I met my student I am happy…we r friends they share their sorrows and happy moments ups and downs.
    But Here some of them are not like me to write. I don’t know the reason ….I am also the viewer just like u . And I am also having rights to share my thoughts but it is different….
    Nohifi style….ramya. Rd..karina. saras. Raj. Karan. Sam …anu. plz I want to read ur comments…elaborately..I am eagerly waiting for that moments….. I think we the update in the early morning .that time all r busy with their work……
    Now the is really interesting….whether sarkat accpet rangeela’maa as his. wife….she won’t accept as her hub…..
    Plz stand in rangeela’s. Very pity he worked as a ghulam in his own house..veer.jageer.gulguli treated as a ghulam in front of his own father ..nobody has right asks questions means u r not having guts to declare rangeela isy 4th son and his maa isy wife…..

  7. All r young talented cute,,brilliant,,,guys, analyzing and express ing u r thoughts is an art….then u can easily over comes all the obstacles in u r life…understand the situations and find remedy.
    Thx for supporting me….plz tolerate my mistakes….once again thx a lot.

  8. Hi jashi plz keep on commenting….

  9. Nice reviews BR mam.. really missed your reviews.. I like bagawat and revenge scenes but unable to understand Rangeela’s Mahan speech.. Rangeela is responsible for Raghav’s disappearance and Rashmi’s sufferings.. Rangeela tried to kill Shivani twice.. but now he is speaking “ourath saman”.. really confusing… They would have showed in the initial episodes itself that Rangeela is doing all these things unwillingly..
    Though Gulguli is bad I really felt bad for her.. after giving birth to 3 children ( we are not aware whether they killed any girl fetous inbetween) cheated Rangeela’s mother and Gulguli.Agree that Rangeela suffered a lot but none of Gulguli’s children felt bad for her.. peyaanalum thai..veer not at all shocked by hearing this news..
    Thought they will show some nice bonding between Rangeela’s mother and Shivani..but they didn’t show..
    Sorry- if my post hurts anybody..

    1. Agree to all wht u say..this suddenly whole Bpur praising Rangeela..I am not able to digest..He is equally responsible ..not only Veer..He supported Veer wholeheartedly back then.
      I am happy at least he brought Shivu out of the place.
      Malda.. I have no words, irritates me most

  10. They have changed Veer’s character completely negative.. sarkar once who adviced Veer to win Shivani by showing love and affection very easily betrayed his wife..
    Sarkar treated his own son Rangeela like a dog..
    Maldawaali is useless..
    Shivani suddenly started to love Rangeela after holi episode.
    Sorry guys

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