Ghulaam 24th February 2017 Written Episode Update

Ghulaam 24th February 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on

Rangeela scolds Shivani that he just go lenient with her and she started talking about one life, one marriage, one husband. Maldadali brings tea fo them, taunts Rangeela and leaves when Gulguli calls her. Shivaani picks Rangeela glass instead of her tea cup. Rangeela says malkin does not drink tea in ghulam’s glass. Shivani says she likes tea in glass as her mamaji used to take her to tea stall and get tea in glass. Rangeela sips tea in cup. Maldawali peeps in and thinks she will see how will Shivani not sleep with sleeping pills.

Manju brings Balam from from hospital. Rangeela’s insane mother asks where as he all these days. Manju says he got injured and was in hospital, she is bringing him back home from hospital. Mother tries to remove his bandage. He says she and Rangeela can

remove it once he comes. She says okay and hits on his wound. He writhes I pain. She goes and sleeps on his cot and says it is her cot.

Gulguli tells Bhisma that she wants to call Ardh Nareshwar Maharaj home as she wants grandchildren home. She cannot hope on Maldwali or Rashmi, so Shivani is the only hope. Bhisma says he will ask Veer to speed up, what will Ardh Nareshwar Maharaj do in this. If nothing happens, then he will call Ardh Nareshwar Maharaj.

Rangeela falls asleep after drinking sleeping pill mixed tea. Shivani tries to wake him up. Veer enters and fumes. He kicks Rangeela and wakes him up. Gulguli and Maldawali enter. Veer says Gulguli that he was sleeping during day against her order, so she should punish Rangeela. Gulguli asks Shivani to slap Rangeela. Shivani says she cannot slap him. Veer angrily shouts that he will count till 3 and counts. Shivani stands silently. Maldawali taunts Veer that nobody dared to disobey Veer in Berahampur. Veer orders Rangeela to slap Shivani. Rangeela gives a tight slap instantly. Maldawali taunts he gave a tight slap and his fingers are printed on Shivani’s cheeks. Gulguli warns Shivani to stop mingling with Ghulam. Veer asks Gulguli to shoot next time and leaves.

Shivani congratulates Rangeela for breaking his promise an slapping a woman, he showed his bravery. She asks him go, she forgave him. She sits on chair crying. Rangeela walks reminiscing Shivani’ words. He walks via wrestling ground and he imagines wrestlers laughing on hi, says he did what he thought right and his maalik ordered, then realizes it is his imagination, and reaches home. He hears same echoing words, looks at grass cutter and walks towards it. He thinks he has to obey maalik, but if he cut his hand, he will not have to beat any woman He keeps his hand in cutter and rotates it.

Precap: Gulguli says in Berahampur, when bahu is beaten, the celebrate with sweets and dance, even Shivani has to dance.

Update Credit to: MA

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  1. Karina

    Hello my lovely friends…how are you all ?
    I felt bad for both Shivani and Rangeela….for Shivani i felt her pain when Rangeela slapt her and for Rangeela i felt pain as well coz he is so blind by the respect he has for his master that he became the man he hates the most and that is the kind of man that slaps a woman…
    And what is the precap all about….like seriously they celebrate when a woman is beatten ??? thats just sick and all ways…

    1. Karina

      and wrong in all ways*

  2. Hi guys . Good evening. Richu. Sakshi. Sid joy. Niv.antraand others. To day. The man of the match is shivani. Her conversation is not written fully but that is the highlights. yes without any. reason. any mistake he forget his promise he slapped him when their marriage time they took oth.. next time veer will shoot shivani ifshe is not obey his wpords . Shameless family . Rangeela’s wife shivani . How does he say his wife. without mangal sutra. without love no relationship with them. Bcz rangeela is slave. when he kicked rang I got angry how do people behave like this . If u prick even a warm it will raise his head. We r human beings. some people are like this only. .param singh is so cute bcz of makeup his face becomes rough.

  3. thanks for written update!!

  4. Riddhima does such a good job with Maldawali’s role, you can’t help but hate her crazy acts.

  5. Hi renu ishq ka rang renu!

  6. Hello everyone….
    Coming to episode….Rangeela needs a break frm veer..main prob wd him is dat..he trust his master blindly…he does wht his master says him wdout figuring whether it is r8 or wrng…..
    Seriously felt bad for Shivani.. ..all the dialogues where well said by Shivani.. ..dat ur soul nd humanity lost nd Ghulaam won….her eyes was full of pain…..poor gal..
    Precap looks horrible…is he gonna cut his hands..???….
    Lookin frwrd for nxt..

    1. Karina

      Hey Saku h r u dear ?

      1. I m fine di…?

    2. Richu

      Helloooooo saku!!seeing ur comments after soo many days….

      1. Karina

        Hey Richu…hr u dear ? missed you…

  7. hey hi everyone…
    i’m new here..
    i just saw this serial episodes yesterday..
    i like shivani and rangeela very much…

    1. Karina

      Hello and welcome here…

      1. thank you…?

    2. Welcome nikh..

    3. Richu

      Hello nikh welcome to RANGEELA’S!!

    4. thank you sakshi and richu..

  8. RANdomfANCreationz

    Hi all I hope you all remember me I m Fatarajo ??? So sorry I couldnt comment these days due to my exams but now they r finally over and I have a two months break. So happy XD

    And about the epi, it’s indeed shocking that Rangeela slapped Shivani. ???

  9. RANdomfANCreationz

    And ya if possible, do read my fan fiction i wrote on Ghulaam. The story is completely diff from the show, just that the cast is the same and if you are interested to read it, here’s the link:

    1. Nivu99

      yaa sure fatrajo well sure read it
      I already read it
      sooo nice and different…..

  10. Nivu99

    hai lovely frnds of ghulaam,
    veer is too horrible nd evil looking, he kicked our rangeela lik anything nd felt very bad for shivani too. Maldawadi mixed some pills in tea nd tht why tis entire story happened… jst hate tht women. last part was nt shown clearly as wht rangeela is up with tht machine….
    well precap looks horrible. donno wer r sch rituals in existance….!!

  11. Richu

    Guyzzz this is a selfie of Parsh….they had lunch together today…
    Harshi posted
    Caption-ghulaam packs up early!!

    Really sweet of her……..
    Friends how r u all????RANGEELA’S??

    1. Karina

      Nice dp Richu…i miss Parsh a lot….im fine and h r u dear ? missed you…

      1. Richu

        Thanks karuuu I’m fine….??

    2. RANdomfANCreationz

      Hey nice dp and i saw that in insta ?

      1. Richu

        Sooo u too a parsh admirer???

    3. Nice dp di…..
      Hws u??

      1. Richu

        I’m fine…ur do too?
        Where were u all these days?

    4. RANdomfANCreationz

      Well i never saw a full episode of sadda Haq but I know about the show and ya i like parsh pair too. Aren’t they dating in real life?

      1. Yuppp they r!!
        Though they are not agreeing…indirectly param hai said he will be jealous of anyone who showers harshita with attention…

      2. Richu

        Yupppp dear…….though they are not agreeing…Param has indirectly said that
        I and harshita are good friends.however i realized i would be jealous if any othr boy showers her with attention…thats when i realized we could be more than friends….

    5. RANdomfANCreationz

      Oh i see that’s interesting ???

  12. Richu

    Thanks karuuu!!I’m fine…?
    Fatarjao so u too a parsh admirer hun??
    Saku..where were u these days?I’m.fine

    1. Hey richu di…finally ur back….
      I was lil busy dats y was not I will try to b regular…

      1. Richu

        Fine dear?

  13. Yeh kya hai sab life ok pe poore serials aisi hai kya pehle saubhagyavati bhava then piya rangrezz kalash also n now this saare women ku torture karrai serials me

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