Ghulaam 23rd February 2017 Written Episode Update

Ghulaam 23rd February 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on

Shivani tries to sleep in the morning after being awake whole night. Veer shouts at her and does not let her sleep. Gulguli enters and gives her dry fruit laddoos and says she needs a grandson soon. She takes Shivani’s hand prints on a clay and says she will send it to their guruji. She tells Shivani that she should be happy for a healthy baby. Shivani says if she wants to see her happy, she should free her from this place. Gulguli shows her a fish in a bowl and says if this fish stats thinking like her, then she will jump of out bowl and will die eventually. Even her condition is same, so she should stop thinking of freedom.

Rangeela tells Veer and Bhisma that someone was trying to free Shivani’s mamaji, but he reached on time. Veer says who dares to go against them. Rangeela says

he will catch culprit if they permit. Bhisma asks to go ahead. Rangeela says he wants to keep mamaji in his house to trap the culprit. Veer does not agree. Even Bhisma says same. Gulguli comes and tells them that Shivani is insisting to get mamaji out of darkroom and if something happens to mamaji, she will die. Veer agrees to let mamaji stay with Rangeela and tells Rangeela that amma/Gulguli does not want her bahus to sleep and Shivani tries to hide and sleep, so Rangeela should guard Shivani and does not let her sleep. Rangeela agrees.

Rangeela goes to Shivani’s room and sees her sleep on chair. He revolves chair and she wakes up. He says she cannot sleep during day. She says he is her husband and he can do anything for her. When he was lying on ice, she was feeling cold. Gulguli hears their conversation and thinks she will force Shivani to sleep and hit 2 targets with a single shot.

Rangeela coughs. Shivani gives him cold peppermint and says she used to love this toffee a lot and whenever she wanted to have it, she used to act as coughing and mamaji used to bring it for her. She asks how he used to get his toffees in childhood. Rangeela reminisces Veer hanging toffee in air and ordering Rangeela to catch it. Veer then targets football on Rangeela and he falls. Veer says he will not get toffee. Rangeela says he will not fall this time and he does not. Veer gives him toffee. Out of flashback, Rangeela says malik made him very tough like this. Shivani says he is so tough that he does not care about the girl he married and is troubling her.

Precap: Gulguli orders Shivani to slap Rangeela Ghulam. Shivani says she cannot slap him. Veer orders Rangeela to slap Shivani and he does. Rangeela cries in a shock.

Update Credit to: MA

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  1. SidMin

    Thank you so much …….
    Update before time ….
    The episode is good 🙂
    Rnageela’s fb was sad bechara ….
    Shivani is so sweet … Precap is bad …. did not like it ….

    1. Richu

      Sidmin…..u ready with ur ff??eagerly waiting….

      1. SidMin

        Nope …. not ready have the idea in mind just need to sit down and write … Will post maybe on Monday ?

    2. Karina

      Waiting for your ff Sidmin dear 🙂

  2. Rangeela brought Mamaji to the house!!! It proves that he DOES have a heart!!! Maybe he did it to fulfill a promise or out of guilt…but he did it…the fb was sad…and this was a REALLY early update…thnx!!!

  3. I m waiting for rangeela and shivani to fight back against veers torture . God knows wen will that happen

  4. Hi MA thx for the fast update

  5. Hi richu . Antra.sid. sakhi. Sana and others good evening. To day episode is nice . Cool. Conversation between shiv and rangeela . But precap is not digest .

  6. Hi rangeela why do u slap u r wife . ?u did not give respect to u r wife in sadda haq and gulam also . Conversation between shiv and rangeela is cool.shiv saves his life friend. so I have to save mamaji life he is thinking like this .

  7. Hi rangeela why do u slap u r wife . ?u did not give respect to u r wife in sadda haq and gulam also . Conversation between shiv and rangeela is cool.shiv saves his life friend. so I have to save mamaji life he is thinking like this .

  8. Hi richu . Antra . Sid. Sakhi. Sana and others . Good evening. Rangeela too much of anything is good for nothing. U r gratitude to u r malik overoooo over . Veer u will see another face of rangeela. Rangeela is doing duel role now one obedient gulam. Another side kind hearted man. Comeon cheerup rangeela . Shivani is u r wife not to ask her to sleep with veer. Ashamed

    1. Richu

      Hello BR…how r u?

    2. Hii dear….hws u??

  9. Antara

    hai Richu, BR, sakshi & all ghulaam members where r u all? rangeela’s childhood was so sad so much harassment 4 one toffee disgusting wat did he think of doing such yuck things i think that shivani & rangeela will be good friends but no this veer interferes in all things idoit

    1. Richu

      Hello dear….I’m fine…u?

    2. Hii antara dear…hws u??

  10. Karina

    Hello guys…how are you all ?
    The precap doesnt look very good…but all the actors are doing an amazing job in portrating their characters…

    1. Richu

      Hey dear…u r right

      1. Karina

        Gulaam is a nice show but im missing Sadda Haq badly…and you Richu ? i miss my sandhir/parsh chemistry…

    2. Hii karu di….i m fine…hws u???….
      Nd ur dp is amazing…

      1. Karina

        Hey Saku…im also fine sweety…
        Thank you dear…your dp is really nice also…i actually started seeing DBO just now and i like it and i read its a spin-off of another show Ishqbaaz…thats the actors from your dp right ?

  11. Nivu99

    Hai lovely frnds of ghulaam,
    hw r u all ?? rangeela has gone through a lot of torture nd now he has to go against his master veer. precap is nt nice. pls writer ji show the bond between shivani and rangeela

    1. Richu

      Hello nivu…

    2. Hii dear….hws u??

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