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Ghulaam 21st July 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on

Shanti amma during graham pravesh kicks rice bowl and it hits Gulguli. Gulguli shouts that this mad woman started her drama even before entering house and asks sarkar to kick her out. Sarkar asks her to relax and greet Shanti. Gulguli verbally abuses Shanti. Shanti warns to tr to touch her and says she is Rangeela’s amma, can flatten rots without belan and fry pooris without oil. Sarkar asks Maldawali to do Shanti’s aarti. She brings thali. Sarkar asks where is sindhoor. Rashmi shows sindhoor. Sarkar asks Gulguli to bring sindhoor. She fumes, but brings sindhoor. Sarkar applies sindhoor on Shanti’s forehead. Shanti sees swinger, runs and sits on it. Maldawali shouts that is sarkar and badi sasumaa’s place. Gulguli fumes.

Panchs press Veer’s feet and entertain him. Shera

informs that inspector shamsher has returned back to Berahampur. Veer fumes that once he left haveli, police has dared to enter Berahampur. He orders Shera to kidnap Shamsher and bring here.

Gulguli yells at Rangeela that he will be ghulam always and will never change for her. She knows his motto to rule Berahampur, he used his amma to enter haveli, else what mad woman will be knowing about sasural and husband. She continues. Rangeela says he does not care what she says and leaves.

Shera brings Shamsher in a gunny bag and frees him. Shamsher fumes that he had taken oath to return to Berahampur after he retires and came here to destroy Sarkar’s rule, he was Sarkar’s best friend and sent him from road wrestler to haveli, but sarkar misused him and sent him out alleging him wrongly. He has not seen more selfish than sarkar who even kicked out his own son. Veer hugs him and says they both are in same boat and are friends now.

Manju and others taunt Shivani that she must be missing Rangeela already, etc. Balam enters and says he has got 150 dolls orders and they have to complete it by morning. Banaraswali asks how can they in such a short time. Shivani says they all will work hard whole night and complete order. Balam asks her to inform Rangeela herself. Shivani calls Rangeela and informs him. Rangeela says he will come in the morning and is already missing her. She asks to imagine her there and sleeps. He imagines her and sleeps on bed. She over phone says I love you. He gets out of imagination and eagerly waits for next morning. Amma wakes up at night and sees someone going into Rangeela’s room.

Precap: Balam sadly says Rangeela went to haveli and forgot them, it is 11 a.m. and he did not come yet. Shera snatches dolls from Shivani’s team. Shivani pleads not to do that, Rangeela will come any time. Shera says if Rangeela does not come in 10 minutes, nobody can stop him from looting dolls. Maldawali sprays hypnotic medicine on Rangeela and thinks it will get her closer to him.

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