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Shanti amma asks Maldawali what is sasural. Maldwali says once woman is married, she stays in sasural. Her sasural is very big, she can fly kite, play, eat ice cream daily and it on swinger. Amma excitedly says she will sit on swinger. Maldawali asks her to insist Sarakar. She explains what to say and asks her to go fast. Amma leaves. Maldawali thinks she has to do so much drama to bring Rangeela near her.

Sarkar prays in temple and asks to forgive him, he considered himself as good in power and now realized god is superior. Shanti comes there and asks what is he asking bholenath. He smiles and says she is looking pretty. She says she needs to ask him something, he married her and should take her his home and insists. Sarkar promises that he will keep her in haveli. She claps. Even

Maldawali claps hiding.

Shanti reaches home and jumps that Sarkar came and will take her to haveli, she will play a lot. Rangeela asks if she will go away from him. She says even he will go to haveli with her. Ragneela insists that he will not go to haveli. Sarkar enters and says he will go to haveli, he will take him with respect and give him son’s right. He will also give Shanti’s wife rights. Rangeela stands tensed. Sarkar says he is giving him respect by taking him to haveli. Rangeela says he will not go to haveli, he promised women that he will change Berahampur’s environment. Sarkar says he will change environment, for that Rangeela should come to haveli, he has to at least for his amma.

Sarkar then goes and pampers Gulguli that she has gone weak and why she is wearing black dress, asks her to wear colorful dress and get ready. She asks where they have to go. He says Rangeela and his amma are coming to stay here. Gulguli says they cannot stay here, if he insists, he should kick her out first. He says he made mistakes and is correcting them, even she should. Nothing will change here and she will rule this house as usual. Shivani explains Rangeela that he should go to haveli with amma. He agrees.

Sarkar asks Rashmi how is Manmeet, if he is still inebriated. Rashmi says he is fine and was forced to take drugs, now he is fine. Sarkar says he did good and asks her to call Manmeet. Maldawali hears that and thinks she is inebriated in Rangeela’s love and eagerly waits for him. Rangeela reaches with amma. Veer walks out of haveli. Gulguli says sarkar that she knows she does not have right to speak in front of him, but she wants to request to stop Rangeela. Sarkar says she is his wife and should not force him to scold her, let things happen. Gulguli says it is wrong. Sarkar says forget her ego and greet her friend Shanti. Servant informs that Rangeela came with his amma. Sarkar says this is his haveli and his wife and child will stay here. Rangeela and amma enter. Rashmi greet them and asks where is Shivani. Rangeela says she is safe in his house. Gulguli insists Sarkar again to stop Rangeela and amma. Sarkar stops Rangeela and signals Maldawali. Maldawali keeps rice bowl in front of amma for her grahapravesh. Amma dances. Maldawali asks Gulguli to come. Sarkar orders Gulguli. Gulguli thinks she cannot let them in.

Precap: Gulguli scolds Rangeela that he is a servant/ghulam and will always be. Veer gets someone kidnapped.

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