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Ghulaam 1st May 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on

Rangeela burns jacket and shouts because of pati patni drama, he lost his dignity. Veer and Maldawali watch everything on TV screen. Rangeela holds Shivani’s hand and says all the problem is because of the pheras he took with her in Sambar. He does reverse pheras with her. She resists and falls down. He says she was inebriated on holi day and he took her to his home, but he lost dignity and his maalik is doubting him. Rashmi enters and tries to throw water on fire, but Rangeela shouts to stay away. She signals at Shivani. Rangeela walks out. Maldawali tells Veer that he should be happy that his Ghulam is completely his. Veer says Rangeela did not tell him about that night even now, he will doubt Rageela until he does not open up.

Rangeela walks out, and Jageer asks what was he doing in

Shivani’s room for such a long time. Rangeela says fixing AC. Jageer says technician left long ago, what was he doing, if he was calming his heat. Rangeela angrily warns him to be in his limits and if he is a male to attack directly instead of back stabbing. Jageer calls amma and Gulguli yells Rangeela is a Ghulam and he does not have right to yell at Jageer. Rangeela says why Jageer plays his dirty game. Once he leaves, Jageer yells that Rangeela is flying high because of Veer and sarkar, why sarkar is so fond of Rangeela, they should get Rangeela married to send all these issues.

Manmeet puffing drugs provokes Rashmi to try speaking, RQ college students don’t accept defeat. Rashmi writes on paper if he tries to leave his drug addiction, she will try to speak, SQ college students don’t accept defeat easily. She tries to speak and breaks drug cig. Manmeet sadly says he has to try leaving cig now.

Gulguli tells sarkar that they should get Rangeela married and if he agrees, she will ask Veer to find some low class laborer. Rashmi enters and hears that. Sarkar tells that Rangeela is his favorite ghulam and he will find a good girl for him. Employees bring money bags and asks where to keep them. Sarkar asks to give one to Veer and rest to Rangeela and asks him where to keep it. Gulguli thinks why he is fond of ghulaam.

Veer tells Maldawali that he will put Shivani into trouble and test Rangeela if he will save Shivani or obey his maalik. Rangeela keeps money bag in temple’s water tank and forces market to shut down. He thinks because of Shivani, maalik is doubting him, what he should do now, Shivani is mad behind him and how to get her away.

Shivani picks jacket ash and preserves it. Rashmi enters and tries to speak Rangeela, then writes on ash that Gulguli is thinking of getting Rangeela married. Shivani starts crying.

Precap: Veer’s goons mock a fight in market. Shivan’s feet gets stuck and she pleads for help. Rangeela thinks whether to help Shivani or not as maalik is standing with him.

Update Credit to: MA

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  1. Richu

    Hello everyone ……
    Most of u would have forgotten me…new mmbrs dont know me because im commenting here after a mont or soo..
    Im very sorry guyzzz i was and am extremely busy nowadays…actually my father had ulsar operation.He had discharged a week before…and finally i got little time from schedule and commented…

    I could not see ghulaam though but i heard a news of Veer bringing a new bride for Rangeela…Shes Nidhi jha..

    Im sry guyzz once more..bye

    1. Karina

      Hey dear…glad to see u back after so long…dont worry dear you take care of your father and when you ll be free come here…we will wait for you…take care dear…

      1. Richu

        Thanks!actually i feel very glad to hav such Family and friends who support me…… surely the luckiest?

    2. Richuuuuuu di….finally u r here…i missed u yaaar???…..hws u??…nd hws ur father now…?? he ok…nd plz now keep commenting diii..

      1. Richu

        I miseed u all sooo much dea…..nd ill surely try to be active as possible

  2. Antara

    Hi Richu happy 2 see ur comment take care dear
    i hope story turn positive now a days 2 boring no interesting element is there in story only 4 rangeela

    1. Richu

      Antara…seeing uh aftr a long tym here.howz u?

  3. Hi Richu I am very glad to hear that ur father becomes more fine don’t worry everything will be alright.

    1. Richu

      Thanks for ur wishes maaam…how r u ?

  4. Hi richu,krina,br mam,renu mam,saku.will rangeela save her or not.nd richu hwz ur father now?nd hope so u also fine dear.gys its true rangeela is going to mary sm another women.if its true so wt about shivani.hope cvs’ll ready to make shveer pair.don’t get wrong gys bt agr yahan shiveela ki jagha shveer pair ho to trp badne k chance jyada hai.maine prm(rangeela)ka kaam phele dekha a thts y i like in this serial i want shveer.i never see shivani nd veer before in any serial thts y i wona see shveer pair.jb bhi mai rangeela ko dekhti hu mujhe shndhir pair yaad aa jaata hai.hope cvs khuch esa krain k shveer pair bold ho.sory if i hurt anybdy with my words.

    1. Hii ananya dear…
      No need to say sorry yaar…its a fan page nd u hv full r8 to share ur opinion so just chillax.. .??..

      Nd coming any pairing I m also hell confused yaar…but shiveela r main pair so don’t think ki shiveer hoga…anyways now a days I m getting more interest in Manmeet nd rashmi story…hopefully they will show some progress…as for now fingers crossed…

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