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Ghulaam 19th July 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on

Veer keeps his leg on Rangeela’s throat and strangulates him. Sarkar enters and throws stick on Veer’s leg and Veer falls down. Shera points gun at Sarkar. Veer stops him. Sarkar walks in and scolds Veer that he wants to fight, now fight with a wrestler and pins him down. Rangeela asks who brought him here. Shivani enters ands says she brought him here, frees her team and says once again a bangle clad woman defeated Veer. Sarkar says if he wanted power, he would have informed once and as a father, he would have given last drop of blood from his body. He slaps Veer repeatedly. Veer holds his hand and warns he will forget that he is his father. Rangeela warns him to leave sarkar as he is also his father. Sarkar orders his men to bring Veer to haveli and walks out. Shivani asks Rangeela if

he is fine. He nods yes.

At haveli, Gulguli beats Veer for trying to kill sarkar and asks him to apologize Sarkar. Veer stands silently. Jageer says he should not be spared and should be kicked out of house. Gulguli asks Veer again to apologize Sarkar. Veer says he will not as sarkar also made mistake by marrying Rangeela’s amma. Gulguli says it is his punishment and he should apologize or get out of her house. Sarkar warns that he will kill him. Jageer asks not to dirty his hands. He beats drum and asks Veer to get out, wherever he goes he will send his clothes and wrestling equipment. Veer walks out.

Rangeela pampers Shivani and says nothing will happen to him as his name is inscribed on her hand.

Jageer with Maldawali dances and says Veer is out of house now. Maldawali asks him to wear men’s clothes now. He goes to change. She imagines Rangeela around her and thinks she will get Rangeela inside haveli at any cost and will use his amma as a tool.

Veer packs his bags. Gulguli enters and asks why did he do this. He says he did it for her love, his father betrayed his mother, so he kidnapped his father, but he cannot widow his mother for his revenge. He says Rangeela saved Sarkar and brainwashed sarkar against them. He gives her phone and says she will be first woman in berahampur to have phone. She says she does not need. Veer says he wants her to call one day and tell that he was conspired to get out of haveli. She asks him to stay back tonight. He says he will go to sarpanch office and will establish his empire there. He hugs her and asks to be careful as sarkar may conspire against her.

Amma fights with children for icecream. Maldawali comes and tells ice cream man that sarkar returned home, so ice cream is free from her. Amma asks if sarkar returned. Maldawali says yes, why don’t she go to her sasural.

Precap: Sarkar says Rangeela that he will take him to haveli and give him son’s right. He takes Rangeela and Shanti amma to haveli and looking at Gulguli says Rangeela that he is his son and not a Ghulam/servant.Update in Progress

Update Credit to: MA

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