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Ghulaam 18th July 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on

Manju explains Shivani that you should see off smilingly one you love. Shivani says her heart is feeling nervous and thinks something wrong will happen. Veer on the other side kidnaps Pannawali, Maldawali and Rudauliwali and yells at them that they are like ants and were trying to fight with elephant, they and Rangeela will be crushed today. Sheras requests to let him shoot his wife Pannawali. Veer says Rangeela will come for sure today to save them.

Rangeela speaks over phone to Balam and aks to gather all their men. Maldawali comes wearing shawl and takes Rangeela’s bike key. Rangeela asks who is she, give his bike key. She removes shawl and asks why did not he take her permission once before engaging to Shivani. He says he does not need her permission and says Veer kidnapped those 3

women and he needs to free them. She says she will find out where Veer is, he has to take her along. He says he does not need her help, twists her hand and takes key and leaves. Maldawali thinks she will inform him where Veer is though. She calls Veer and asks where is he. He says nobody will know where he is and disconnects call. Maldawali hears train sound, calls Rangeela and informs that Veer is somewhere near railway track. Veer thanks and disconnects call, thinks Delhi’s train passes at this time via Veer’s old godown. Maldawali thinks she will send someone else also there.

Manju asks Shivani to draw a circle from rangoli and if line breaks, then her loved one’s life is in danger. Shivani falls down while drawing circle and gets worried. Maldawali comes and says Veer has kidnapped Pannawali, Banaraswali and Rudauliwali; Veer has gone to free them. She asks Shivani to go and save her fiance Rangeela. Shivani asks where is the place. Maldawali says near railway station. Shivani runs. Maldawali smirks.

Veer laughs on women that their savior did not come yet. Shera returns and says their men tried to capture Rangeela, but he escaped in bushes. Veer asks Rangeela to come out, else he will shoot women. Rangeela comes flying and kicks Veer’s gun. Gun falls down. Rangeela fights with Veer. Veer challenges him for a wrestling match. Rangeela overpowers him. Shera warns Rangeela to stop. Veer starts beating Rangeela. Pannawali aks Rangeela to not risk his life for them, he is Berahampur’s hope. Veer continues beating Rangeela and steps on his throat.

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