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Ghulaam 18th January 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on

Rashmi cannot speak after Veer stuffs coal in her mouth. Doc checks her and asks to speak. She mumbles. Doc says her tongue is burnt completely and she cannot speak forever. Veer’s mother claps and says good her voice is gone, now she will become Manmeet’s wife and will stay here forever. If she had spoken much, men would have shot her. Doc gets afraid and says he will leave now. Mother stops him and orders to show his tongue and warns not to open his mouth, else he will lose his tongue. Doc nods okay and runs away. Mother then frightens Rashmi to stay here silently, else she will lose her life. Veer’s bhabi gives her moral gyaan that if she wants to be alive, she has to forget her self-dignity, morale, etc. Rashmi hugs her and cries.

Rangeela gives minister

money bag. Minister checks and asks if there was any difficulty bringing this bag. Rangeela frightens him that there are around 20-30 cameras in hospital till his room and they have captured him bringing big bag, media will create issue if bag does not go out, so he should return this bag. Minister says he can take bag in sometime and asks if he will work for him, he can decide salary. Rangeela says his boss is his god and he will not be disloyal to him. Veer while exercising calls Rangeela and asks if he convinced minister. Rangeela says he frightened minister, so minister did not even touch money. Veer asks him to take 2 lakhs from that money and buy something for him and don’t think of spending on me. Rangeela says he is everything to him. Veer smiles and says he is mad.

In hospital corridor, Shivani’s ucle rests due to nonavailability of bed. She tells her uncle and aunt it how difficult to cross road and what all difficulties she face and a boy/Veer helped her. She kneads dough to prepare rotis. A woman tells someone is distributing free food. Aunt asks Shivani to go and get food and keep dough for breakfast. She goes and sees huge crowd. A woman help her go in front, and she sees Rangeela distributing food and runs back. Rangeela asks to take food at least, says she is runner. Shivani returns back and tells uncle, aunt that she did not get food. Uncle asks to prepare herself as she prepares tasty food. She prepares food. Rangeela carries food for Shivani and searches her. He finds her preparing food and serving uncle/aunt. Uncle says her food is antidote for bitter medicines. Rangeela thinks this girl is a runner and weird, but not weird than him, he knows how to control her.

After finishing dinner, aunt scolds Shivani why did she prepare extra food, what will they do now. Uncle asks aunt to go and find someone hungry. Aunt goes and searches hungry person. Rangeela silently keeps food boxes aside acts as speaking to someone over phone and telling he did not have time to have food. Aunt asks him if he wants to have food. He asks if she is from a gang who loots people after giving them medicine mixed food. She says no and takes him along. Aunt asks Shivangi to serve food to him. Shivangi gets angry seeing him and tells aunt that she is having stomach ache and wants to go an a walk. Aunt asks to serve food and go. Uncle says let her go. Shivani leaves. Rangeela tastes food and praises aunt that it is very tasty. Uncle says his niece made this food. Aunt tells Shivani is an orphan and they…Uncle stops her and says whole Sambhar town knows that Shivani is their daughter. Rangeela asks if they are from Rajasthan’s sambhar, it is very beautiful twin with beautiful people. Shivani walks fuming when will she get rid of this mad man. A dog runs behind her and she clashes with Veer and falls on him.

Precap: Back to her town, Shivani tells her friends while washing clothes on lake that her life unique, she needs one love and one husband. Rangeela emerges out of lake. Shivani thinks he came even here.

Update Credit to: MA

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  1. nice episode .param sir looking ravishingly handsome and quite edible

    1. Richu


  2. Lovely
    They are really cute …param awesome acting….niti did a great job too….
    Thanks MA for the update

  3. Loving this show everyday. Its getting more and more interesting. 🙂 🙂 🙂

  4. Nice episode…
    Loved the pair…they r really very cute???…..
    Nd param’s acting is fab…
    The way he fooled minister???awesome man….nd his loyalty uff maar dala…
    Eager to know whts nxt…

    Richu di…on 1st episode update I was waiting/looking for ur comment but u didn’t…..happy to see u here…as on ib page we will rock here also…hope others also join us soon..?

    1. Richu

      Yeah dear just some days and the no. Of comments here will be increased…

  5. Richu

    Param!!!!!I loveeeeeee uuuuuuhhhhhhhh man…………….u r soooooooo adorable!!!why???
    I’m in luv with u….


      hai happy to find you here

  6. Just I will say it was jhakhaaaaaaaaaaaas??

  7. Come on guys lets befriend each other…

    1. Hi there, Sakshi!!! I’m enjoying the serial so far. I like the outdoor setting of the story, it doesn’t possess the glitz and glamour of the mainstream serials currently on telly, so it’s definitely different and this is what I like. I’m not familiar with the actors in this serial so I’m trying to gauge each portrayal as the days go by.

      1. Don’t worry dear…soon u will become familiar wd the cast…


      nice idea

  8. Antara

    super episode Rangleela rocks his new look is just fab i think veer will also like shivani like rangleela but rangleela is ghulaam of veer so it will be nice 2 see how Ghulaam changes Berhampur can’t tolerate this type of attyachars anyways now enjoying the episode precap is also cute

    1. Yup dear…both Maalik nd Ghulaam will fall for same girl …..

  9. Param’s awesome ..I’m loving him and niti??

  10. SidMin

    Hai hai loved the episode it was so cute ….. except that Rashmi part
    Para is superb man his acting skills ????

  11. Richu

    So we r successful in finding a new family….
    The ghulaam family….Param and niti lovers r requested to join this group…

  12. Ohh no in precap she says she want one love and one husband!!! What does it mean? Is it a hint that she is going to get two love and two husbands!!! wow this is crazy

  13. Angelk1

    Niti looks really young how old is she? And param was superb in today eps . the fighting was great, it wasnt fake an it looks really good. But you can tell he has a soft side, especially when he saw his boss taking the coal an shove it in the other girl mouth. But i have a feeling his boss will take a liking to shivani. I wonder what he will do. Stay loyal or fight for his love.


    please all the param fans and niti fans come together for this show and enjoy it

  15. Esther

    I hv never watched any of the previous shows of the leads….but I found this interesting…..hope Rangeela and Shivani will have a beautiful story……n reading the basic thread of the story,it reminded me of Shahid-Sonakshi film ….I know both are totallly diff..still

  16. I love u param n niti u know what guys when I used to see sadda haq n kesi yeh yaariryah may n soocha that k aghar param aur niti saath hotey aur parth aur harshita tho kitni superb jori hoti now see I am seeing u both together love u so so muchhh guys

  17. Soha

    Amazing show even the couple shivani and rangeela is also best loved them.My sis said that this show is awesome know a days she is not interested in IB show and she is not watching also because of nafratbaaz track she loved this show and the couple also

  18. Do u guys know when ghulaam’s repeat telecast is shown??as i cant watch at 9pm

  19. Sweetuishkara

    hllo richu kushagra asakshi nd everyone I am big fan of param singh as well as kunal jaisingh can I join

    1. Sweetuishkara

      nd iam die hard fan of ishkara

  20. Omg omg Param !!!! Seriously i love this guy’s acting. I was a huge fan of Sadda Haq ( still am 🙂 ) Param and Harshita’s chemistry was mindblowing …the show looks promissing and the cast is really good…looking forward for more…

  21. So cûuuuuuuuuuute …. ?chemistry is aag ?… Wish shivani don’t cry so much though ..

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