Ghulaam 17th July 2017 Written Episode Update

Ghulaam 17th July 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on

Maldawali informs Gulguli and Veer that Shivani is inscribing Rangeela;s name on her hand. Gulguli fumes that her skin was thin, how did she get Veer’s name inscribed. Maldawali says she inscribed it on right hand instead of left and made a joke of Berahampur’s rules.

Rashmi informs Manmeet that Rangeela agreed to marry Shivani. Manmeet asks when did this happen. Rashmi insists him to take her to Rangeela’s house. Mameet walks out with her. Rangeela is busy with his friends and describes importance of daughters. He reaches home and gets happy seeing Rashmi and Manmeet. Manmeet ties pagdi on Rangeela’s head and Shivani comes wearing beautiful dress. Manmeet says today is their engagement. Shivani exchanges ring. Manmeet asks Rangeela to exchange ring now. H e says he will not until

he finishes one important work. They ask what is it. He says he will drop Rashmi back to her home tomorrow. Rashmi says she will not go leaving Manmeet alone when he needs her, his family gives him drugs forcefully. Manmeet asks her to go and not worry about him. She says she will not leave him alone in life, if he does not want her with him, then it is another issue. He says not to tell that again. Rangeela and Shivani smile seeing their love for each other. He dorns ring in Shivani’s finger. Manmeet jokes it is girl’s finger and not trigger, to be gentle. He then plays guitar. Haan hasi bangaye, meri zameen asmaan in the background.

Pannawali, Banaraswali, Gujranwali reach home discussing Rangeela and Shivani’s was good and Manmeet guitar music was awesome. Veer reaches there and says they were boasting behind Rangeela, now he will see who will save them. Pannawali presses tracker button. Ragneela gets intimation and thinks where her location is. Veer throws their trackers and kidnaps them. Rangeela runs to their home and finds tracker on floor. He realizes Veer has kidnapped them and thinks of killing Veer. He rushes home. Shivani asks him to remove her ring. He asks to do it herself. She insists. He helps her in a hurry. She says she has kept fast for him and he should return home soon. He thinks he should not tell her truth, else she will get worried.

Precap: Rangeela walks speaking to Balam over phone to gather all their men. A woman wearing veil stands in front of him. Manju asks Shivani to draw a circle with chalk and if it breaks, Rangeela’s life is in danger. Shivani breaks line and hopes Rangeela is safe.

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