Ghulaam 16th February 2017 Written Episode Update

Ghulaam 16th February 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on

Rangeela takes Shivani to hospital. Medical officer before taking her blood asks her name, her husband’s name. Rangeela says these are irrelevant questions, he should take blood. Officer says this is a formality. Shivani tells her name is Shivani Mathur and her husband’s name is Rangeela. He asks if she had food. She says no. He asks to have food first. Shivani says she will not until she meets her mamaji.

Gulguli yells at Rashmi that she got such weak bahus, one slit her hand and another sprained her leg. Manmeet under drugs effect comes and shouts what is happening. Gulguli asks how did he get drugs. Manmeet says until he is alive, nobody can get him away from drugs. He laughs on her that she has become Chaudhry Gulguli Pratap, removes her pagdi and ties her to a chair with that

pagdi. She pleads to free him.

Rangeela pleads Shivani to have something and give blood. Shivani says she has taken oath she will not until she meets her mamaji. He says he knows where mamaji is and will let her meet him if she saves Balam. She agrees. He gets her fruits, milk and khichdi. She says she cannot have fruits and milk. He gives her khichdi. She says she cannot have in front of him. He walks with medical officer and then goes to Balam’s hospital room. His friends ask if Shivani gave blood. He says she is adamant and did not want to eat in front of him, so he gave her khichdi and came out.

Rangeela goes back and medical officer takes Shivani’s blood. Officer then gives juice to Shivani for instant energy. Shivani sits on chair and feels dizzy. Officer checks her and says she got weak as she did not eat food and asks him to keep her head on his lap to normalize her blood pressure.

Maldawali enters Shivani’s room and sees her sleeping with blanket covered. She sees Manju’s hand with her ring and removes blanket. Manju gets afraid seeing her. Maldawali then calls Rangeela and says he played a very good trick and went against his boss/malik, she can inform Veer right now about his betrayal, then Veer will give him rigorous punishment. Rangeela asks what he should do. Maldawali says if he helps her, she will hide his act. Jageer calles her and she disconnects call. Rangeela thinks how to save Shivani from Veer’s wrath and protect himself from Maldawali. Veer reaches home and calls baby doll/Shivani.

Precap: Rangeela looks at Shivani resting on his lap.

Update Credit to: MA

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  1. Angelk1

    Awe what a great eps. But veer is back, how will rangeela bring shivani to her room before he notice.

  2. Nice episode….but this madwali is just…ufff….
    Waiting for nxt epi

    @Richu di…hws u???…i missed u too dear…

  3. SidMin

    God …. awesome episode…. The the name of your husband …. part was the best ….just loved it ….
    Amazing ….
    Veer is back ?
    The next episode is interesting we would get to know how Rangeela brings Shivani back home before Veer notices it …
    How are all you guys ???
    Love you all ❤❤

    1. Hii dear…i m fine..hws u??

    2. SidMin

      I am good ….

  4. RANdomfANCreationz

    Good epi today
    Rangeela-Shivani scenes were ???? and Shivani still accepts Rangeela as her Husband and called out his actual name for the first time ??? and that manmeet tieing gulguli with the Pagdi was damn funny ???? haha i enjoyed that scene i think manmeet is a better human than Veer at least but since he got too addicted to drinking and maldawali makes it worse and even though he disturbs Rashmi he kinda have a soft corner for her. But what he does is wrong and he is always drunk. Maldawali is so cheap she is lucky that she have a Husband like Jageer who loves her and at least respects her unlike others in the house. The precap so Veer is back ?, but ya vikas is an amazing actor happy to see him back in the show , but Rangeela and Shivani , hope they can reach on time and make some excuse

  5. Hi good morning sakshi.sidjoy..angel and samer . I couldn’t come on line shivanimarked a point in her life . Again he is telling malkin … before hold her hand.he removed veer’s name pati . Unconsciously. She is talking rest his hub lap fine . Rangeela is is feeling. Cool one side another point veer is his malik . He asumed by birth bcz he is slave. When she was not well he. Became restless. Nice acting but always hurry and fast . Every time he saves shivani from veer. Maldawli is negative roll villi. Her dress sense is. not so good

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