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Ghulaam 15th May 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on

Rangeela confronts Veer that he cannot insult Shhivangi. Veer slaps him and warns to follow order. Rangeela says she cannot see any woman being insulted and will not insult any woman. Veer kicks and trashes him. Rangeela asks to stop this drama, a woman gives them birth and he cannot insult a woman, not to force him go against him. Veeru shouts how dare he is to argue with im. Rangeela says a Ghulam will do anything to protect a woman’s self-respect. Veer orders his guards to tie Rangeela. Thhey tie Rangeela to a chair.

Veer fumes he will see Rangeela later, first he will force Shivani to dance. Rangeela pleads not to spoil his woman family’s dignity. Veer pulls Shivani in the middle of ground. Shivani pleads to spare her. Bhisma warns Veer to spare Shivani. Veer points gun at him

and warn to shut his mouth. Bhisma also pulls gun. Sarpanch stops Bhisma and suggests not to fight in front of everyone. Shivani pleads Rangeela to save her. Veer pulls her and orders to dance. Shivani pleads him repeatedly to spare her and Rangeela to save her. Veer pulls her dupatta and Shivangi holds and gives Rangeela Bholenath’s oath to save her. Aag bahe teri…song…plays in the background. Rangeela closes his eyes and angrily breaks chair and throws goons far away. He then holds Veer’s hand. Veer shouts how dare he is to hold his hand and slaps him. Rangeela pulls him and raps Shivani’s dupatta back. Veer continues slapping Rangeela. Rangeela holds his hand and warns enough now, come into senses, Shivani took pheras twice and he will not let her do pheras third time. First time he took pheras on Veer’s orders, second time, Veer forcefully took pheras, third time he will not let this injustice happen. If Veer cannot consider Shivani as his wife, he will make shivani as his wife.

Gulguli grinds chillies while Veer lashes Rangeela tying him. Rangeela says woman is house’s self-respect. Veer continues lashing. Bhisma holds lasher and asks Veer to spare Rangeela. He then asks Rangeela to apologize Veer. Rangeela says Veer ji should apologize Shivani. Jageer yells he is calling Veer by his name, he is betraying. Gulguli throws chillies in Rangeela’s eyes and yells how dare he is, asks to tell he did wrong. Rangeela says he did right. Veer continues lashing Rangeela and Rangeela repeats he did right. Manmeet throws water on Rangeela’s face. Veer shouts. Gulguli asks Veer to kill Rangeela at once. Veer points gun at Rangeela’s forehead. Rangeela smiles. Veer frees Rangeela. Gulguli asks what is he doing. Veer says Rangeela will die with bullet and will be considered martyr, he wants to set him as example and force him to plead for life. Jageer comments. Gulguli asks Veer to shoot Shivani then. Veer walks towards Shivani and asks if she will kill herself or he should kill her. Shivani goes and holds Rangeela’s hand and says not only Rangeela betrayed, even she is with him. She will stand with Rangeela always. They will win whatever punishment they bear. She holds Rangeela’s hand. They both smile at Veer and Gulguli.

Precap: Veer fills 6 bullets in gun and asks Veer to shoot him before he walks out of haveli, if he walks out, he will change Berahampur’s map.

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  1. Antara

    best epi till date finally rangeela take a stand against this evil crimes hoping they don’t mess up the story i don’t understand one thing why this sarkar doesn’t utter a word when veer & gulguli does beating disgusting father where is maldawali? i think rangeela & shivani make a new start

  2. Hi renu singam onedru purpattathey..veera nadai pottu thunaiyudan. Ha ha. After narashimajayanthi. ,, ,,Shima pravesham.
    Sabash sariyana potti. Param singh jamai

  3. Hi maya u well said …. yes br is blo*dy something… there any personal problem with br….. u r writing comments. She is also writing……u r from Oxford university…
    Writing comments means. Convey our thoughts..that is our opinion. Enjoyment
    Here no personal revenge .if. u don’t like to read her comment leave it…..don’t use obuse word . U r having very good knowledge in english .knowledge able. Persons. concentrate their work….write comments and enjoy……

  4. To day I enjoyed each and every conversation ofrangeela. He will not insult any womenand hecould not see any women insulted.. mother’s day special these words .round of aplus for the writer

  5. Shreyanvi

    Finally……Rangeela took stand….ufff best episode ever…now story seems intresting….nd the last part loved the way RaShi were holding hands????…precap: go Rangeela go….change behrempur’s map…yeah….RaShi story will start…??

  6. Another excellent episode. Shivani got what she wanted and predicted in earlier episodes that a day will come when Rangeela would stand for her against everyone..She got her husband’s support..
    All the scenes were very impactful

  7. In real life, they wud have killed him instantly. It feels good to all you people because you know that your hero can’t die and will walk out. Means none of the 6 bullets will hit him. That’s really foolhardy for him to think like that. He should know that Veer never misses his target.

    1. well only in movies weak win in real always mighty n wrng win
      weak n true never

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