Ghulaam 13th February 2017 Written Episode Update

Ghulaam 13th February 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on

Rangeela’s friend scolds him why did he foolishly held honey bee comb in blanket and took risk, he should have let bees bite Chaudhry. Rangeela shouts not to talk rubbish. Balam says they all have considered Shviani as his wife. Rangeela shouts that Shivani is not innocent, she came in front of ministered and complained against boss. Jageer calls him. He runs out and asks why did he come, he would have sent any servant to call. Jageer says Bhisma has ordered to get biggest honey nest. Rangeela says it is very dangerous, honey bee will not spare them. Jageer yells that he is a servant, if he dies, they will get other servant, but he should obey sarkar/boss’ order.

Rangeela takes his bike out and sees bike tied by a rope to a tree. Balam and other friends come and insist they will

accompany him. Rangeela agrees. They reach jungle and Rangeela tries to climb tree to get honey nest, but nest is far away. Balam says they will get nest any cost. Rangeela with other friend’s help makes Balam climb. Balam slips and falls down and injures his head severely. Rangeela and his friends rush him to hospital.

Veer waits for Rangeela before going out and calls Rangeela, but his phone is not reachable. He fumes. Jageer comes and says he sent Rangeela Ghulam for his work. Veer asks Bhisma to warn Jageer not to interfere in his work. Jageer argues. Bhisma asks Jageer to fight in wrestling ground and not here. Veer smirks and leaves with Bhisma.

Rangeela asks doc to take as much money as he wants, but save Balam. Doc says Balam needs O negative blood and it is very rare. On the other side, Maldawali takes fruits for Shivani and asks her to have it. Shivani says she will not. Maldawali says she should not be angry on food. Shivani says she is sad that she cannot help her mamaji, her blood is set because of this. Maldawali asks what is her blood group. Shivani says O negative.

Rangeela’s friends threaten wardboy to O negative blood,else they will get his whole body’s blood out. Rangeela enters and rescues ward boy and pleads for help.

Rashmi enters Shivani’s room and writes on a note that today all men have gone out, so they can escape. Shivani says she does not want to. Gulguli calls them out and wearing pagdi asks how is she looking. Maldawali thinks she is looking like a monkey. Gulguli says men are not at home, so she is chudhrayan today. She orders Shivani to peel onion as punishment of not having food.

Rangeela gets all villager’s blood checked. Jageer comes and yells why did not he get honey nest yet. Rangeela says Balam is severely injured. Jageer yells and is about to hit him when another servant informs that Gulguli is calling him. Jageer leaves Rangeela yelling she should go and hide behind women’s pallu now.

Shivani peels onions with teary eyes. Maldawali asks her to have food, else Gulguli will not spare her. Rangeela comes and Gulguli yells why did not he pick call. He says Balam is severely injured and needs O negative blood, he has to be with his friend. Gulguli says he cannot go. Rangeela pleads to help him. Maldawali reminiscing Shivani telling her blood group is O negative. Gulguli grants Rangeela one day leave and tells he has to come to work even if Balam dies tomorrow. Maldawali tells Rangeela that she knows someone having O negative blood. Rangeela pleads to tell who he/she is. Maldwali grins.

Precap: Balam’s wife pleads Shivani to save her husband. Shivani says she cannot get out of this haveli. Rangeela says he will get her out.

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  1. Antara

    maldawali will not leave rangeela she is behind rangeela thank God this veer & sarkar is out of station varna kya hoga? precap is nice only he can take shivani out he is doing becoz he has the guts jageer always scold ghulaam stupid jageer maldawali is behind ghulaam

    1. Angelk1

      Thats true. Jageer cant do anything for himself. His a coward.

  2. Angelk1

    I think veer will misunderstood the situation an will think rangeela wants his wife. But i wonder how rangeela will get shivani to help. Maybe shivani will insist he let her see mamaji. I’m hoping rangeela see shivani in a new light durring their time alone.

    Also I’m glad rangeela friends try to make him understand that shivani is his wife. No matter how he looks at it .

  3. SidMin

    Aww My Rangeela Will take Shivani out of the Haveli …. feeling so happy … thank God this Veer is out of the scene ….

  4. RANdomfANCreationz

    I think after Rangeela insists Shivani to help his Friend i think she will finally agree but I wonder how will he make gulguli agree and luckily Veer and his dad r out of station but I don’t understand what’s the problem of Jageer with Rangeela? Why is he doing like this with Rangeela? And this maldawali is such an opportunist always behind Rangeela.
    I think Rangeela will have some plans if Shivani doesn’t agree, I hope he doesn’t deceive her again. Hope at least they become friends now ?

  5. Karina

    Hello friends h r u all ?

    Richu, Saku where are you both ?

    The epi was ok…i hope our hero will get Shivani out of the house…

    I agree with you Fatarajo….i also dont get why Jagger is always against Rangeela…i think he knows his wife is intrested in Rangeela and he is jelouse…i guess…

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