Ghulaam 12th July 2017 Written Episode Update

Ghulaam 12th July 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on

Guard is about to open musical drum and check when Veer calls them and orders to kill Rangeela wherever he is seen. Guards divert their attention. Rangeela in drum relaxes. Veer heads towards home tying Jageer in jeep. Jageer smirks that Veer’s plan will fail today. At haveli, doctor asks Gulguli if she can start examining women. Gulguli asks to wait till Veer returns. Veer returns with Jageer and Sher and angrily tells Gulguli if she knows what Jageer did. Rangeela enters haveli silently and thinks within a few minutes lamps will burn and burst ultrasound machine.

Veer sees a woman wearing veil sitting behind and orders her come in front. Shivani comes in front and Veer removes her veil. He and Gulguli are shocked to see Shivani. Veer smirks that she came here to die and asks all her

team to come out. Pannawali, Banaraswali, Gujranwali, and Manju. Gulguli asks Veer to shoot Shivani. Rangeela loads gun and gets ready to shoot Veer if he shoots Shivani. Veer loads gun and shoots, but Gulguli raises his hand and says they can shoot Shivani later, first they have to get all pregnant women examined. Veer laughs and asks Rangeela to come out and orders Shera to close door. Shera does. Veer counts. Jageer taunts Veer that Rangeela is not here and he can dare shoot Shivani.

Rangeela comes in front and warns Veer to dare touch women, he will shoot him. He picks lamp and says he has mixed chemical in all lamps and the will burst in 2 minutes and burst this whole haveli. Veer calls guards, but sees door closed. Banaraswali says guards will not come as she gave them sleeping medicine mixed ladoos. Veer orders Shera to call guards. Pannawali pushes him on floor, pulls his gun and warns him to dare not move. Veer says they are not that courageous, go and get guards. Pannawali shoots Shera’s knee.

Shivani says they have come here to kill and die and provokes Veer to dare touch them. Jageer laughs that since Veer became sarpanch, revolution has stared in Berahampur. Rangeela taunts Veer that he was degrading women, now women will make him wear bangles. He challenges that Shivani and Gulguli will explain women and whoever wins can do anything to opponent.

Precap: Gulguli says till now Berahampur’s decisions are taken by men, but she will accept Rangeela’s challenge and if she wins, she will shoot Shivani and team.

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