Ghulaam 11th July 2017 Written Episode Update

Ghulaam 11th July 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on

Rangeela shows Banaraswali and Pannawali’s prepared lamp to sarkar Bhisma. Bhisma surprisingly asks if Berahampur women made it. Rangeela says yes, Berahampur women are very talented. Sarkar asks if he is provoking Berahampur women stand against Veer. Rangeela says he wants to change Berahampur for good, soon environment will change and Sarkar can take back his place. He further tells about Veer getting ultrasound machine to check pregnant women and kill their female babies. He asks to give his blessings. Sarkar does his tilak and blesses him and 5 women who are standing against wrong rituals. He asks if someone misses him. Rangeela says nobody except Manmeet.

Maldawali tells Gulguli that panditji told they should keep 125 lamps around machine and do its pooja. Gulguli orders his aides

to get lamps. At Rangeela’s house, Balam returns and tells Rangeela that he bought all lamps around Berahampur. Rangeela loads lamps and asks Balam to sell it to Gulguli now.

Rashmi asks Manmeet not to go out, else Veer’s men will forcefully give him drugs. Manmeet gets and calls and he hears sarkar telling he is alive and standing outside haveli. Manmeet walks out even after Rashmi’s warning. Veer sniffs him drugs and mimics Sarkar’s voice. Rashmi returns and sees Manmeet on bed heavily inebriated under drug effect.

Gulguli gets angry when she does not get lamps and asks Veer to call pandit. Maldawali gets tensed that her lie will be out. Balam delivers lamps to a potter and he informs Gulguli that lamps will be delivered in 10 minutes. Rashmi and Maldawali then decorate lamps around ultrasound machine.

Veer gets a call by his aide that he saw Sarkar on his jeep. Veer rushes out with Shera and follows jeep. Jageer wearing sarkar’s clothes drives jeep and thinks he will take Veer far from Berahampur that he will not return back early even if he wants. His jeep fails and he stops it. Veer shoots at him, but he escapes and shouts if he wants to kill his elder brother.

Shivani and team enter haveli between eunuchs. Guards stop them, but eunuchs scold them and enter in. Gulguli shouts who called them here. Maldawali says she called them to take their blessings. Rangeela enters hiding under a big drum. Guard see men carrying it with great difficulty and think of checking. Rangeela picks his gun hiding under drum.

Precap: Doctor tells Gulguli that all arrangements are made and if she can start examining women. Gulguli asks her to wait till Veer comes. Veer enters with Jageer and fumes. He sees women in veil sitting behind and gets suspicious.

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