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Ghulaam 10th May 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on

Rangeela warns everyone to try and stop him and tries to leave with Radhika. Veer warns him t stop. Shivani says even she will go with him. Rashmi signals even she will. Veer shoots Radhika and Shivani’s hands and they fall down. Rangeela confronts him how dare he is to kill them and snatches gun from him. Gun falls down. Gulguli picks gun and shoots Radhika, Shivani, and Rashmi and kills them. Rangeela fights with Veer. He comes out of imagination and thinks he cannot do anything that will harm those 3. Shivani thinks something is going in his mind.

Maldawali says she will apply haldi/turmeric first and asks Rangeela to remove his kurta. Veer asks him to remove as bhabhi can joke. Rangeela removes. Maldawali looks at Jageer’s given poison spray and thinks she cannot kill Rangeela. She apply haldi and silently murmurs that his life is in danger and she has written a chit, he should read and act accordingly. She taunts him loudly and moves aside. Bhisma says haldi ritual is finished and asks everyone to go and rest now. Veer asks Rangeela to come to his room for a drink.

Bhisma drinks with Gulguli. Gulguli asks him why he is fond of Rangeela so much and protects him always. Bhisma says Rangeela is his favorite Ghulam. Gulguli says she wants to kill Rangeela. Bhisma gets tensed. Gulguli says she is joking.

Manmeet tells Radhika and her family that Rangeela has planned to get them out of Berahampur. Mother says they know about Berahampur now and cannot risk their daughter’s life. Manmeet says nothing will happen, Rashmi will sit in mantap wearing Radhika’s clothes and Radhika will escape.

Veer serves alcohol to Rangeela and gets him heavily inebriated to know what is in his mind. He asks if he loves Shivani. Rangeela falls asleep. Veer tries his luck again repeatedly.

Precap: Maldwali asks Veer what will he do now. Veer says wait and watch what he will do. Raneela in mantap thinks whatever it happens he will not let any other girl’s life destroyed.

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  1. They should put Shivani in the mandap so she marries him a second time.

  2. RANdomfANCreationz

    I knew it was his imagination but this track seems interesting finally at least Rangeela realised what he was going to do is wrong and is also ready to be against Veer ??? but if this imagination turned out to be real it would have been more interesting ???

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