Ghulaam 10th July 2017 Written Episode Update

Ghulaam 10th July 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on

Rangeela gives money to Banaraswali, Pannawali, and Gujranwali to start a new life. They all 3 say they don’t need money, they need self-respect. Nobody will give them job in Berahampur fearing Veeer, but they want to work. Rangeela says he wants them to work and fight for justice and themselves. He asks what work they can do. Banaraswali says she can prepare dolls, Pannawali and Gujranwali say they can prepare earthern pots, Manju says she can prepare garlands. Shivani says earthen lamps are in high demand in surrounding area. Balam says they will sell all goods in nearby market. Rangeela says he will get mud.

Veer calls his aide and says he needs 50 trucks of multani soil for his wrestling ground before wrestling competition starts. Shera informs him that ultrasound machine will arrive

tomorrow. Veer asks to call all women to get examination.

Pannawali and Gujranwali prepare earthen pots and lamps, Banaraswali prepares doll, Manju prepares garlands. Shivani sings Itni Shakti Hame Dena Daaata…song. They all join her. Gulguli in haveli hears their song and thinks she will not let them change Berahampur. Someone throws CD in front of her. Shera brings ultrasound machine and asks Veer if he should open it. Veer asks to wait. They hear Sarkar’s voice telling Gulguli that he is alive and will return soon and tell who tried to kill him. Veer gets tensed. Gulguli comes dancing and says Sarkar is alive and she got this CD. Maldawali also comes out saying she heard Sarkar’s voice. Gulguli dances with her. After sometime, Veer orders his guards not to let anyone in without his permission even if it sarkar. Three panchs come crying and ask why did he kidnap their families. Veer says to teach them a lesson and says how did the let Sarkar in and orders them to kidnap sarkar if they see him again. Maldawali hears that and gets happy that she can meet Rangeela and inform him

Rangeela tells Shivani that his plan worked and he distracted Veer. She asks what is his next plan. He says wait and watch. After sometime, he applies chemical on earthen lamp and thinks why it is not burning even after 20 minutes It burns automatically. He get happy and thinks she will burn ultrasound machine in 20 minute. Maldawali calls him and says she got some info for him and asks to open door. He checks via door hole and thinks she just wants to lure him. He opens door. She hugs him Shivani comes and gets jealous. Maldawali sees her and tells Rangeela that she knows he was missing her. She then acts as getting nervous seeing Shivani and then asks Rangeela to tell his plan. Shivani tries to leave. Rangeela stops her and tells his plan to both of them.

Precap: Rangeela does Shivani, Gujranwali, Manju, Pannawali, and Banaraswali’s tilak and wishes them to win and return back. Shivani says when he is their commander, how will they lose.

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